When "Oops!" is immortalized in stone

It's not easy to fix an error once it's literally "cast in stone" and turned into an atrocious building, which somehow gets approved by the (obviously drunk) quality inspectors.

Maybe builders just hope that future occupants would not mind seeing these blunders too much (as long as they are non-life-threatening) - but surely, a more sensitive soul just might get really disturbed and go nuts... inside all this architectural chaos:

Forms & Shapes from the Endlessly Creative Minds of (Drunk) Architects:

This cottage is under construction, but already makes a statement: "Smells like a Russian Spirit", it says -

Cottage house that has a dream to be a castle one day... or rather, a nightmare:

This apartment building ended up under the bridge - imagine the living conditions there, noise, vibration, etc...

Ugly!!! Did they model it after a dump truck? -

This road police booth would take off and chase the offending car, just as any flying saucer:

Frankenstein would not live in this.... but Igor might:

In Ukrainian city Truskavetz you can have a beer inside a coffin-shaped bar, called "The Eternity". How appropriate -

The interior decoration is even more mind-boggling. Get your drink - maybe your last one! - and choose your coffin at the same time:

The structure under the balcony here looks like a miniature prison, or dungeon... What horrors are concealed inside? -

Wishful thinking: this sign says "Paradise". Very inviting entryway, isn't it? -

One more about balconies: this guy obviously despaired about his balcony thing, so he put a sign over it: "Balcony For Sale!" -

Any buyers? Not if it looks like this inside:

Is this building falling, or what? -

More support horror stories:

No need for support here:

Structural failure...

This does not look to be too stable:

And this is definitely NOT straight:

What is this? A one-room apartment for a house elf? -

Make more holes for the airconditioner! (improving air intake?)

No trains should enter here -

(image credit: archinect)

All cranes are doomed to fall sooner or later.... luckily no one was killed in this:

These apartments are overpriced. (well, we know these are temporary shacks for construction workers, but it's still funny) -

Stairs should lead somewhere, unless they don't -

Aww, teenie-weenie escalator! -

Hangover got in the way? Complete disconnect:

Washrooms never cease to amaze. It makes me thankful for the Toto toilets I have installed throughout my house: some hilarious hybrid of shower stall and toilet, found in Ukraine:

Gotta love this piping masterpiece:

Murals, Embellishments, etc.

This mural is a little bit creepy - all these people staring at you in the windows -

This girl clearly has an extra finger:

A quintessential street art - a classic framed painting hangs over the sewer piping. Must be there for the enjoyment of all the highly-cultured Ukrainian workers:

Steampunk horse sculpture, which is actually quite awesome:

Another interesting sculpture - a tree, plagued by... chairs:

A palace in the clouds... very inspiring:

These guys knows what they're doing

Local Spiderman struts his stuff:

The strength is there, but what about intelligence? (Do we have to ask...)

Image sources: dwg.ru, Novosti po Narodnomu, Idioteka, Exler, EnglishRussia, bsk, Karaul


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Blogger brian t said...

About that shower head next to the toilet... I saw this in the toilets at my employer's offices in India. It has to do with Islamic toilet rituals: Muslims are supposed to wash themselves after using a toilet. In more modernized places they now use Bidets.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...what´s up with the first building?

It´s not specially beatiful but it´s a quite functional building. Not to live there but perfectly OK for an office or small company in an industrial zone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a mildly similar (but bigger) washroom in my apartment in South Korea. You can clearly tell that it's a handheld showerhead, so you wouldn't be showering directly over the toilet.

Re "These apartments are overpriced" -- looks more like that's a shack for construction workers. Still a funny juxtaposition though.

And I would drink at that coffin bar for sure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ryben., the 1st building doesn't have a door... just windows that are 1 foot off the ground

Blogger Eric said...

Hey, Anonymous: Couldn't there be a door or two on the other two walls?
I have to agree with Ryben - more info is called for.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By Japanese standard it's fracking luxurious... Don't believe the dysneyland view they offer... 10 % of buildings are antisysmic and uglier than all of these (except maybe 3 buildings in Tokyo, that you will find on everypostcards)... the rest of the country is made of wood huts...

Blogger Michael Aironaut said...

@ Coligny.. are you for real?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryben - the buildings upside down! Looks like a B.S Johnson job to me...

Also I think I have to call the author on "temporal housing"...unless Dr Who has had a major change of career ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first building just looks unfinished.

Blogger Binkle said...

about building #6... I'd be interested to know where this builing is the "cottage house with dreams of being a castle" If it was in England, it might make sense that it was tall.... looks like there were several building phases and I know at some point the UK had a roof tax to try & tax the wealthy... the larger the roof, the more tax, so it'd make sense to expand your house up with a small roof. Just a thought.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh. So many russian/ukraininan buildings.

They're architecturally innovative!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol at the third picture. I guess the person on the end wasn't satisfied with the size of the original window. Is that a door behind it???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops Sorry 4th picture^^^^^^^

Blogger lontu lõvikutsu said...

This picture with photos of people looking out of windows is from Tartu, Estonia. Its on corner in front of University building. People on photos are locally well known - artists, actors, professors. Building windows on this wall has been closed for very long time, so to make town nicer and to promote good people photos were made there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the hanging Christ-shaped electric post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

#5 does not say 'smells like a russian spirit'

Its difficult to translate things like spirit and soul because they mean different things in every culture, but a direct, rough translation would be:

here is the russian breath
here is the smell of russia

The word for soul in Russian has the same root as the word for breath.

The building might be a museum dedicated to Russian history or something.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder, what does "tongue-in-cheek" translate into Russian as...

Blogger Dr. Avicord Vivicuprian said...

Ryben, anonymous, eric, the answer to the question lies in looking -through- those windows. If you would like to work in that building I invite you to do so... but you should be warned that you will be working behind a two-walled structure.

Blogger Eric said...

That it is an incomplete structure is obvious. That does not make it fit the category.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your selection of "Architectural Horrors" is so bourgeois and close-minded... Some of these buildings are actually more interesting from an urban point of view than any exotic titanium mash-up from Frank Gehry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The weird thing about the mini-escalator photo is that it has stairs leading up to it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That it is an incomplete structure is obvious. That does not make it fit the category."

... what category? Has the blogger made any claims whatsoever about what he planned on showing? I have become so annoyed lately with people complaining about bloggers posting "irrelevant" things on their blogs. They own the blogs! They can post whatever they want! What is someone with your level of seriosity doing looking at a blog like this anyway?

Blogger Eric said...

The category is "architectural Horrors", stated clearly at the header to the post, and beneath it a clear and succinct paragraph stating his intention for the rest of the posting.
Our good webmaster invites responses, to which I've read nothing offensive or insulting here... simply inquiry-oriented... except from you and someone yelping about bourgeois & close-minded westerners - both anonymous.

Chill. Enjoy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those stairs that lead to nowhere
looks like MC Escher made it

Anonymous Anonymous said...

coundnt stop loughing at the "a hybrid"....
thanks for the wicked collection!

Anonymous Paul @ IC said...

Great collection lol. Some of those should simply be torn down. They're an insult to human ingenuity.

Blogger Elvee Kaye said...

Some of those aren't so bad. The flying-saucer police booth is cute, and I think the coffin-shaped pub is both funny and macabre! I also like the scrap metal horse and the chair tree.

The one that's captioned "This does not look to be too stable," looks to me as if it has been lifted up on supports to repair, replace, or add a ground floor, basement, or foundations. A house near me had this done, and they had to let it settle on its supports for a few weeks to make sure it was level before they added a new foundation and partial first floor.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition to the former estonian - that building in Tartu is called "von Bock House".


with the pictures side unfortunately in estonian only - no "artists" or "actors", just professors


also exists on Google StreetView (Ülikooli 16).


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