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How to Torment a Telemarketer

Good addition to our list of games and pranks with telemarketers: "Telemarketer's Doomsday Manual" -


Seinfield did essentially the same thing, only it ended much quicker: see video here.

Today's pictures & links:
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Launching the Moon

(original unknown)


Addition to the Fractal table - Fractal Drawer

Not exactly "fractal", but pretty unique nevertheless - design by Takeshi Miyakawa:

(image credit: Takeshi Miyakawa)




Minimalist Photography by Michael Kenna

Entitled "The Silent World". See the whole gallery and the artist' site

(image credit: Michael Kenna)


Sea Horse

(original unknown)


Mixed fresh links for today:

World's Largest Cruise Ship - [wow pics]
This skyscraper has a stabilizing ball inside - [architecture]
June 1941: Operation Barbarossa in Color - [history] [video, can be gross]
7 Uninhabited Islands to Explore - [travel]
"Space Invaders" fashion tribute - [geek design]
Trans-Atlantic Maglev Train Concept - [futurism]
Structural integrity ftw - [fun video]
Bizarre Japanese Fighting Robots - [fun video]
Iron Ball Falls in Sand, Water Balloon Explodes - [wow videos]


Back to (Post-Apocalyptic) Future


New fun service: PopTok -- www.poptok.com

-- is offering fully licensed video clips from popular movies, TV shows, and music videos for use in instant messaging (in conjunction with either AIM or MSN). So instead of typing "goodbye" in your IM, you could simply drop-and-drag a video clip from Looney Tunes that says "T-t-that's all folks."

Current clips include 40-Year-Old-Virgin, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Austin Powers, Bugs Bunny, American Psycho, King Kong, and many more.


Cuddle the Monster

New print "Paddy Paws" at POV Editions by Fred Einaudi. Click here to order.

(image credit: Fred Einaudi)

See more work by Fred Einaudi here (some nsfw)


Whales in the Desert

Paul Clark found these while following the Baja 1000 car race route. Who made and for what purpose remains a mystery.


Light Signature

An addition to our "Painting with Light" series:
Tim Girvin - a Seattle-based artist, who designed identities for many Hollywood movies.

(image credit: Tim Girvin, photo by John Gallone)


Artists, working with Earth canvas

Similarly large-scale creations (see our recent Jim Denevan article) grace our planet landscapes - the work of such unique artists as Andy Goldsworthy and

Andy Goldsworthy - read an excellent article about him here - works with forest, sand, pine needles, icicles, mountain granit and shale.

(image credit: Andy Goldsworthy)

Richard Long even uses rice paddy chaff to make transient circle patterns. See more here.

(image credit: Richard Long)

Many of such creations last only a short time, others - such as cairns of stones - can remain on the face of our planet for ages.


True Pet Care:


Surreal highway photos:

(image credit: Hayley Grimes)

I did not know this was possible... he must be loaded with something heavy in the back.

Something to do when you're bored:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Light Signature


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truck without another front wheel is an old Tatra. It has independent suspension (very rare in a truck), you don't need any load to drive it like that. Actually the owners manual suggests doing this in case of a flat tyre if you don't have a spare.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last one is from House of Gord.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the most popular sense of the word--that is, referring to the familiar psychedelic images widely available on posters, greeting cards and giftwrap in the mid-'90s--the chest of drawers may not be immediately recognizable as a "fractal."

Those beautiful and intriguing pictures are based on iterations of complex forms such as the Mandelbrot set. However, fractals can be based on iterations of any form, including a simple cube, such as this chest.

I think it's a fractal in the truest sense--or at least as close an approximation as a piece of furniture is likely to get.

In fact, it looks like a variation of the Menger sponge:


Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you RangerGordon... loved that Menger Sponge piece.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't steer the truck without front wheels.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me the "Fractal Drawer" seems more like it's based on the Fibonacci numbers:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number (see the "tiling" image on the right)


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