No more beige, or white, or black boxes... just pure geek awesomeness.

It's time for our new round-up of great PC case mods. Since our first part we received numerous tips and materials from creators and users of seriously wicked computer modifications. Here are some of the recent highlights:

Engines of all sorts seem to be a popular choice with modders. It's only proper to encase your PC in a cool engine that speaks of speed and power -

V8 Engine from Russia(more info):

V-2 Harley Davidson Modding - more info and pics:

More bike mods: "Liquid-cooled Motorcycle" from awesome TopMods:

Or even sporting wheels: this time it's "Porsche SLI-Machine wheel PC" from xoolera:

What else? Well, combine your PC power with high-energy of music:
PC inside a drum kit, from Spotswood:

See more images here

Computer Made From a Bottle of Ballantine's Whiskey

Janos Marton decided to go totally unorthodox, check this out: "I already had a powerful computer setup so I wanted something more quiet and small for a basic home server... I have seen many nice and creative cases before but none of them were made out of a bottle. In November I bought an industrial 3.5" SBC board (with Socket370). For the project I selected a 1.5 litre Ballantine's bottle..." More info and full project step-by-step are here.

(found via Metku-Mods)

Old TV set becomes a YouTube Portal

This is a wonderful fetish: old TV sets are undoubtedly cool, especially made with hardwood paneling and stuffed with state-of-the-art circuitry inside. We've received pictures of the case mod, made from a Soviet TV set REKORD, 1961.

A sound engineer from Netherlands installed a custom-built sub-woofer and speakers with motion sensitive cream-coloured LEDs to imitate the flickering of TV lamps. And a jeweler was invited to polish up on exterior details and create a power switch in front of the monitor by using the REKORD metal logo.

Vintage Microphones are cool-looking, too. See how it's been transformed into PC case here:

Wall-E, Beavers, even anime girls

Wall-E computer case incarnation is only too obvious; it was bound to happen pretty soon - and it did. See more info: (from a group of German modders, again. Check out the LEGO version in the upper right corner, too)

Want some humor? Check out this beaver, then. Some would possibly object it to be too gross for their desktop:
(but you gotta admit, it casts a wicked shadow...)

More images are here. For the anime girl computer head over to this page.

Smart Furniture Forever

Examples of the burning obsession to convert furniture (and pretty much any other object) in the house into a geeky masterpieces.

The Chair PC Mod - Place it under your chair. Why? To feel that buzz under your behind... or maybe to float above the megabytes. Whatever works, dude.

- via

The Table PC - but of course!

Toaster Oven PC - put it on PC table, just don't put your breakfast into it:
(more info) -

One of the smallest - it fits into a wall socket! - info:

The Piano PC Mod - 1904 Chickering Upright Grand Piano is given another (virtual) life - more info It plays all kinds of internet tunes, of course.

(thanks KC Gunn for link)

Skulls, Bones, etc

Hailing from Holland, "Frenkie" (see his site) made this "MACHINE":

He also made pretty cool R2D2 case mod, see here.

FusionMods is a great community to see new creations:

Same goes for Overclockers Australia:

"Temple of Nod" from Bit-Tech is glowing red and looking pretty sinister:
(more info)

Victorian Computing Power

Jake von Slatt made a truly gorgeous desktop.... just look at the quality of Victorian engraving. More info. Jake's creations are no less elaborate than the grand-master's Datamancer himself.

(image credit: steampunkworkshop)

Another steampunk mod - check out these brass tubes! -

It's part of another, absolutely beautiful machine - read info:

Other great vintage / collectible case mods:

And other cool ones that caught our eye (not much info is available about them, though)

Update: "Paulaner Beer Keg" is the creation of Dan Shady - more info, and more pics

Something military-looking from Case Umbau (Germany):

We Want!

From the same modders place - a ferocious "Alien":

And if you want "crazy AND beautiful mod", see this red retro-future wonder:
(more info)


Also read: "You Know You Want This... Steampunk Gear, Wooden Laptop Designs

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Blogger BrianDeuelDotCom said...

Heh... only saw one Mac... the pyramid with the blue neon. The monitor is one of the old CRT Studio displays. It's probably an old G4.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger BrianDeuelDotCom said...
Heh... only saw one Mac... the pyramid with the blue neon. The monitor is one of the old CRT Studio displays. It's probably an old G4.

soooooooooo what??????? its cool :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh very superb where can i get this they are out of this world

Anonymous ChoM said...

Temple of Nod case is awesome


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