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Jet Dance in the Sky

French "Mirage" fighter jet team performs truly spectacular show in the sky in June 2006. (Alphajet and a Mirage flying across Europe. 19:42 min long). Check out also contrail photos set and flares set.

url, thanks racerboat

Today's pictures & links:
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San Francisco's "Seal Rocks Cliff House" (info). The original structure from 1896... (burned up and was replaced in 1909)


Modded Japanese Scooters

Ah... the sleekness... the impracticality... (more info)


The proper way to fish

(image credit: Bruce Mozert, 1938)


Quote of the Day

"I have it on good authority that if you type Google into Google... you can break the internet."
- IT Crowd


Chocolate Calorie Counter

Great addition to our "Unusual and Cool Chocolates" article:


Mixed fresh links for today:

Funniest TV ads, if you haven't seen them yet, more - [cool ads]
Jewelry made from cast octopus tentacles - [weird art]
Strange Vending Machines, plus more - [urban tech]
Collection of great flash animations - [web]
Pretty Cool Indiana Jones Adventure Game - [gaming]
Cool robotic 70s-style animation - [music video]
Inside Beatles Records: Great series - [cool video]
Norwegian Uphill Cycling - [cool video]
Putin on the Ritz - [fun video]


Absolutely Wonderful Spanish Sci-Fi 50s Covers

See the whole great photo set here, thanks to el estratografico.


Plant Tamagotchi

Nurture it and protect it... This plant will tell you when it's thirsty by projecting the "grumpy" face. You can also "communicate" with it by a USB port:

(images credit: "DigitalPots")


Where I've been surfing

Thomas Hawk shares the sites which he visited in a very unusual way. It is even slightly artsy, you might say - a new form of browser tabs art (more info, click to enlarge to see the whole picture) -

(image credit: Thomas Hawk)


The Vicious Circle

So true, so true.... - via

(image credit: Jorge Cham)


Chewing Gum Sculptures

Italian artist Maurizio Savini makes half-cute half-creepy pink chewing gum art:

Here is a fun poll based on this art.


Very cool Russian hydrofoil passenger boats

"Raketa", "Meteor", "Burevestnik" - these efficient, fast people-movers were employed all over Soviet rivers and seas in the 70s.


Any info is appreciated.
Update: Some possible locations include Spitzkop in Namibia, and area around Nswatugi Cave in the Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe.


Some humor about rising gas prices:

See a lot more in this slide presentation.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video of the Mirages is actually from the French movie: Les Chevalier du Ciel (The Knights of the sky).

Pretty awesome movie, kinda like topgun, but with much better inflight filming.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do people complain about petrol prices in the US? I would LOVE to be paying what they pay, it would cut my petrol costs by HALF!! no joke!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture of the man under the boulder looks as if it was taken near Nswatugi Cave in the Matopos Hills, Zimbabwe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous: Folks in the US complain about petrol prices because the average work commute is 27 miles and the average shopping center is 3 miles drive. Tag on getting kids to and from after school activities, and it is very common for someone to drive 70+ miles a day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous #2: Yes, and driving all that mileage with an SUV which guzzles fuel like there's no tomorrow doesn't help. You probably know that, at least in common stereotypes, EVERY US citizen drives an SUV. (That is to say that I don't know how many actually do)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, I forgot the ;-).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We pay 1.5 € per liter, but here SUVs are popular like never before. Some even call for higher gas prices.

Never mind, I can drive 60 miles per gallon, or even more if I want to with my little four seater.

The Smart has the best gas mileage of all german cars, but Japanese Cars (not only hybrid cars, but also not sold in the US) need by far less gas :-).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The russian wing boats still sail in the Netherlands as official public transportation, some accidents happend allready.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the music used in the video is?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If more people in the US supported electric cars, like the Zenn, then we would not be as dependant on oil. I'm not talking about those little golf cart things, but real cars that people can drive on the streets. These cars' cost per gallon of "fuel" is equivilent to about 300 miles per gallon for a normal car.

Blogger Haider Jamal Abbasi (iAMHJA) said...

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