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Drag-and-Drop World

Some good commentary on our consumer culture and environment... in tongue-in-cheek style:


Today's pictures & links:
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Packet - really radical 5-touch-screen phone concept

Emir Rafat designed something technologically surreal... Screens are folding out; the phone makes an extensive use of electronic "paper":

This mobile phone concept was awarded the first place at the Istanbul Design Week 2007.

Also worthy of mention is Nokia's "Morph" concept (see video) - exploring the possibilities of nano-technology application in mobile phones.





(originals unknown)


Quote of the Day

"No trees were destroyed in the sending of this message. However,
a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced."

- an email signature


Hangover is Dangerous

This ad is wonderful on so many levels:

(image credit: ads of the world)


Architecture in Osaka, Japan

A shopping center called "Namba Parks":

Umeda Sky Building... is something else. See more photos of this awesome structure here

(image credit: Steffen A. Bass)

(image credit: Stefan Keller)


Mixed fresh links for today:

10 Deepest Lakes on Earth - [nature]
Most bizarre wedding rings - [weird design]
History of Guerilla Marketing - [cool ads]
Completely Insane Activities - [extreme sports]
Magnetic Fields Visible for the First Time - [wow science]
How to build a menthos/coke booby trap - [fun video]
10 reasons not to take drugs on a date - [fun video]
This dog loves extreme sports - [fun video]
Office Worker Goes Berserk - [wow video]


All is well

(original unknown)

scaly romance:

(image credit: Norrit, Worth1000)


Retro-tech montages by William L. Philyaw

Of course we like them, how can we not? See more at his site:


Elephant beetle, the size of a hamster

Five-inch beetle was found in the stack of bananas... (more info)

(image credit: BBC)


Upside down wine glasses? Nope.

"Ming" Oil & Vinegar Cruets by Jansen Co. (more info)

Order them here


A new height for tacky style?

Get yourself (and everybody around you) slightly creepy EYE-glasses:

UPDATE: These glasses have a story:

In Rotterdam, Holland, a vicious gorilla named Bokito escaped and attacked a woman just a year ago. Apparently she was staring at him all the time, making him very aggressive. Hence the "Bokito"-glasses that seem to be looking elsewhere, so you can safely watch the gorilla. (info)

And while you're at it, get yourself a "Smile on a Stick" - more info:

or a really, really weird "Hair / Animal / Hat" style -


Something Beautiful

These are Belgian autochrome works - possessing a fairytale quality (circa 1910-1920)

We showed a few other autochrome images before - click here and scroll down.


It's been a long, long day at the office


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Blogger peter said...

Check out this -> http://hup.hu/node/52597

Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the gorilla, bokito isn't a vicious gorilla. The woman he attacked, vistited him serveral times a week and spent most of the time staring at him, thinking that bokito liked her.

It is well known that when you stare in to an animals eye's it freaks them out (that's why cats always seem to go to the people who don't like cats, because they DON'T look at them).

She also thought that when bokito showed his teeth, he was smiling at her, while it actually is a sign of agression or anger.

Blogger Unknown said...

...and yet that video is itself a viral ad for Samsung, and mocks consumer culture while trying so sell us something.

Blogger Musback said...

@ Nils

How you said it freaks Animals out when you look at them... Wel, funny thing is, here in Belgium, lots of humans become very agressive as well when you stare at them :( I lost count how many people got extremely angry because I looked at them in a "wrong" way at a party or on the streets... I guess you know what kind of people I mean ;-)

Blogger Sean said...

About the picture in Osaka labeled "apartment complex"... it's actually a shopping center called "Namba Parks". Keep up the good work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Umeda Sky Building elevator scared the crap out of me. The floor inside of it is see-through, and I don't enjoy heights much. I think I left hand indentations on the rails...


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