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Speed Stacking of Cups

These kids know their routine. Mesmerizing.


Today's pictures & links:

Deadly Surveillance

More images of such "Big Brothers" are here

(image credit: Florian Wild)


Very Narrow House in Tokyo

Still wide enough to provide car parking... and a balcony:

(images via tokyo times)


Seen all over CERN recently

Large Hadron Collider will remain shut until middle of next year - info.


Sculptures Made of Bullets and Guns

Having somewhat religious themes... See more here

(original unknown)


Hang on to your lunch

(original unknown)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Is Earth at the heart of giant cosmic void? - [fascinating]
Huge Meteor Lands in Alberta, Canada, info - [wow video]
Top 25 days in computer history - [computers]
Compilation of the Most Beautiful Mountains - [nature]
Fairy Tale Scenes (like you never seen before) - [art]
Hilarious store signage - [funny]
Chicken: a perfect gyroscope - [fun video]
Wicked way to play ping pong - [wow video]
How snakes can eat large eggs - [slightly gross video]
Free Digital Magazine Subscriptions - [promotion]


Problem with theft?

Better keep an eye on your shopping cart.


Condition: Critical - Voices from the war in eastern Congo

London-based organisation "Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders" is launching the multi-media project, giving a voice to the people of Congo, specifically in the North Kivu region where war is (and has been for years) leaving many dead, injured or homeless - see the trailer at condition-critical.org.

Here are some amazing photos by Cédric Gerbehaye, World Press Photo Award winning photographer.

View on the displaced camp in Nyanzale, North Kivu.

Registration of a displaced family in Lushebere camp, North Kivu. This family of 8 will have to stay in one single hut.

On the right: This man is accompanying his son of nine months, shot in the leg during an attack on their village. The same fighting that killed his wife and dispersed his family.

A shelter without adequate protection in a camp for internally displaced persons in Nyanzale.

All photos copyright by Cédric Gerbehaye

This project will last a year and aims to bring the people of north Kivu to the attention of the world and will be updated regularly with content from on the ground in Congo - more info.


New work by Wayne Chisnall

The exhibition takes place on the 11th December, off Broadway Market, Hackney/Bethnal Green, London.


Thanksgiving Gifts for Pets Who Have Everything

"Critter Cruisers" for hamsters:

(image credit: drsfostersmith)

A special glove to massage your pet:

(image credit: harrietcarter.com)

Ideas are via WebVet.com


Wicked Cartoons - Dark Humor

This tongue-in-cheek gallery may not be for everybody, but it's simply (darkly) hilarious. Some examples:

(image credit: Sheharzad Arshad)

See the whole gallery by Sheharzad Arshad, an animator from Canada, and buy his book of these "not for children" drawings - "The Book of Strange Happenings".

And by the way, he draws some nice space girls, too:

(image credit: Sheharzad Arshad)



Having this on the road -

Caused this puncture in a tire of a huge truck:


Silly Cat

"post-punk / emo hybrid"?

an inquisitive cat -

(image credit: Kevin Steele)

and a very wise dog:

(originals unknown)



(original unknown)


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Blogger Marie said...

Really nice blog!

I have seen the original photo 'an inquisitive cat' on Flickr... This is the link :)


Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Marie, credit added.

Blogger Gilipollas said...

What's under the photos of Africa stops being funny after seeing that poor child shot in the legs.

Blogger Mike said...

My dog can out-wise that one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - those cartoons are great! I love that black Humor. It reminds me a bit of the old "Parking Lot is full" cartoons - http://plif.courageunfettered.com/ - worth a look if you haven't seen them already!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truck tire hole looks suspicious to me. Why is the rubber inside the hole the same color and wear as the outside of the tire? Shouldn't it be somewhat cleaner rubber?

Blogger Sigivald said...

I agree that the punctured tire photo is almost certainly fake.

Not only is the image dubious, but the physics behind it doesn't make sense.

Those traffic cones are relatively flexible, and hollow all the way through; a tire like that would smash it flat, not be cut through by it.

(And especially not in such a regular way, and while STILL smashing the cone flat and off to one side.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's possible the orange cones were placed there to mark the spot of the STEEL PIPE STICKING VERTICALLY FROM THE GROUND which may, or may not, be able to cut a piece of rubber out of a tire that has several tons of pressure on it.

As for the cut being dirty, the tire probably made quite a few rotations over dirt after the puncture was made. Since it's part of a dual they took the truck off the site to fix it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the truck tire hole is a fake. period.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last pic is from The Creature From The Haunted Sea. Really bad old horror movie.

Blogger floze said...

The 'Deadly Surveillance' robot guy was shot by me, thanks for consideration! Original flickr can be found here:


There's some more shots of his fellas right here:


Thanks again, cheers

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Floze, credit added, plus link to your other images. The Big Brother never slumbers, nor sleeps.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those speed-stacking-cup kids! Imagine practicing a routine like that when they should be sitting in front of a TV playing video games!


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