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Parkour in the 1930s

Compare to the modern variety... and where do I get this kind of pasta?


Today's pictures & links:

Do I see a LION in this picture?

If so, this is pretty much a definition of "extreme"!

(image via)

Well, come to think of it, the following image is even scarier... for that moose:


Philosophy 101


Some of the strange sounds you hear during pregnancy

(image credit: all-media.info)

By the way, here is a nice overview article about dangers of overusing Blackberry.


Cool Shot of the Day
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)

This image is part of the Viewers' Choice winners and honorable mentions gallery.

Fire and Lightning

(image credit: National Geographic)

Photo by Mitchell Krog -
The first electric storm of summer 2007 in South Africa set alight the grasslands, causing the orange glow to the right of the photo...


Mixed fresh links for today:

This is beyond bizarre - [wow nature]
Ice Hotels & Snow Castles of Finland - [architecture]
Zooborns! Oh, cuteness... - [animals] - via
The Ultimate Geek Kit - [study it]
Liquid-oxygen Powered Moon SUV - [space tech]
Huge Creative Furniture Overview - [design]
Most Fearless Animal - [cool video]
Scary: police car almost hit by a truck - [wow video]
Here is how they make awesome ice sculptures - [wow video]
Test Your Awareness: Whodunnit?, 2, 3 - [fun videos]



(original unknown)


Inside the KGB Museum

Commissar's weapon in great condition, captured German items, incredibly polished Russian Army brass helmet, a "yearbook" of KGB (or how it was called at the time OGPU) school, and finally - miniature spy camera:

(images via)

See more miniature spy cameras here and spy guns here.


"Because Hemp Makes Everything Better?"

Well, this is at least justification behind dhreck's (fully functional) modification of an original Wii-mote & Nunchuk set - made with 3 kinds of 100% natural hemp string:

(image credit: dhreck)

Also don't miss dhreck's portrait of the Spaghetti Monster (made from pasta, of course) and very lovable "Reddit Alien" pixel cookies:

(image credit: dhreck)


Digital Glass

Short of having the "Slow Glass" (one of the coolest inventions in science fiction, from the 1973 Bob Shaw story "Light of Other Days" - where the glass layers show the layers of the past)... you can enjoy this very artistic "digital glass" piece by Mary Anne Rolfe:

(image credit: Mary Anne Rolfe)


Starfish Troopers

Spotted in Philippines:

(image credit: Lemuel Cantos)


Incredible Art by John Pitre

With his permission, here are a few examples of the surreal and fantastic prints, available on his site:

(art courtesy and copyright John Pitre)


Well, hello there!

(originals unknown)


DRB Gifts & Art Store Sale

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hemp stinks when it's wet though. So that remote will be one smelly thing after a couple of sweat-inducing Wii games...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lion in the race car? I'm guessing that's Gilmore, the famous flying lion and co-pilot of barnstormer extraordinaire and speed-racer Roscoe Turner, who bought Gilmore as a cub and flew with him to generate publicity for his sponsor, the Gilmore Oil Company.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I remember right the picture with the dinosaur and the lady is from an old Zucker, Zucker and Abrahms movie called "Amazon Women on the Moon".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also teh first clip is from a movie called "Gizmo!". It was one of my favorites when I was a kid. My brother and I wore the old VHS tape out watching it over and over again. I just checked amazon they have one "new" copy for sale for $150. Somebody really needs to get the masters and put that guy on DvD. It's truely an awesom movie.

Blogger Brian said...

That is indeed from "Amazon Women on the Moon". It's from the "Bullsh*t or Not" sketch, lampooning the old "Unsolved Mysteries" TV show. In that particular "Bullsh*t Re-enactment", they were investigating whether Jack the Ripper was actually the Loch Ness Monster.

Blogger Unknown said...

Swim moose swim!!!!

Blogger soubriquet said...

I found that pic with the lion on the wall of death too, and could not identify it... still can't, I can't find anything linking Roscoe Turner with the wall of death.
Lions, however were fairly common on the walls.
Lots of them were at it.. He might be "King", trained by the Pelaquin family, but maybe not.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Gizmo! video the first clip is from and Anon above mentions, which is now out of print, is available on Google video here:


Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Great info, all - thank you - will update the page soon


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