Presidents have a sense of humor. Voters usually don't.

Here are a few shots that prove that politics can be hilarious (besides the obvious pleasure of taking down your opponents and having an evil laugh in the washroom after a successful speech).

Bush is really very cute:

(images credit: Solnyffka)

(photo by AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Politics vs. Real Life

Some of us often have no clue what the politicians are talking about:

In the meantime the world keeps on offering its own political commentary:

Presidents can rest easy. Arnold can fix anything:

How can you help? By keeping mum:

Conserving materials is always a good idea:

Very misguided political move:

You know, beer is really a Global Pacifier of Nations:

Money is an entirely different matter:

Here is a very upbeat picture of the French President:

Fun and Games in the Communist Block

We'll start with a perennial mystery:

Fidel Castro in Bratsk, Siberia, in the 60s -

(image credit: Andrey "FeliksSpb")

Castro is indescribably Cool -

(image credit: Solnyffka)

He also got a present from Soviets: very rare custom wagon GAZ-14 limo -

(image credit: ruskii-cherni)

Youngish-looking Leonid Brezhnev in 1963, again in Bratsk:

(image credit: Andrey "FeliksSpb")

Some see Medvedev, we see "Medved-ized" Putin:

(photo by Dmitry Lovetski)

(images credit: AP Photo, Dmitry Astakhov)

Without doubt, Putin is still a crucial figure in Russian politics:

And then again, Russian court games always go in cycles:

Various Other Players

Caught in paroxysms of thought and deliberation:

(photo by AP/Fritz Reiss)

(photo by Vasily Shaposhnikov/Kommersant)

Watch what you say in Italian Parliament:

... or in South Korean Parliament, too:

(photo by Yonhap, Han Sang-kun)

That guy must be hiding something different behind his communist newspaper:

Boring speeches -

The weirdest Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovski is no stranger to presenting an off-beat image:
(all we can say is, this face is not to be trusted)

(images credit: Solnyffka)

His idea of Russia can be pretty much summarized by this picture:

(image credit: Arkady Shaikhet)

So after all this sinister/hilarious overture, we should really finish on a positive note:

All is well in the world! -

(image credit: Reiters/RIA Novosti/Vladimir Rodionov)

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich seem to agree:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about politicians - have you seen photos of Mrs. Angela Merkel neckline? Here are links: http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/9230/45643090bi6.jpg and http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/223/35041845nz8.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kinda hurting for a post today? (Lots of recycled content this time around...)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Mrs. Angela Merkel shes totaly hot!!!!!!! booooyaaahh!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

she's quite far away from being hot, i daresay..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture of George Bush as a Storm trooper "Starts Wars" is a classic Banksy piece of street graffiti.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is not a banksy will...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fidel's very rare custom wagon GAZ-14 limo looks like a funeral car a lot, IMHO :)

Blogger alvarhillo said...

I like Castro´s men in black look

Blogger Luca said...

Who is the nice girl that plays the bunny at the parliament?
This one ---> http://lh6.ggpht.com/abramsv/SAVYaw2ponI/AAAAAAAAOe0/JwLoc9UKmys/s1600-h/00cw03e6.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i see u got a lot of russian things here
im glad that u only one who try to take the positive side
keep it up

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some very funny stuff! (though I'm sure at least a few of them are photoshoped).

My favorites would have to be the UN one and Castro with the shades ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prohibition was a misguided move? I like alcohol as most of us do, but you need to know your history.

Prohibition was lead by women- because men had control of EVERYTHING in their lives. The men could go to the bars, drain all of the familial resources, then come home and beat their wives. THAT was the main reason behind prohibition. Paired with the "morality movement", there were a lot of "good" reasons behind the movement.

Because women finally have most of their rights, prohibition is not so much an issue.

Do your research.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god!! MERKEL HAS BREASTS!!! Nevermind she is a wicked awesome powerful woman politician, let's just focus on her neckline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is so much more important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger vonFelsenheim said...

I dunno. Never having met any of them, I think I would find the majority of world leaders today either headache-inducing or just damned unnerving.

And so, Mr. Sarkozy, if you read this I'll stand you to a beer.


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