See the whole "Never Give Up! Lords of the Logistics" series here!.

When life gives you lemons... make a lemon battery and radio in for a better deal!

Some nutty, outrageous creativity comes out of ordinary people when circumstances get tight around them. Shortages of cash, tools, supplies and sheer logical reasoning do not seem to stop people from inventing wacky SOLUTIONS to their problems. Whatever needs to be done, will be done - and all critics be damned!

New way to keep cool (and keep the fish happy) -

Thomas Kalak collects the proof of just such an approach (and mysterious results it sometimes produces) in his "Bangkok Objects" gallery:

Some office supplies are worth preserving.... and painting:

Among the curious Thai objects are these frames - what on Earth are they for? -

(images credit: Thomas Kalak)

Also check out his illustrated book "Thailand - Same same, but different!".

This car is ready to be stolen... any takers? -

Get some inspiration for the workout:

No crossing the road for these chickens:

Parents come up with (bad) solutions:

Hairdressers and barbers of India run a pretty tight shop:

Very potent juice maker (on a shoestring budget):

(via "The Red Green Show")

Everybody's entitled to some sauna, so here goes:

Cannibalize cars for trailers (it would seem like a pretty obvious idea?) -

More playing with trailers:

Construction budget-crunch ingenuity:

Beer is Very Important:

DJ Portable Vinyl Record Player -

Bathroom enhancements:

I'd feel uncomfortable here:

Unrelated... but similar! - more info:

Some folks are desperate for any entertainment:

Team up with your friendly neighbour, for your fun, not necessarily his -

Oh joy! The blessed moment of discovery of LOLcats! -

Desperate for web:

You gotta do what you gotta do:

Pumping gas (variations on a theme) -

Aftermath... and yes, it's a blonde:

Go on, stick the "FAIL" label on this image, email it to your grandma... lean back and watch it take over the internet:

Another "FAIL" -

ATM thieves are becoming desperate:

Carrying Things

...becomes a new national sport:

(image credit: Sainte-Catherine Ouest)

Light up the fuse -

One scary crossing (but at least if this bus flips over, it'll have a cushy landing....) -

Just use the duct tape! -

Overloaded, but not defeated by any means!

There is always more room... -

Testing the limits of car structure and the patience of local cops (although most of action happens in Romania, so the cops probably couldn't care less out there)

After a life of such overloading, cars die - but not completely. They keep haunting the Romanian backroads with their miserable looks, sounds and smells:

or just make a monument out of it -

Desperate auto tuning ideas:

No need for an engine:

Single donkey power:

One-wheel, or two-wheel?:

Not Safe! but you knew that...

These guys better have good life insurance:

Let's hope that this guy is better attached:

(sent by Dario Agostinho)

This job is pretty hardcore (see the incredible video about these "high voltage cable inspection" workers here) -

(image via)

We've seen some pretty wild solutions to a score of problems, but sometimes simply no solution exists:

(image credit: The Rut)


See the whole "Never Give Up! Lords of the Logistics" Series - Click Here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

vinyl player??? It's called a turntable

Blogger Jen Jordan said...

I think this post is wonderfully hilarious and that some one is just a crabby pants...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a candidate for the Darwin Award in the first picture of the wheelbarrow BBQ!

First, the heat of the fire will most likely cause the wood frame to start smoldering or burst into flames. Second, the wheelbarrow is not stable and is likely to tip over. But the worst offense is the uncapped gas can in the background...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"vinyl player??? It's called a turntable"

What do you think Turn Tables are? They are vinyl players. Are you like 12?


Great post.

Blogger max said...

that was hilarious .. had a good laugh lolz .. thnx for the post

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, only 2 pics were from romania, stop being mean :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good read, love the site

Anonymous Joan said...

I love watching crazy and impossible pictures on your site...
keep up the good work !!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We tried the wheelbarrow BBQ once. Works brilliantly, up to the point where the wheel overheats and explodes....


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