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Giant Blob Tumbleweeds

Hwy 101 traffic south of Salinas, California, is attacked by the ignoble blobs of tangled matter, throwing themselves at cars but seemingly uninterested in humans:


More playful version of interacting with these creatures can be watched here.

Today's pictures & links:

Suddenly Abandoned 1900s New York

This thread on ConceptArt discusses a veritable masterpiece of surreal, moody environment by Alex Broeckel - make sure to click on the image to see every detail in high-res version!

(art by Alex Broeckel)

The rest of his online portfolio is just as mesmerizing... "Steam Octopus":

(art by Alex Broeckel)


Steampunk Goodness

Outland Armor, also known as "The Outlanders", present steampunk gear, and also portray characters...namely the crew of the airship HMS Amaranth. Their founder Danny Ashby, also known as Captain Vincent Dantes, has been featured several times on the BoingBoing and Brass Goggles sites.

Here is the "Buckler of Swashes" scene, for example:

The Dissonance Wave Sonification Rifle, via

Here is your chance to own a pair of clockwork angel wings:

Watch their own short steampunk movie "Professor Dantes and the Severin Conundrum", full of stylish monsters and madcap scientists... "Igorrr! Pull the Switch!"


The Weirdest Farm Tools You Ever Seen

This site by Rob Hartmann presents plenty of puzzles to figure out the kind and uses of bizarre farm equipment - some wonderfully elegant, some simply frightening:

(images via)


Absolutely Awesome Squid with Human-like Teeth

This is reality, folks. This creature is Promachoteuthis Sulcus, a whole species defined from a single specimen caught by the German research vessel R/V Walther Herwig not far from Tristan Da Cunha, the most remote place on Earth...


Mixed fresh links for today:

Strange Chocolates for Valentine! and Cake Wrecks - [weird]
DIY tractor culture in Poland - [weird tech]
Russian Army Telescopes and Ionosphere Station - [interesting]
Haunted Hollywood: Hotels and Theaters - [cool site]
Looking down from spiral staircases - [stylish photos]
Live Caricatures Painted with Coffee - [art]
Women's Self Defense - [rare video]
Love & Sockets - [fun video]
James Morrow speaks about monsters - [neat video]


The Sun Continues to Intimidate the Mind

Wait till the whole animated image loads - you should see the Sun rotating:

These awesome images from NASA also can not be ignored (especially note how puny our Earth is, compared to Sun's explosive activities) -

(images credit: NASA)


Pretty Card for a Valentine

Editor's picks from Photo.Net make a beautiful, romantic gallery:

(Photo by Joe Baker, Photo.net)

and another one - from Tim Girvin, a friend of DRB:


Architectural Photography by Ari Burling

Ari Burling is based in New York, and has a sharp eye for architecture and design:

Contemporary Jewish Museum, Studio Daniel Libeskind

Including some abandoned sites...

Don't miss his series about the near-demolished Essex Country State Jail:

(images credit: Ari Burling)


Eclectix Gallery Nuggets of Surreal Art

For the avantgarde horror, surreal and Deviant-like art head over to the Eclectix Gallery. Here are some examples:

(Work by Haben, Hernandez, Alvarado, via Eclectix)

(Work by Buzelli, Granillo, via Eclectix)


Beggar Signs for the Economy

Hope these ideas will pay off...


Valentine, shmalentine...

(original unknown)


The Great Debate

Could be a real stumbling block in a relationship...

(original unknown)


It's a hard job

but somebody's gotta do it -

OK, now, how do I chew it?


What are they watching?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm annoyed that the clearly superior side is labeled 'B' as thought it should come after 'A' in consideration. The janitor at my place of work also uses this obnoxious 'over the back' configuration, despite the many notes I have left him to rectify the situation.

Blogger Unknown said...

true. configuration A isn't just unergonomic but more complicated to use as well.
considering that there are some TP-holding constructions with a lid on top to help in tearing individual pieces off, configuration A is clearly not the one to prefer.

i would guess they are watchin a particulary painful stunt.

the reason i'm thinking this is because i recognise the faces.
on the left the half face belongs to "Steve-O", the doggy i dont know, the guy with the missing tooth is Ehren McGhehey, the one in the lower right is Dave England and the quarter face behind Dave is Loomis Fall.

so i guess someone is breaking his own bones, slamming hard on the ground or doing some other pretty painful thing. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm definitly a B-sider.

the sheet is easier to find...AND you only touch the sheets you need.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer neither A nor B but instead to keep the roll off the holder altogether. Is that C or off the alphabet altogether?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never left a comment, but I f*ing love this site !!!!

please continue !

a french guy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

B may appear more handy but usually when you try to tear the paper you either:

a) rip apart the sheet, leaving fragments on the lid.

b) doesn´t rip well, tube rolls and you end with more paper on your hands than you need.

A is superior because it prevents unwanted rolling and it helps you to rip the sheet properly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is Awesome I havitsaved as a Favorte, and stuble acros it on my searc nd end up spendin hours Here !
keep up the good work and don't use a wirelss keyboard as typos happen alot.
the Wykeman

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anybody knew anything about anything, they would surely see the vast difference in sanitary properties of each choice. B is superior. Be keeps the paper away from touching the wall ( which is of questionable cleanliness). If you need proof that B is superior, make note that in better hotels, the roll is in the B position, and the first sheet neatly folded into a point.

The roll at all times should not touch any surface, so it stays sanitary. This would also insinuate, that any cat playtime with said roll would be a definite breach in sanitary condition....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"note that in better hotels, the roll is in the B position"

This is true, I worked at hotel and we had to place them in the B position. Most places I've worked which had public toilets also insist on the B position.

You don't want to know what happens if you put it in a A position in a public toilet... Some people have no coordination when wiping their behind.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool - liked the time lapse of the Sun.


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