Get your fix of funny pictures from the life in the military, and show some respect!!..

Extreme conditions, extreme training, extreme hilarity. It's all there, and more than you ask for. Having a good sense of humor, then, becomes a survival technique.

Settling in for a long flight... (somewhere in Iraq) -

This chopper means business (it can be a Decepticon, for all we know) -

(image via)

Here is how that flush toilet ended up in the middle of the desert:
(a full story is here)

Much needed equipment:

(image via)


"A hard drill makes an easy battle" (General A. Suvorov)

This looks painful....

Question in his eyes -

Chinese paramilitary police, photo by REUTERS/Stringer (China)

Confidence training in Finland:

(image via)

Strange rituals:

New Zealand military learn from the warrior dances of Maori (see video, this time it's a 'Powhiri' welcome dance) -

(Photo by Corporal Chris Moore)

Elements of yoga:

Knights of the New Crusade? No, Chinese' paramilitary police method of improving posture:

image credit: REUTERS/Stringer (China)

Sleepy classes...

(image credit: Reuters)

There are better days:

In the end - sheer triumph!

(image credit: Reuters)

"In all seriousness" (these guys are unimpressed) -

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il poses with the soldiers of People's Army, photo AP

Propaganda never slumbers, nor sleeps:

See more cool posters here


Who Will Rise to Defend the Motherland?

The answer is everybody, of course! - anybody who can hold a gun, that is:

(images via 1, 2)


Problems? Challenges!

Military equipment gets wrecked, twisted, burned and generally mistreated in these - appalling! - photographs. Here are two Russian fighter jets, fighting over a runway:

(image via)

We know how birds are a huge problem for airplanes, but apparently bees are not welcome on F404s, either:

(images via)

I can almost feel the pain of getting this wire mess off...

"A Georgian Port Authority employee passes in front of a Russian rocket on August 11, 2008 in Poti, Georgia. The rocket landed on the Georgian Military Police car..." -

(Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

Compare it with the size of WWII bomb:


Outrageous Ammunition and Weaponry

If you guessed that anything can be converted, or serve as a weapon, you guessed right.

India also has some security force (Corps of Border) riding camels, more info.

Guess what this is... looks like a normal truck, but look closely - this is DIY rocket launcher!!! (made in Iraq, of course) -

The strangest tank... bike... something... that we'd ever seen (any info?)

Photoshop section: Here is how the myths about Russian Army super-weapons get born:

This one, however, appears to be legit:

Why not?


Watching the Girls Go By

Not just watching...


Good Crowds

Some vintage photographs... they don't make them like that any more:
(click to enlarge, obviously)

This is a fragment of much larger picture (see here)
Life-Guards The Emperor of Austria's Kexholm Regiment. [L.-Gv. Keksgol'mskii Imperatora Avstriiskago polk.] 3rd Guards Infantry Division. Warsaw. 1903

Truly a landship - British Mark IV tank, 1916 -

(image via)

Imperial Japanese Armada at Nagato, 1929:

(image via)


Militia, Police, Security - they need to have fun, too

Jumping & running around:

Weight lifting:

Dealing with some unique characters:

Helmets are appreciated:

(images via ArtLebedev, Exler)

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Blogger Constantine said...

Question in his eyes...

Blogger Constantine said...

Sorry, once more...
Question in his eyes...

Blogger Tepid Halibut said...

The little tank / bike. Can't tell you much, but it's based upon the look of the WW1 German A7V Tank.
The A7V!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, no upside-down trampoline soldier with a hatchet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait.. TankBike isn't photoshopped?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the 'dance' the New Zealand soldiers are doing is called a Haka. It is a challenge. A Powhiri is a welcoming ceremony. A Haka is performed at the start of the Powhiri, challenging those who enter, but it is not the whole thing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not Harry Potter, but John Lennon. He did a war picture in the 1960s.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

tank bike is photoshopped. The actual picture they used is on here somewhere too....

Blogger Mad Wombat said...

Uniforms on the "Harry Potter" picture look like German WWII uniforms, with their particular bevel on the helmets and Reich eagles. The gun he is holding and the grenade on his belt also suggest WWII. So this is probably a scene from a movie or from some sort of historical reconstruction game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soldier kissing a girl over a trench is a still from the Russian movie "Ivan's Childhood".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pic # 9, is that the shuttle exploding outside while he eats chicken??

Blogger leminkainen said...

Mi24 belongs to polish contingent in Irak

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The helicopter is a Russian Hind Gunship.

Blogger ovejanegra said...

That's NOT John Lennon in How I Won the War.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that mini tank looks like a fake. Front has solar panels, side guns would not work and the tires were not available during WWII

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There actually was a motorcycle tank built by the Germans during WWII. It was called a Kettenkrad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, some comments:

The hockey stick image is from a riot in Canada I believe... some protest against a IMF or World Bank meeting. The guy is hitting tear gas back at the police.

The last image with the cops and white color is from an attempted eviction of a squatted house in the Netherlands (where squatting is legal but evictions still occur in some cases).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the tank catapult is in reality an tank rotary platform to measuring tank infrared radiation

standing near meppen, germany


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tank bike could be anything, but the guy peeping out is a WWI German soldier and the Iron Crosses are also of WWI style. The "Lola" on the side looks more WWII though...

Blogger Linda said...

My Son is stationed at Ft. Bragg.
I shared the pictures with him. I'm one proud Mom.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The confidence training in Finland - crawling under a tank - belongs in the basic training at boot camp. The tank is moving in that picture. Another similar drill is that the recruits dig themselves deep enough foxholes, they crouch inside, and a tank or an armoured personnel carrier is driven over.

Doing this is an incredible adrenalin boost, and many boys want to do it again and again once they have done it for the first time.

Another method of confidence training is the Napalm Range; a 25 m piece of trench with napalm wells on both sides. They are filled with napalm, and the recruits walk quickly through the trench. It is advisable to protect your face with the assault rifle clip. Running is not adviced, because it makes one to breathe the smoke which is toxic.


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