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World Record Bike Jump

Ryan Capes breaks world distance record for height (78') and distance over an open gap (348'). He insists this new distance is just the beginning!..


Here is another view of this insane attempt:
(click to enlarge)

(image credit: Brian Schaeffer)

Today's pictures & links:
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"Land's End", by Richard Wanderman

What looks like incredible erosion in Northern New Mexico (but actually is not):

(image credit: Richard Wanderman)


Jaws? Moon Eyes? Whatever it is, it's from Japan

Great addition to our Strangest Vehicles series, this crazy vehicle was spotted in Osaka, and it seems to be called "Moon Eyes Express" - more info

(image credit: hobidas)


Napoleon: Variations on a theme

Photoshop makes the life of this good old dictator more interesting:

(image credit: HopePhoto, Worth1000)

(images credit: Sam Van Ollfen)

Make sure to check out Van Ollfen's other great art at his site!

(images credit: Sam Van Ollfen)


Hand Tools as Weapons?

Profound sculpture that reflects on the nature of power (tools) and power itself, by Damien Ortega:

"Controller of the Universe", read more here)


Somebody's marriage really sucks

(sent in by Max Weaver)


Quantum Jump

Impossible by definition.

(image credit: SomethingAwful)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Canada vs. US in quality of life - [thought-provoking]
Enormous Model of Shanghai - [architecture]
"Mad" Scientists Who Went too Far - [weird]
Urban Decay Remade in HDR - [flickr set]
Bizarre Compilation of Gadgets - [weird tech]
Paul diFilippo writes about dark fantasy - [funny] [books]
Black Hole Swallows Earth: simulation - [wow video]
You need an iPhone Arm - [fun video]
Russian Solution to Beating Traffic - [crazy video]
World Record Bike Jump - [wow video]


Mental Knitting

A brain slug, and a fuzzy beer holder - all with a detailed instructions on how to knit them, from Mychawd:

(image credit: mychawd)


Abstract "Bubble" Visualisation of Numbers

Made for the Russian version of "Esquire" magazine by Lennyjpg, this is a series of images, geeky and beautiful at the same time:

Here is the complete set with additional info - via


New Dolphin Species Discovered!

Snubfin Dolphins definitely have a look of their own - some say cute, some say ugly; see the video of them frolicking in the water here and a story here


Joy Ride

1924. Automobile is something totally fresh! View full size here

(image credit: shorpy)


A Variety of Wild (Vintage) Chinese Labels

See this strange set here:

(image credit: Steven Martin)


Painful Urban Art

(image credit: JR)


Hard Pressed

"Canine Gothic" -


What to do in the desert, when you have plenty of time

(original unknown)


Cute little cartoon:

Correct choice? Love from the first sight? Not so fast, buddy:

(image credit: xkcd)


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Blogger dorksvendetta said...

the link for the Rubik's bra is http://xkcd.com/457/ for the record

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Emily

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'Quantum Jump' picture is an ad for the Portal game...

Blogger Earth blog said...

This is the best blog i've seen so far!Can i get a link on your website!
I have similair things on my blog.

Blogger Sigivald said...

The Wanderman photograph is of this area: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=34.960106,-103.326931&spn=0.105092,0.219727&t=h&z=13

Google Maps is a great way to waste time, as always.

(For more fun: Nuclear Craters in the Nevada Test Site.)

Blogger Doomsday said...

The address for the 'quantum jump' picture is from SomethingAwful's Photoshop Phriday for the game 'Portal'. Afraid I can't find the link, though.

Blogger Alejandro said...

Good morning, I would like to inform that the author of the pic of the old guy on the tank is: http://jr-art.net/

By the way, amazing blog you have.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you for all the info. Post updated.


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