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This Math Rocks!

See if it will mess with your mind, or not. Hilarious math ideas, presented by Ma and Pa Kettle (Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride) in the 1940s:


Another variation on the same theme, this time by Abbot & Costello.

Today's pictures & links:

Trailing Clouds Behind

(image credit: creamstudios)

As clouds come down to Earth as balloons, the real balloons become birds in the sky:

(image credit: Noko Washiyama)

Also read our startling Commercialized Clouds article.


Matamata Turtle

The Mata Mata needs the long snout to stick it out of the water to breathe. It lives in the swamps and shallow pools of Northern Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and some areas of Brazil.

(images via 1, 2, 3)

This guy might need this kind of snout, too:

(original unknown)


Login Here

A possible pilgrimage site for all the I.T. Engineers in the world: a little town called Login in Southwest Wales, UK

(sent in by Woody)


Strange Transporting of a Plane

DC-6 getting an interesting haul around Fairbanks, Alaska...

See the whole series of images here - as you scroll down it becomes more clear what this plane is for - see the similar "Converted Plane Houses" in our popular article:

(images credit: Stephen Cysewski)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Something... Beyond the Universe - [mind-boggling]
How to pay your bills with spiders - [hilarious]
Pimp My Drainpipe - [urban art]
Soft Drink Can Art - [wow art]
The Best of Mars Express - [space pics]
Really Creative Wallpapers - [design]
Augmented Reality Cubes, info - [geek video]
Kevin Spacey Impersonates Al Pacino, etc - [fun video]
Lost on Escalator - [very funny video ad]
Never watch a bad movie again - [sponsored]



Industrial art furniture from Stig: heavy, rugged metal. Your evil boss already has one of these:

(image credit: Stig)



I'm not gonna comment... I hope this thing does not exist.

This is a part of exhibition at Rutgers University (Nov 6 - Jan 29) in Newark, NJ. Mike Libby, who makes unusual insect pieces (which we covered in this article), will display a brand new dino sculpture there...


Are You Who You Want To Be? - Taxicab Confessions

Shocking. Outrageous. Heartbreaking. Anonymous - HBO's Emmy-winning Documentary Series (Part 3) Premiers Tomorrow!

Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York Part 3 presents more intimate, nocturnal conversations with actual NYC taxicab passengers.

- revelers
- fetishists
- imbibers
- romantics & lonely hearts ...let down their guard, spilling their innermost secrets, fantasies and phobias to anonymous cab drivers—and to each other. As all of them (in their own way) ultimately looking for love:

(original unknown)

Watch a promo clip here. Rachel Abrams writes a short review:

"This lineup starts with a hilarious couple, ten days away from their wedding who reveal that they hardly even know the person they're going to marry. She's a snobby and oblivious New Yorker who took a trip to France and met him, a classy Frenchman, and it was love at first sight. Of course she has no class and doesn't even know what it is, whereas he has so much class that it's practically fogging up the taxi windows. Watch the body language.

The next one is more disturbing- a girl on drugs, on her way to pick up some tricks. She gives us way too much information. Way too much. You wonder at the beginning, "What on earth happened to her?" and then she tells you, and your stomach does a flip.

It carries on like this for a while; all these stories and characters parading into the cab can get emotionally overwhelming. There is, for example, the upstate police officer who's visiting his girlfriend... He's heartbroken and suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. He can't cope with what he has to deal with on his job - he's continually picking up the broken, bloody pieces of people's lives and can't fix it, and he's haunted.

Things cheer up again near the end, a couple and their dog climb in, assuring the cabbie - "he's a good doggie, oh yes, he is". They have a great story but I can tell you when I saw the scars I was more scared of that dog than any of the other people who got in that cab.

All in all a good series coming up, will certainly fuel the conversation around the water cooler."

Don’t miss Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York Part 3 - the documentary series premieres 11 PM ET/PT TOMORROW, November 8th—only on HBO!


The World's Most Remote School

An interesting side note to our series Most Dangerous Roads and Trails in the World is this little info:

"The school in Gulu village, Sichuan province, lies halfway up a mountain and climbing up from the base takes five hours. The path is only 1ft 4ins wide at the narrowest point and has a sheer drop on one side:"

(images via)

According to the West China City Daily, this elementary school has only one teacher who has been there for 26 years, repeatedly asked permission to quit, and yet begged to stay by the locals, who do not have any other schooling option available.


Kawaiii !!

Kipi "cosplaying" as Asuka (info)


Elite Bodyguards

"Shogun", feline version:

(original unknown)



Buyer beware:


Good Jump:

UPDATE: actually, as you can see, he is strapped, so it's not a jump but "extraction", when helicopter does not need to land:

(original unknown)

Not so good jump:

There is gotta be some story behind this picture - anyone has any info?

UPDATE: "This picture was taken at Bridge Day in West Virginia, a once a year BASE jumping event at the new River Gorge Bridge.

What happened (apparently) was a 3 way exit gone wrong. The guy laying in the other canopy either deployed his canopy too late, or had some sort of hesitation when he
deployed, resulting in him landing on the other canopy. His chute eventually deployed properly, and both guys landed safely." (thanks, Malcolm)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

about the turtle: "it lives", not "it leaves"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has had trouble with keeping the airplane warm enough in winter. I'm in Fairbanks now, I ride my bike past the airplane frequently in summer, lots of fun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the picture of the guy "jumping" on the carrier deck, that's a type of extraction, he's not jumping, as you see he's straped to a rope and probaply there a few guys below or/and over him. This kind of extraction makes the helicopter less vunerable to enemy fire, as it is not needed to land.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kawaii girl is Kipi cosplaying as Asuka.

Blogger veinglory said...

Nude mice as shown in that picture very much do exist. There are many different breeds of them.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Emily, you just added another nightmare to my nightmare-busy life.

Blogger veinglory said...

Despite looking a little odd up close most of them really are just normal mice, sans hair. I bet most animals would look weird witout hair--


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