Link - by Avi Abrams

Maddeningly bizarre, "cast in stone" - so people will have to live with it!

We have to say right away: we love these wicked additions to urban landscape - the weirder the better, less boring gray expanses and zombie-spawning parking lots! But we have to ask ourselves, what sort of oxygen these artists were inhaling, and what sort of psychedelic lunch they were eating before going on with something like this (see more than 85 examples below, some maybe slightly nsfw!).

As in some other DRB posts, we number each sculpture, and let you vote in the comments which one is the most unforgettable, disturbing and bizarre! As for me, I am going to erect a metal scarecrow on the roof of my building to scare off police helicopters, or build a nutty shrine for squirrels in my backyard, all the while fighting off local zombing...er, "zoning" by-law enforcers.

Should we start with the SuperLambBanana? Sure! -

1. Liverpool, England - via
2. People, shot full of holes, appropriately across L.A. Police Department, other one - via

3. A little overweight, Erevan, Armenia
4. San Jose, Costa Rica - via

5. "Unfinished City of Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Project # 8" - via Erik
6. The Lady Fish, San Francisco - via Kurt Rogers / The Chronicle

7 and 8. More wonderful urban sharks in San Jose, California - via

9. Disabled statue on Trafalgar Square in London, more info - via
10. Finger sculpture, similar to "Le Pouce" one, in France - via

11. City of Wilmington's tribute to the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot - via Erik
12. "The Angel of the North" in Gateshead, England - via

13. Happy in Chattanooga, Tennessee - via Sean Phipps
14. Skull involved in non-traditional activity, Prague - via Patton

15. Nameless example somewhere in Russia
16. Don't come close - via

17. Armenia, Erevan - via
18. Nazgul is spotted in Prague, the same one sits in Salzburg, Austria - via

19. Instead of surveillance camera...
20. David Cerny's classic "Pissing Men", Prague - via

21. Monument to Franz Kafka, Prague - via
22. Heavenly angel, resting... Prague again - via

23. Marionette Theater in Prague - via
24. Potsdam, Germany - via

25. Chattanooga, Tennessey - via Sean Phipps
26. Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia - via

27. A guy and a horse melting into a blob - but rather, this is Baron Münchhausen, pulling himself up;
28. Watering problem solved, Wateringen, Holland - via

29. Beheaded "things", and pots... in Moscow - via

30. Resting from trouble, in Moscow - via

31. More Russian characters
32. A Street Sweeper, by Tzereteli - via

33. Hungry customers share a biscuit, via

34. Try to sit on this bench (street art by Brad Downey)
35. ...in the meantime something big and round is getting ready to fall; Barcelona, Spain

36. Turin, Italy
37. Illustration to the "Fox and Crow" fable by Krylov - via

38. A kiss in Kharkov, Ukraine
39. A fat, fat pigeon, Raffle Place, Singapore - via

40. Ear creature in Cologne, Germany
41. Buddies, in Cheltenham, England - via

42. Hidden in the trees, Amsterdam - via
43. "A Running Knot", frolicking in grass, - via

44. More plumbing atrocities, in Mytyschi, Moscow
45. Crying Skull Monument, in Malmö, Sweden at the Triangeln Square - via

46. Some parenting angst, in Vigelands Park, Oslo - Norway, more info - via

47. Holey umbrella in Minsk, Belarus
48. Bathers in Singapore - via

49. Is this troll (Seattle, Washington) -
50. - is reaching for this purse? (Melbourne, Australia) - via

51. Flying families, Moscow...
52. and overturned horses (by David Cerny, Prague) - via

53. Urban guys resting
54. and working... in Stockholm, Sweden, right outside Berzelii Park - via

55, 56. Weird faces in Moscow, via Tatiana Ionova

57. Statue in Hungary, definitely having issues...
58. Steampunk character, "Birth Machine Baby" by H. R. Giger, more - via

59. Spectacular urban "fountain" in Karlsruhe, Germany - via Ryan Stoker

60. A miserable student in one of Russian universities
61. And another miserable guy, Nuremberg, Germany - more

62. Bicycle in concrete, in Sarajevo.
63. FDR Memorial in Washington, DC - via

64. Downtown Salt Lake City, showing "Survival of the Fattest", info
65. Anatomy lesson in Manhattan - via

66. These ones are classics... Melbourne, Australia
67. Los Angeles, California - via

68. These are probably less known: "Cry in the Wilderness" in Minsk
69. and playful sculptures, unknown location

70. Some metamorphosis, unknown
71. Square head in meditation, in Nice, France - via

72. Strong!
73. and weak... Melbourne, Australia - via

74. Lenin having a break from politics

75. Russian chair stands firm on ice
76. Our melting economy, installation in Manhattan, more info - via

77. The Bear is doing great (Berlin)
78. ... and the Bull is dead (Manhattan), Photoshop? - via

79. While humans worship MacDonalds (with Photoshop help) ...
80. Apes are studying classics! - via

81. Mermaid milking herself, Bologna, Italy
82. and a guy, not really having a brain, looks like... - via

83. More milking, Treviso, Italy
84. and robot sculpture from "Laputa", Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan - via

Now, for the unnumbered stuff, which is simply too interesting to be put into one voting pool:

Communist monuments in Yugoslavia (built in memory of various WWII battles) remind me of Flying Spaghetti Monsters... or "Neon Genesis Evangelion":

(images credit: Jan Kempenaers)

This is an entirely different kind of street art (Germany), simply brilliant:

(image via)

Speaking about monuments simply crying for context... Look at the founding fathers of Communism, looking down on Nazi soldier entering a building... Anyone has details? -

This is only a first part of projected (truly monumental) series, so send us tips and images of whatever sculptural weirdness you spotted in public places!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same Nazgul sits in Salzburg, Austria.

(btw, I think it's indeed Imperator Palpatine ;))

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picture 85 (More milking):

The location is Treviso, Italy.

Blogger Mark H Wilkinson said...

Image #9 was of the sculpture of Alison Lapper, which was displayed on Trafalger Square's (London) 4th plinth for a while:


Blogger ကိုေဇယ်ာ said...

#39 is in Raffle Place, Singapore

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#27 is Baron Münchhausen, pulling himself and his horse out of the swamp by his own hair...

Blogger markb120 said...

For your future issues:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I would open the big wallet in Melbourne. It lies in front of a bank. But they locked it safely ... *ç%&$!!/*

Blogger Chris said...

#58 is definitely an HR Giger ,a href="http://www.authenticsociety.com/img/hrGiger.maske.jpg">creation/a>.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#54 is in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nice blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So creative and weird!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#64 is a Jens Galschiøt sculpture "Survival of the Fattest", which resides in Ringkøbing. But attends UN meetings, a powerful statement about the rich western world vs the poor third world.


Blogger DiscoFreq said...

gigantic impaled beetle:
(by Jan Fabre, in Leuven, Belgium)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#45 is in Malmö, Sweden at the Triangeln square. It's ghastly!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

27 is Baron Münchhausen, getting himself and his horse out of a swamp by pulling his own hair.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No 62. is in Sarajevo, and it is kind of hommage to a bicycle, main form of transportation during the 92-95 war.

Blogger Jaap said...

Amazing sculptures!

In 2005 they designed a monument for Prince Bernhard , in memory of the deceased honorary citizen of Wageningen in WWII. The statue, called Freedom's fire, was in the shape of a penis, and caused a lot of commotion.


The different parts are actually erecting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#58 is a sculpture by Swiss artist called H.R. Giger and is called Birth Machine Baby. I'm not sure where it is.
On the other hand, good selection and again a great post! Keep it up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#54 is located in Stockholm, Sweden, right outside Berzelii Park. It's really awesome - the first time I saw it, from behind, I thought it was a real person.

Blogger Unknown said...

heres one in motion, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsMIkDT7Dhw

its on cuba street in wellington nz.
apparently elijah wood pissed in it (along with a lot of other drunk people on any given night)

the water goes everywhere and its constantly breaking!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#84 - I recognized the robot from the Ghibli/Miyazaki animated film "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". It seems to be in the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

#61 is in Nuremberg, Germany


Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Fontana delle tette" in Treviso North East Italy

Anonymous Anonymous said...

great selection, I am amazed you keep coming up with these great posts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#58 is indeed Giger, and is in front of the H.R. Giger museum in his birthplace of Gruyere, Switzerland.


I was just there this summer - the cafe across the lane from the museum is super freaky too:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

#2 are the Molecule Men by artist Jonathan Borofsky. We have a similar statue in Berlin.

We also have this cooking robot. ;-)

Blogger Allen Knutson said...

I'm pretty sure I saw #58, the Giger piece, at his museum in Gruyere, Switzerland.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#78 Dead Bull and #79 Worshiping McDonalds are so obviously photoshopped. Why include them?

Otherwise another great drb post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

26 is in Petrozavodsk, Russia

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sharks are all from San Jose, California not Los Angeles... they were part of a fundraiser and represent local support for the NHL San Jose Sharks!

Blogger mediaChick said...

But where is #57 from? I have to know!

Now holding my breath...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen a similar statue to 18 in Salzburg, here's a link to a picture i scrounged up from the internets:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit, every time I come home to England through Scotland, (I work in Kilbride but live in Leeds) I see the Angel of the North, and it just makes me feel like I'm home again. It's a sight for sore eyes, and no matter how long I'm away, I love coming back, just to behold that sight.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, thank you Avi for another great addition to DRB.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the walker vitoria spain.

also in the same city
battle of vitoria monument

this one is called by people el torero.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe "weird face" 55 is poet Boris Pasternak. You know, "Doctor Zhivago" and so on. ;-)

Blogger Alex said...

#37 in not Illustration to the "Fox and Crow" fable, but a monument to the cheese "Дружба" (Friendship).

Blogger David van Proosdij said...

You should add "city without a heat" its a statue in rotterdam in rembrance of the WWII bombing.

Blogger David van Proosdij said...

and by heat I mean heart and by rembrance I mean remembrance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nr.10 the thumb is also in Denmark, beit an original i'm not sure, but it's in Louisianna museum.

Blogger Mabeuf said...

My votes are for 3, 4 and 64.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you guys would gonna love Vigo, Spain! :DDD

Awesome weird statues everywhere! :D

Some examples:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe, #3 & #4, a match made in, er, bronze

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice little ice-cream in cologne germany:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you have the "maddeningly bizarre" part in the title. Why would this make you angry? That's a weird choice of word. But I enjoy the big grouping of public art. Some of it is awesome. Some of it is bordering on dysfunctional (what's with all the urination?)

Oh, and I agree - lose the photoshopped stuff. There's only two of them, and the serve no purpose to include in there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh melbourne onesss ^^
the purse is coollll its on the shopping strip in melbourne called bourke st
when i was really young, i used to love those skinny dudes, people used to put gummy rings on their fingers and sometimes cigarettes in their mouths, but now when someone does it, homeless people steal them !! :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Avi, No.12, the Angel Of The North, in Gateshead UK, is by Anthony Gormley. Check out his site here: http://www.antonygormley.com/home.html
My favourites by him are, 'Another Place' - men standing on the beach at Crosby,Liverpool, and 'Sound II', which stands in the often flooded crypt of Winchester Cathedral.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crane in Wateringen, Holland was first build in front of the `zeeman` (underwear distributor` building in Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland. It was build in the middle of a pond. used too see it everyday on my way to work. Cool too see it back on the internet

Anonymous Anonymous said...

30 is Pushkin
31 is Yevgeny Leonov (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yevgeny_Leonov) - his character from "Gentlemen of Fortune" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068519/)
The person on 32 is actually Yuri Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow (the sculpture by Tsereteli is indeed called "A Street Sweeper")

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#78, the bull lying down in Manhattan, is definitely a Photoshop. That picture was taken at the almost-very-bottom of Broadway where Wall Street begins, called Bowling Green. There IS a sculpture of a bull at Bowling Green, but he's standing confidently and isn't knocked over -- unless there's been some vandalism since I left NYC six months ago.

Blogger Curious Art said...

Wow, I really would like to structure a world tour around this post! But since I'm broke, thanks for the virtual tour.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool post! Just remember -- Don't look away. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead.


Anonymous Lubos said...

No.16 & 20 - Statue of two pissing men in the heart of Prague. There is also a phone number which you can text and they piss the message into the water.
Btw, for the next part I suggest David Cerny's babies on the Zizkov TV Tower. Also quite weird.
Keep going, DRB! :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nº 35 in Barcelona Spain

Blogger pang5 said...

Try this awful one in Prague. Pics 22, 23 and 24.

Blogger pang5 said...

Actually, 22, 23 and 24 down in the Around the World section. My apologies.


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