Don't show this to your kids, as they might get ideas you'll regret later.

Kids are a joy to raise and a pleasure to behold, as any loving parent would attest. However, together with the moments of hilarity, there are times of sheer exasperation and terror, especially when your kid decides to use your new iPhone for his latest chemistry project launch pad.

So here goes the third installment in our series, documenting unexpected (and often profoundly unwanted) adventures of angelic babies in the real world:

(image credit: In Cherl Kim)

(image via)

Not so angelic, and rather more intense kids:

(image credit: Heather)

(image via)

(image via)

Shirley Temple, cute as a button:

(image credit: Dr_Odio)

Probably taking revenge for this:

(image credit: Dr_Odio)

"A Good Seed" in a very bad batch - a painting by Erlend Mork:

And then developing starts (this chart is pretty accurate, and yet somehow creepy... I guess it's the entity in the upper right corner that freaks me out. The thought that I looked exactly like this at 2 months!):

Then worse fears start making their way into child's mind (some imagined... and some are real) -

(image credit: Joshua Hoffine)

The Joys and Nightmares of Parenting

Babies are not chosen, or elected by popular vote. Even if you end up with a little tyrant, we'd still love him (or her) -

(image via)

Good way to get some peace and quiet? -

(original unknown)

Here is perhaps how to make your kid to sleep all night without crying:
A Baby Pillow - made by the Zaky company.

(image - via)

Carry your child in whatever you can find around you:

Like father, like son:

Very dysfunctional family; they never had a chance:

(image credit: Worth1000)

Wow! Finally, a Perfect Family! -

Even perfect families have their moments:

(image via, see the full version)

Hold tight, son!

(image via)

(image credit: Le_le20)

Parenting in sculpture (Yekaterinburg, central train station) -

(image credit: nzah2003)

High Risk Upbringing:

Another "high risk upbringing", you would not wish upon your child:

(image credit: Rue des Archives)

Quick! Don't grab a camera - grab the kid!

(image credit: elfonse)

The craziest toys kids get to play with sometimes:

In the same vein as the mutant doll shown above, is this Chernobyl matryoshka:

(image credit: Jaime Pitarch)

... and these psychotic-looking plastic babies:

Good education? -

A t-shirt for immature grownups:

(image via)

"Gingervate" your kid! -

Get him a robot buddy (see more of them here) -

Or tell him a crooked "Pinocchio vs. Hamlet" tale:

(original unknown)

How to make the bunch of loud kids to shut up

No comments. We at DRB in no way endorsing such means and are positively appalled at her actions:


Kids that don't take any chances

It's very sad that children end up in the middle of armed conflicts... But some of them look like they just might fight back:

(image credit: AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

(photo by Tatiana Yakovleva)

Finally, those of you shell-shocked from parenting can appreciate this "Feed the Baby" picture:

(image credit: Sebastian Niedlich)

Also Read Part 2 and Part 1

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there! I like the design of your blog and very funny pictures!.. anyway, i just stubled upon here from google.. what can I say? I must subscribe to your feed =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We at DRB in no way endorsing such means and are positively appalled at her actions:"

yeah right, that was awesome and you know it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I've had your blog bookmarked for 2 years. I check your updates everyday, and in 2 yrs. I've never been disapointed with the quality of posts! Keep up the good work!

Blogger The In Crowd said...

Howdy - -

A very small nit to pick:

Thanks much for linking to my blog, 'I'm Learning To Share'. I'm thrilled to be included anywhere, but you've given me credit for the wrong image.

ILTS wasn't the origin of the lobster-baby-in-a-pot image, but rather 'You're a bad Mommy', which came from the vintage Castoria advertisement I posted here...

Still - - A great collection of photos! Just the sort of thing that keeps me coming back again and again to DRB!

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

the in crowd - that was a mixup, got fixed. you have an awesome blog for vintage graphics, really like it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taking care for little kids is frightening sometimes, and your post even makes me scared to my nephew. Anyway good posting, keep your job!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

no manbabies?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

No, but you can check out Mr. BabyMan instead :)

Blogger Unknown said...

this is very interesting...Some of those pictures were crazy!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought that video clip was for real for a moment - and most of those commenting on the YouTube page seem to think so as well! As they are taking it so depressingly seriously. It's from the Reno 911 comedy series if anyone wants to know. That disturbing figure in the suite at the back is almost more disturbing than the gunshot!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its just remind me of the movie License to Wed where Robin Williams as priest.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's just so much wrong there....


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