Link - Article by Avi Abrams, based on the material by Dee Shihab

WARNING! Disturbing subject matter!

The Doll Purgatory

Hardly a place intended to kids, this hellish eternity exists in the Neverworld - a doomed miserable place, where all frightening toys and dolls get sent to (by the benevolent higher powers) and - hopefully - never come out to see the light of day.

(image credit: Olak2)

Ever since our "Nightmare Playgrounds" series got popular, we were asked to make a list of the most creepy and scary dolls that kids (and often their parents) get to enjoy and play with. So far you've seen some really frightening mannequins and crazy toys (as part of this page). But now we are going to heat up things a notch and spook you (in time for Halloween) with the ultimate bad and rejected toy creations.

Should we start with the scariest?

This denizen of the shadow world has a nickname: "Attack Monkey Baby" (Lord has mercy on its poor soul)

This one is up for adoption. Or not -

(doll from Noelle Hunt)

Sightless vintage dolls make good gifts for Halloween:

(image left: Monkeyshines; photo on the right is by Simon)

(images credit: Simon)

Most of the rest of doll purgatory population comes from developing countries where toys are not only ugly from the beginning, but also get to be abused for much longer time than their western buddies:

(image credit: Chrissy)

(right: photo by Simon)

The picture on the right, however, is taken inside an American flea market. Not that much different from Ukrainian heads on the left. Asian toys can be surreal, too:

(image credit: Monkeyshines)

Flickr abounds in photo pools with this subject matter: Unloved Toys, Scary Dolls, The Island of Lost Toys, Strange Toys... Go explore them and come back sane.

Here is one quintessential example:

(image credit: Fallin for Stella)

Every toy manufacturer has its "blond moment" sometime, but most re-compose themselves, fight a few lawsuits if necessary, and get back on track quickly.

"Horrified B-Movie Victims", buy it here:

(image credit: baronbob.com)

At first I did not see the bear and thought that these guys are actually fleeing from theater after seeing some really atrocious B-movie. One of them almost looks like Roger Ebert.

"Melting Babies" Candle Holders:

(image credit: charlesandmarie.com)

No comment. Order them here and watch them melt. There are also creepy baby lamps you can buy.

Hitler has been made into a toy statue. There is no toy Stalin yet, to my knowledge.

Nuclear Bomb Toys. Yes, very detailed, and you can choose from the whole catalog of them on the site:

These must be the art dolls (deliberately made to scare the bejesus out of you) -

(top right - doll by Karen Woodiel, others unknown)

The Queen of Art Dolls - Shaylee (from KryptKiddies), with a half-formed Pinocchio next to her side:

(images credit: KryptKiddies)

There are plenty of vampire dolls and devil babies toys on the market, but one could easily expect that. We are going more for the "what the heck!?" factor. Or even more far out stuff, like this alien green slime squid cyclop from Japan:

(image credit: TokyoCube)

Put this toy on top of your computer monitor and no boss would dare to come to you (without having second thoughts). And yes, it glows in the dark.

Robot Dog (one seriously hacked toy) -

(image credit: Don Pezzano)

"Horrible Sweet" series of art dolls (buy them here)

(image credit: horriblesweet.com)

Fake Babies - Pretend Baby Toys

Some of them are not toooooo bad... You could even consider them a cute sculpture art project (these are the ones made by Reborn Baby)

(image credit: Reborn Baby)

Pretty hard to tell the difference, isn't it? Well, that's the whole point - as people who can't get little babies otherwise get to play with these toys and show them off to their neighbours... Watch the video about this widespread phenomenon here

Some other "fake baby" toys are not so realistic (at least they make realistic sound - more info) -

(image credit: baronbob.com)

Tarzan did not escape the idiocy of some nameless manufacturer. Watch it at your own risk:


The Doll That Trumps Them All (and in the darkness rules them)

Funny how the creepiest thing in the world is the laughter that fails to stop.


This article is written by Avi Abrams, based on the material submitted by Dee Shihab from HolyCool. Images via 1, 2, 3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd love one of those Hitler dolls. As a target, on my BB gun shooting range...

Blogger alvarhillo said...

Oh my God! where did you found these pictures. They are really creepy. I like them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I like those mini nukes.

Blogger Fandango said...

Uncanny valley for that fake baby.

I once walked by a remote abandoned house, and in the bushes, in the rain, was a collection of naked dolls like those first pictures up here, missing eyes, limbs, heads... Creepiest thing I ever saw.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh lord, that "baby laugh-a-lot" ad is pure evil. Is it for real?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know why, but I've always been creeped out by dolls.

I put together a slide show of your pics with some music (hope you don't mind). I added a few other creepy dolls I found on the web.


Blogger jaben said...

There is a small island in mexico City where the ownwer tried to protect himself from evil ghosts with creepy dolls.
Have a look:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My godfather-in-law outfits his Kentucky home with an astounding display of macabre baby doll folk art.

That link just gives a glimpse. You can Google the guy for more - but you really have to visit the property to get the full impression.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How wonderfully horrifying

Blogger danielle said...

I'm glad you touched upon those realistic "Reborn" dolls -- the whole psychology behind those things is fucked up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! You've got one of my dolls pictured here (the toothy baby). I make lots of scary dolls and display them at halloween. You can see some here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lagrotesquerie/sets/72157606203236996/

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Karenw - credit is added, we will feature your work more in Part 2, with more info from these comments. Thank you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DRB is great, I love weird stuff like that,Keep it up :o)

Here are a couple more "Alien" and "Clone" sci-fi art babies to add to the collection...

A clone: http://www.marty.com.au/sci-fi-gallery/art-sculpture/3-clone-alone.html

and a Womb with a view: http://www.marty.com.au/sci-fi-gallery/art-sculpture/6-womb.html

(Found on mArty Gallery)

Anonymous Reborn Dolls Forum said...

Hey, I read with interest the discussion of our beloved art of reborning (the creation of reborn babies, reborn dolls, fake babies or whatever you want to call them!) and just want to point out that the ladies taking part are very normal, gifted and talented individuals. A forum for discussion of this subject without prejudice can be found at Reborn Babies UK, there you will find very nice ladies - friendly, and definitely not wierd. PS. None of us make Hitler dolls!

Blogger Melinda said...

Priceless pics. So creepy, all you need now is the dolls house...

Anonymous Lilly said...

funny stuff! reminds a little o how I was creeped out by Mexican jumping beans as a child! I searched for them again, and found them online at http://www.amazingbeans.com


Anonymous Karen said...

Some of these definitely have a horrific appearance that would haunt childrens' dreams for years to come lol! Personally, though, I think some of the zombie and even monkey reborn dolls are the craziest.

Anonymous Jamie said...

That's totally different from the type of dolls I usually make. But I guess to each his own :)

The "Melting babies" are kind of cute, though...

Anonymous Karen Long said...

Wow these dolls are certainly made with a different approach than your typical barbie dolls. Not sure if I would give them to my daughter, though...

Blogger Unknown said...

How can you do a page like this without 'Talky Tina'.

("My name is Talky Tina, and I don't think I like you...")


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