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Disney's Animation Clones

Somebody had a lot of time on their hands - and compiled the cloned dance moves and character behaviors from across the whole Disney video catalog. Some sequences were used as templates, and I don't see a problem with that... This is however a valuable glimpse into the animation kitchen of Disney's "dream factory":


Today's pictures & links:


Gotta love that word... The whole smorgasbord of steampunk art and sculpture from the Anachrotechnofetishism event in Seattle was put out for sale at one point. Some highlights:

"Mechanical Womb with Clockwork Fetus" by Molly "Porkshanks" Friedrich:

(image via)

"Aether Spirit Containment Apparatus" by Quentin Ziplash:

(images credit: Lara, Ziplash)

The "artifacts by pioneers of american steampunk" include work by Datamancer, Jake von Slatt, Quentin Ziplash, Molly "Porkshanks" Friedrich... You can see some of the pricetags attached to popular items (alas, most are sold or not available, but you can track the artists and check out their new work)


A Good Grasp

(original unknown)


A brain regarding an ax

A deeply disturbing picture from the movie "The Brain From Planet Arous" (1957):


Cool Shot of the Day
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)


(image credit: National Geographic)

Photo by Colin Purcell - Peddling souvenirs on Varadero Beach in Matanzas, Cuba.


Mixed fresh links for today:

Perhaps the best steampunk picture, and musical group site - [cool site]
The Bugatti of Worms, update, test - [computers]
Sad, haunting: abandoned houses in Detroit - [gallery]
TED Talk: The Coming Ultimate Reboot - [fascinating]
Design your own ultra-cool Tokyo clock! - [gadgets]
Pretty Cool Eco-Friendly Van - [design]
The "Wicker Man" set to the Fifth Symphony - [fun video]
Classic Japanese Pranks Collection - [fun video]
Is this how people are going to dance in the future? - [fun video]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]


This Year in History
(insightful and hilarious peeks into the future past, from Locus sf&f magazine.)

April 10, 2054
Burning Man statehood.
Ratification celebrations ("rat races") erupt at Black Rock City as 51st state prepares to select two senators via art car drags .

April 22, 2227
Gore Glacier burns.
A careless camper is blamed for igniting the 280-square-mile Sierra aquastorage field, named after the 49th President. The century-old Thermosynth (tm) grid, the first of seven artificial glaciers installed in the California Snowpack Replacement Initiative, was riddled with dry caves and due to be replaced.


A dog is not a dog when it thinks that it's a turtle

"Psychiatry for Dogs". Diagnosis: delusions of persecution, combined with claustrophobia.


More Mono-Wheel Vehicles

Cool addition to our Mono-wheel Transport article: 1873 monocycle replica, from Burgos, Spain (it was on eBay at some point for a cool price of $13,000) - more info

(images via)


Octopuses, octopi, octopods, octogenarians...

Um, no octogenarians there, but plenty of octopuses on the covers of pulp magazines and recent sf art. See the whole collection here:


Middle East Surprise: Syrian Lingerie

Perhaps you might see this the next time you are underwear shopping in Damascus... See more here


When space technology was a chick magnet

Perhaps it still is... (one hopes in our Moon-landing-was-a-hoax cynical times) Here is a Russian spacecraft at 1960s exhibition. Fashionable?

(image via)

By the way, check out this fascinating page about Soviet Moon Effort and designing the Moon Landing Module - click here


Watch Your Step

(originals unknown)


Mystery Photo

Something's definitely going on here... Any ideas?

UPDATE (but perhaps not the whole truth): - Well, according to this wonderful French site, this is pretty much what it looks like:

The first WC atomic tests in the USA
"Six volunteers, under the watchful eye of a secret service agent, were testing these revolutionary toilets for 72 hours. After monitoring data from the six cabins, here is the verdict: With their tanks pure radium, these toilets are kept clean and free from all germs, bacteria and odors. Only drawback: the cost (more than 800 0000 dollars per bowl). Note: all six volunteers died in a few hours after this photo was taken."
Hmmm... somehow I don't think this account is true, so let's dig deeper.

SOLVED! "This must be in church in some high security prison. Prisoners are guided to church hall individually and seated in separate chambers, so they can't contact with each other, and all they can see is priest in front. If I remember correctly, this was first used in New Zealand."


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Blogger Paul said...

Well, let's see who finds the truth behind this picture first ! Clue : someoe is playing music.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what the picture at the bottom is, but it reminds me of a church in a an earlier era prison, where the "solitary" prisoners were made to/allowed to go to church, but never permitted to even see each other, yet alone come into contact with each other (security guard in front, church organist on the left).

Blogger Jealousy said...

This must be in church in some high security prison. Prisoners are guided to church hall individually and seated in seperate chambers, so they can't contact with each other, and all they can see is preist in front. If i remember correctly, this was first used in New Zealand.

Blogger Fett101 said...

The brain is from "The Brain From Planet Arous" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qImQ1YBZtwg

Blogger the master said...

Is there a trick to that bicycle thing?

Blogger Allen Knutson said...

The tongue is a giraffe's.

Blogger flow said...

the left worker-on-a-scaffolding picture looks a lot like south korea to me. while in germany, scaffoldings almost always stand on the ground (for a famous exception, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/klaus-ottes/2991170356/ the (cologne cathedral)), are anchored in the walls, have walking boards that safely rest on the scaffolding's bars, have a handrail, and even a rim shelf (to make it less likely for a worker to slip their foot under the rail and fall from under the handrail). nothing of that applies to korean scaffolds: they are often hung from the top of the walls that are being built, often with thin wires; the boards are shifted around on the struts to wherever they are needed, and are in no way fixed. rails are unheard of. one false move and world population decreases by one. i have seen workers standing on the 30cm x 30cm top of a steel column that ended in thin air tens of meters above the ground, waiting for the crane operator to move a multi-ton I beam towards him so he can grab its end and nudge it into position. scary. no saftey ropes, nothing. an accidental swallow could have knocked off the guy with ease.

Blogger Stealthy Dachshund said...

Might I suggest "Octopodes"?

Blogger Paul said...

Montsnmags and Jealousy are right. This is a church in a prison - unfortunately Iscanned it a while ago and can't remember if it's american or french. Must be during the 50's.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Good investigation, guys - enjoyed it!

Anonymous Robbo said...

The Disney cloned animation left out the Winnie The Pooh steal from Dumbo of the Pink Elephants On Parade used for Heffalumps. No big deal - just sayin'.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a large chapel in the victorian prison contained within Lincoln prison in England.

Anonymous sibo said...

I Love "Romantika"! Beautiful :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last photo showing a prison chapel was not first used in New Zealand as suggested. There is one very similar to this (without the tops, and standing room for one person in each compartment - at least 6 rows of over 10 compartments one in front of the other) in the Port Arthur Penitentiary ruins in Tasmania, Australia, in use when New Zealand was first settled by the English - the prison in Port Arthur was for English criminals.


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