Drunk Builders and Mad Architects, Part 4

We all know that we shouldn't "drink and drive", but these guys definitely should not "drink and build"!

Somebody designed it and approved it:

Witness the architectural richness of one Russian general's "dacha" (cottage):
note his car parked nearby

Something old, something new -

A building in Romania, Bucharest, Revolutiei Plaza

A zipper -

No earthquake is responsible for this (the bridge is brand new) -

This billboard is better avoided in windy weather (note the securing bolts, looks pretty flimsy) -

That's great - almost your own "Ripley's Believe It or Not"-styled cottage:

(original unknown)

You must've seen similarly topsy-turvied "WonderWorks" building in Orlando:

(image credit: Oscar Ferrer)

(images credit: Avi Abrams)

Some mad architecture can only be considered as irony. Here is, for example, an interesting Church Metamorphosis:

This is not a church any more - turned into a water tower:
(seen in Curon Venosta, Northern Italy, near Stelvio Pass)

(left photo by Raymond)

In an opposite way, this water tower masquerades as a church:

This church is pretty much out of options:

In the meantime people witness the arrival of Electric Spaghetti Monster:

Plumbing gets complicated:

Nobody can tell me what this is:
(maybe an altar to the gods of construction? They need all the forgiveness they can get)

Update: it seems to be a brick oven, turned mobile

Police somewhere in Ukraine do not seem to mind squeezing into extremely small booths:

...or being crammed into the even smaller containers (the sign says "Police open from 8am to midnight" - I hope they don't stay for sleep in there)

Another way to solve your bank's financial woes:

Somebody needed logs for his fireplace? -

(image via)

Must be from planet Photoshop... -

(image via)

The Great Lenin Sphynx:

Somebody's been stealing the manhole covers... Well, there is always a fix:

"Double-deckers" are getting more and more popular:

Minimalist drain pipe:

Stairways in the Wilderness:

A hybrid:

(sent in Homer Seywerd)

Something always happens to the balconies... they have a special karma, I think:

Windows and Doors:

Just build OVER your problems, and they'll disappear:

Bad, bad FAIL:

Need more square footage? Hire extreme and fearless contractors:

An old warehouse in Bath, England, with a wooden winch housing sticking out, photo by Javier Carcamo

Need more square footage for pigeons? Just keep adding to the existing structure:

Interior Decor recycling and re-use in Chelyabinsk, Russia -

The Throne Room:

Should there be some kind of the "Architectural Horrors" theme park, with all sorts of crazy construction going on there - at the safe distance from general public? It will have rare periods of quiet -

and abundance of thrills:

These guys recreated every single line that was on the blueprint! -

OK, so what now? -

Other Sources: dwg.ru, Karaul.


Check out the full "Architectural Horrors" series! ->

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Blogger Unknown said...

The photo of "Something old, something new -" is of a building in Romania, Bucharest, Revolutiei Plaza (Revolution). It was required by the construction authority to keep the old building's facade, as it is from the national patrimony. To be honest, it doesn't look so bad in real life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo captioned "Need more square footage? Hire extreme and fearless contractors:" is from Bath, England (UK). The building faces the river on the opposite side to that photographed and was a goods warehouse, its in a row of many. The wooden cabin jutting out is on the opposite side to the river and housed a winch to lift/lower goods into/from any of the other floors (you can see the trap door through which the winch operated in the picture). This is a very common architectural feature and can be seen in large grain stores, warehouses etc..As the addition only housed a winch it was cheaper to make it from wood- it is however attached to the rest of the building with the correct layout of girders. How do I know this? I live in the converted one nextdoor!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'Nobody can tell me what this is' looks like some sort of mobile oven.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo captioned "Nobody can tell me what this is:
(maybe an altar to the gods of construction? They need all the forgiveness they can get)" is try to illustrate old russian tale about Emelya (men) who drive the stove. The same: http://www.es911.ru/files/1(1).jpg

Blogger brian t said...

re "Nobody can tell me what this is:" - it looks to me like a brickwork mockup. The builder makes one or more of these to illustrate different brickwork types, and the client agrees to one of them. The bricklayers refer back to that, so that the final brickwork is what the client wants. They should demolish mockups after the building is complete, but if the building is never completed...?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quite like the look of the something-old-something-new coagulation in Bucharest. It reminds me of the Citigroup Center in NYC, the skyscraper which had to be built balanced on four huge stilts to make room for a church on the same plot.

I wonder how many other landmarks are designed to accomodate other buildings?

Blogger Unknown said...

from what I know, the tower in the lake is an actual church-tower in the village of Graun, south-Tyrol. The village was moved when a dam for a power-station was constructed, but they left the church-tower standing (it's now a tourist-stop to make photos, obviously).
when you search for "Graun, Italy" on Google Maps and activate photos, you can find it.

Blogger Maxxer said...

the italian "water tower" is not a water tower but a church tower. it was buried by water to create a dam for generating electric power. The town is Curn Venosta, in Val Venosta, near Passo Stelvio (not really Gavia).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the "Nobody can tell me what this is:
(maybe an altar to the gods of construction? They need all the forgiveness they can get)" is actually a portable stove. Like a George Foreman, but awesome.

Blogger Wayne D. said...

I seriously had an apartment that had something like the "Throne Room". The toilet was on a platform raised 6 inches from the rest of the bathroom. I always thought "I'm high on pot" whenever I sat on it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hybrid stairs are common in the SNCF building (SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) (French National Railway Company) is a French public enterprise). I have exactly the same one in my town, in Toulouse. and, yes, it's kinda weird.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody can tell me what this is:
(maybe an altar to the gods of construction

This is a brick stove. I've seen them in people's back yards. Looks like someone took one and mounted it on wheels.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Updated with all new info - thank you!

Blogger Gordon said...

The picture of curved bridge was made when the bridge was tested under pressure of heavy loaded trucks.
In real life bridge is in good condition and stands straight as any other bridge.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture from Bath was taken by me:

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Photo credit added - thank you for letting us know - picture came without attribution.

Blogger HC said...

Can't believe that some of them are real, I am laughing my ass of here... :-))

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That first one is the ugliest building I've seen in a while. It's not even creative or unique... it's just plain ugly. It looks like a building being attacked by hairy brown caterpillars or something.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I gotta admit the house in Bath, England is cute in an ugly way. Or is it the other way around...

Blogger Unknown said...

U, my dear friend, it is obvious that you are not verry much informed about certain things you posted on your site. The "something old, something new" - is an awarded piece of architecture and it is verry spectacular, but yet, thank you for the publicity, anyone might want to see that one in real life or maybe just closer.

Blogger Paranesia said...

The building in Bucharest, Romania, is not a simple building, it's the UAR(Romanian Architects Union) builduing;)

Blogger Unknown said...

"Plumbing Gets Complicated" = radiant heating floor system

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the "Stairway Into the Wild," it actually looks like it goes around the corner of the building on that level. It looks like the stairs end because the railing is glass and see through so it looks like it just drops off!

Blogger iDEA said...

Are these architects out of their minds or are the people who commissioned the works? There's a great book on this subject called "Architecture of the Absurd: How Genius Disfigured a Practical Art."

Anonymous tim said...

Love that stairway into the column.

Anonymous Проекта said...

"Something old, something new" - Hey, I've seen that! Wow! really amazing building. I used to visit it, when I was very little.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something old, something new - the one from Romania is actually a very good building, very controversial indeed, some hate it and some love it, but the fact is it had a lot of awards. Frankly I don't see why it's in the same list with all those horrors.


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