Natural Hilarity Reaches a New High

Animals can not act for camera, so capturing weird and funny animal expressions requires a lot of skill and patience - but when it happens, it becomes pure comedy gold. See for example this shot: I bet you did not know that polar bears love to swim and talk on a cell phone at the same time! -

(image credit: Valerie (Ucumari))

Animal Acrobatics

More cool moves and extreme work-outs:

(image credit: a17rwk Worth1000 using Aviary)

Do not stand under a tree with an elephant hanging from it:

(art by Filgray)

The Cute Bunch

Can a picture be cute & ferocious at the same time? Yes! -

Baby Bison! -

(image credit: Valerie (Ucumari))

Other cute babies:

(image credit: Valerie (Ucumari))

Matschie's Tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus matschiei) enjoys a little snack:

(image credit: Valerie (Ucumari))

Smallest kittens you've ever seen:

(photos by Ellis Hall)

Newborn hedgehog:

(image via)

White, fluffy, adorable:

The Magic Kitten:

(image credit: Neven Jurkovic)

The Magic Hamster:

Happy hamsters, dancing - just for you! -

Friendly pairs:

Apes emoting:

Cool Characters:

Some have more character than your average politicians:

Animals appearing in a weird context:

Probably the most impressive picture of a pig ever:

Couple of toys, sent to us by George (thanks!) -

Rats in a vodka:

Great - Geeeeky! - use of dogs:

Cats & Dogs (and their eventful life)

This is how a cat looks before killing its owner:


Dog's life is full of nuances:

Mondex, a 5-year-old Chihuahua, walks the aisle dressed as a scuba diver during a dog show in Manila:

(photo by AP / Aaron Favila)

Bird's Comedy

Mafia has arrived -

I did not know that owls can look so ferocious:

(photo by: Ree Mernone)

Getting a free ride:
Red-winged Blackbird on top of a Red-tailed Hawk

(image via Vineri Triskaideka)

(original unknown)

Animal Interaction with Humans

Learning the true reach of a giraffe's tongue -

Bears decide to improve their toilet manners:

(image credit: Stadsman Worth1000 using Aviary)

Animals vs. Cars -

If you don't have a car to deliver groceries, then send your dog:

Bad, bad way to use a dog:
(read more info about it here)

(image credit: adn)

Take care of your dog, and bring it places:

Lizards and Such

A blue-headed lizard "poses" near the Hatta Pools, Dubai:

(image credit: Jen Gerson)

Gecko's feet:

Gotta love this anti-theft car idea:

Careful when opening that door:

One step at a time:

Mystery Creatures

This one must be fake:
UPDATE: No, it's real. It's called a Solenodon, and they live in Cuba and Haiti:

This is an opossum -

But this one is real - not a turtle, but something definitely similar?
UPDATE: It's a Cantor's giant turtle form Cambodia.

(image credit: David Emmett)

For uncredited photos please let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this info.


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Blogger Cosmo said...

The "great fake" seems very unlikely to be a fake... that's just what opossums look like.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The flat turtle is a Cantor's giant turtle form Cambodia.

Blogger Denita TwoDragons said...

the fake isn't fake--it's called a Solenodon, and they live in Cuba and Haiti:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your "monkey emoting" looks strangely like an ape.

Great collection.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not just any ape, Anonymous @ 6:27 -- that's Snowflake, aka Copito de Nieve, an albino gorilla.

Blogger Unknown said...

The Cantor's giant turtle is by David Emmett: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/05/photogalleries/wip-week29/photo3.html

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Tali - thank you. Updated.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Soledonon criature reminds me of those garbage rats from Jim Henson's Fraggle rock.

Blogger Sigivald said...

The "rat vodka" is claimed to be mouse wine, used as a medicinal. Sources variously claim it to be Korean or Chinese, or that the entire thing may be a practical joke; at least one bottle (in a video) is evidently a soju bottle, and nobody sells mouse soju.

The Magic Kitten is reminiscent of late Louis Wain cats.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Sabina - that's exactly what I thought it was :)
Sigivald - this link is the definition of psychedelic cats...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


IT is leprosorium.ru !!!!

Blogger Anubis_Priest said...

I think you got the "Baby Bison" pic mixed up. I think this is the bison: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ucumari/455466354/in/set-72157600052294517/

And the photo you have are mountain goat/sheep lambs belonging to this creature: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ucumari/448407969/in/set-72157600052294517/

(credit still Valerie Ucumari)

Keep up th good work: I look in to DRB daily. :)

Blogger Unknown said...

I was struck by how much that 'fierce owl' looks like Gimli [the dwarf] from Lord of The Rings...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, that red tailed hawk giving a piggyback ride to a red shouldered lark is amazing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting fact about the Solenoid is it's the only mammal that injects rattlesnake like venom through it's fangs. Nasty little critter.

Anonymous houndbound said...

Awesome selection!

Blogger shafiqa said...

omg some of th pictures are so cute im like, moved to tears.


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