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Synchronized Office Swimming

Complete with nose clips... great fun and exercise.
(maybe slightly nsfw - depending on who your boss is)


Today's pictures & links:
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Cassette Tape Lamp

Reuse... recycle... (more info)


Lampreys! Yikes!

Lamprey, or jawless eel - is truly bizarre, especially its "river" variety:

"The adult feeds by attaching its mouth to a fish, secreting an anticoagulant to the host, and feeding on the blood and tissues of the host."

These are mechanical lampreys? Sort of.


Geek Graffiti

"Paul the Wine Guy" (a lady blogger from Italy) has the most hilarious (fake) geek graffiti set on Flickr "IT Everywhere". Check out the whole collection, here are some examples:


Love & Romance: everybody needs it


Cool Cloud "Angel"

Yet another cool cloud formation... keep watching the skies.

(sent in by Dave)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Russian Politicians Today (some faces are pretty scary) - [weird]
Funniest wedding last names combinations - [funny]
More Stunning Bridges Around the World - [architecture]
Great-looking (and crazy) concept bikes - [geek tech]
Jeff VanderMeer issues a book with unusual features - [books]
How Russians kept the severed dog's head alive - [weird]
This is just nuts... car vs. train - [wow video]
Freaky... Mom shows kids how to throw knives - [crazy video]
How to hack a parking gate - [cool video]


Another "Damnation Alley"-like vehicle

It seems that it has "storm chasing" capabilities - and can provide pretty good "zombie protection" if the world suddenly comes to an end:


Bruno's Sculpture Garden

Unique and sometimes unexpected wooden creations in the middle of a forest - 25 years of work by sculptor Bruno Torfs:

(art by Bruno Torfs - image credit: Ben Roberts)

See the full set here


Geek Ads on Flickr

An interesting Flickr set, which shows some potential, even though it's only starting now. The description on the site says: "A celebration of evil fictional corporations, strange geekerific references and mash-ups and mayhem!"

Example: "Viggo Mortensen is... Edgar Allan Poe, the Greatest American Writer" (directed by Silvester Stallone...?)

(image credit: Giant Ideas)


Slightly Stressed


Ancient Walls are fixed with LEGOs

Jan Vormann urban art project is truly original: a combination of historic wall stones and modern plastic LEGO pieces.

(image credit: Jan Vormann)


This is the weirdest sculpture we've seen so far.

A testimony to heroic motherhood?


What exactly are these things??


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding your last picture in this post (the one with the guy wrestling the giant sea-scorpion): see http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3247691.stm - it's a recreation of a euryperid for a BBC TV show.

The real beasties are long extinct.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The really weird statue of a mother and children are from the Vigelandspark in Oslo, Norway. This isn't even the weirdest one!! Google it and see... i am sure there are many more pictures to be found

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Reuse... recycle... (more info)

-> more info here

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real beasties are long extinct.

Thank God!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture is of Jez Gibson-Harris holding a robotic eurypterid (a 'sea scorpion' from the Ordovician period) built by Crawley Creatures for the BBC program "Sea Monsters", aired in 2003. The picture above, as well as another of the prop, and other props from the program, can be found at http://www.crawley-creatures.com/gallery/seamonsters.htm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think that people should be rewarded for putting lives at risk.

But if you watch the "car vs train" incident, the offender seems to get advertising fees. I'm sure the train driver doesn't benefit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Reuse... ->


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course in the 10 more bridges post they have a photo of the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge (U.S. 50 in MD) instead of the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (U.S. 13 in VA)


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