Water, water everywhere

Some pictures are from the recent flooding in the Midwest, others are from the monsoon floods in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - all are harrowing images, telling a wet, miserable story of people, animals, cars, property vs. the sheer forces of nature. See other installments in our "Extreme Weather" series here.

(artist conceptual image: Jaap Vliegenthart)

This is how Modern Mechanix magazine (Dec, 1935) showed cataclysmic flooding event:

(image credit: modernmechanix)

Nothing on such a global scale yet (though if you believe the news, the North Pole will be without ice this summer, so soon we may have more water than we ever asked for) As for the present situation, lets start with the recent pictures from Mississippi region (worst floods in 15 years) -

Muscatine Flood (check out more pics at Iowa Flood) -

Signage rendered useless, or just redundant:

(Photo by Barry Williams/Getty Images)

(AP Photo/Steve Pope and Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Main Street in La Grange, Missouri -

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(image credit: Susan Saulny)

Animals seeking refuge:

(Photos by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

(Photos by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

You can see the power of high water here (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) -

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Powerful storms in Pacific Northwest led to serious flooding this winter; this is Chehalis, Washington in December 2007 -

(Photo: Bruce Ely / AP)

Interstate 5 got flooded one meter deep for the whole 5 kilometers:

(Photos: Bruce Ely, Ross William Hamilton / The Oregonian; Drew Perine / The News Tribune)

Havoc in Aberdeen, Washington:

Just like in the past, trains have to try to get through, flood waters or not:

(image credit: Harvesting the River)

Braving the deep:

in a car -

in a kayak -

in a... table -

or you might need one of these portable do-it-yourself submarines:

Now fishes can shop in Walmart, too:

(Photos: Brian Davies / The Register-Guard; Steven M. Herppich, Tony Overman / The Olympian)

Flooding in Asia

This "eating soup" picture has already become a classic:

(image credit: Okuno)

Some photos are from China: weeks of heavy rain led to a serious flooding there this summer - (more info)

(image credit: QuarkSoup)

What a miserable job... but I would also question the integrity of a rider who asks for such a service -

Notice the look from a woman on the right:

Remember "The Day after Tomorrow"? Of course, you do.
(warning: possible photoshop)

(image credit: morecoolpictures)

Unexpected LOL-humor in a miserable situation:


See other installments in our "Extreme Weather" series here
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- Dust Storms! and more.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Billboard isn't a photoshop, it was a publicity stunt for the film.

Blogger Callan said...

Reality check: If the north pole should melt, how much would the water level rise? Hint

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course steam locomotives handled high water better than modern Diesel electric ones do. geira, actually the melting of the ice cap at the NORTH pole wouldn't raise sea level at all. Floating ice melting doesn't affect water level. It's the melting of the ice at the SOUTH pole and Greenland that would raise sea levels.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the lady soup picture is a shoop.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy on the public phone is in malaysia. Although, I wonder if the phone actually even works when it's not flooded since maintenance are so bad, most of it are not in working order.

Amost everybody uses mobile phone these days.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see Sean Penn anywhere in those pictures in the mid-west. Very odd. Do you think that Bush bombed the levees in those towns? I think this should be looked into immediately.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of those "China floods" pictures is not from China. The man trying to make a phone call from the blue phone booth flooded up to his chest is from Malaysia.


The logo on the front of the phone booth tells me it's from 2005 or before, because in 2005 Telekom Malaysia changed it's name and logo to this http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/countries/my/126744.html

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some photos, which were obviously Photoshop edits were tasteless considering the calamity and nature, no pun intended, of the picture. Boooooooo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in the American midwest, smack in the middle of the area hardest hit during the Great Flood of '93, I'm amazed by the tenacity of century-old farmsteads that survived the floodwaters. Granted, many are no longer inhabited, but still they stand as mute testament to their builders' craftsmanship. High water marks are visible after fifteen years at second-story rooftop level!

Interestingly, lesser 'modern' structures were instant flotsam, such as those shown in many of your photos.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the LOL is hilarious x]


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