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What lurked in the depths, now is going to haunt your boat.

Be careful what you hook up. Aside from picking some vicious industrial garbage, you can bring to the surface some strange and unmentionable things. Most fishermen will happily brag about an extraordinary big fish (and we'll show plenty of those in this article). But sometimes the catch is so bizarre, that they'd rather try to forget it over a drink or two.

"Larger than life" (but hopefully still real) catches

We all know that the size of our largest catch is only limited to how wide we can stretch our arms, and how gullible your friends are. A picture would usually prove your story, if you don't mind occasional "this is Photoshop... I can tell by the pixels" comments:

(a whale shark, not that big either)

Catfish the size of a small car? Well, almost.

"The World's Largest Catfish" catch happened in Thailand:
(more info - that is a 646-pound Mekong giant catfish)

(photo by Suthep Kritsanavarin)

This is, by the way, officially the largest freshwater fish ever caught...

Here are more record catfish catches:
(images credit: euro-som.de)

This one was caught in France: 106kg, 2.5 meters

Spain: 101kg

Germany: 83kg, 2.2 meters

Kazakhstan: 130kg, 2.6 meters

"Fish in Distress" Needs Saving

According to this source an eight-inch basketball was stuck in a catfish' mouth - the 50-pound fish could not swim or dive, so Wichita resident Bill Driver used a knife to poke the hole in the ball and deflate it:

(photos credit: Michael Pearce, Wichita Eagle, 2004)

This fish is also asking for trouble:

More fish misadventures:

The Cutest of the Bunch

Aww! Look at this friendly whale! -

Here is a baby stingray that you'll remember for the rest of your week, guaranteed:

(original unknown)

(photo by Jeffrey N. Goldsmith)

White Eye Morel Eel:

(image credit: Frances Tan)

Another "alien" on Earth: pretty endearing sea dragon (a Triops) -

(image credit: Steve Jurvetson)

The Blue Dragon - pelagic sea slug:

(original unknown)

The cutest of them all: an Axolotl - a freshwater salamander:

The one with the biggest "cuteness factor" is the albino - white, almost transparent Axolotl. They are priceless creatures (made to be worshiped by Japanese schoolgirls)

Most Vicious of the Bunch

We all know this is "fish-eats-fish" world -

Sharks... awesome creatures:

The "flying sharks" pictorial is something not to be missed - see it here:

(image credit: National Geographic)

Goliath Tiger Fish:

Want to catch the wickedest-looking fish, and snap pictures that are going to be forwarded by scared grandmas all over the internet?

Go to the Congo River (or Lake Tanganyika in Central Africa) and try to catch a Goliath Tiger Fish (aka African tigerfish or giant tigerfish), or Hydrocynus Goliath. Just make sure not to go swimming in these waters, as this kind of fish indeed is known to attack humans (the only freshwater fish in Africa that would do so) -

(images source)

This company will set up a fishing expedition for you.
There is plenty of toothy fish in these waters:

The Ugliest of the Bunch

These live mostly at significant depths, so it's highly unlikely that they will be fished out. But if you do, then - don't make a false move in your boat:

This giant grouper is not really ugly, but rather imposing with its 5-foot size:

(image credit: Frances Tan)

Going Deeper - See the spell-binding gallery of "creatures of the abyss" at this link:

(image credit: Edith Widder)

(image credit: David Shale)

Here is a really ugly monk-fish (which a lot of people consider a delicacy!) -

(image credit: Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources)

Hope this aquarium has thick glass:

(art installation by Damien Hirst)

Speaking of ugly catches, you might have seen already the infamous "Mr. Blobby":

(image credit: K. Parkinson, NORFANZ)

"A Fathead (genus Psychrolutes) trawled during the NORFANZ expedition at a depth between 1013 m and 1340 m, on the Norfolk Ridge, north-west of New Zealand, June 2003"

Fish Tales

This fish was given the opportunity to speak out (as part of 1945 research). Must be some hair-raising tales, judging by how scared it looks.

(image credit: National Geographic)

or you can interview them underwater -

(image credit: National Geographic)

And of course, if you don't go and fish some of the underwater monsters out, they'll come out fishing for YOU -

(image credit: Adam Vehige)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'sea dragon' is actually a Triops -- they are pretty cool, you can keep them as pets (buy kit on Amazon)... they have 3 eyes and like to do loops. Also one of the other 'dragons' (slender brownish one with spines) is a Polypterus/Birchir. Both are pretty prehistoric but part of the modern aquarium trade. Arowanas similar I'm surprised they didn't show up (capable of jumping to catch and eat small birds)...

Blogger Allan Cavanagh said...

"Hope this aquarium has thick glass:"
That's actually a sculpture by Damien Hirst called The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Blogger Phosphan said...

Catching a whale shark (pic #2) is really a shame. One less you can admire while diving...

Blogger Unknown said...

I grew up in tropical Australia, often swimming and surfing in the open seas. I always took a casual, almost fatalistic approach to the dangers of shark attacks, never really thinking about it much except for the little blip of nerves after I saw Jaws for the first time.
But looking deep into the mouth of the shark in that amazing picture, and seeing the inside walls of it's body made a strong shudder run up my spine... what was I thinking! Getting attacked by that would be truly terrifying...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first pic in the "ugliest of the bunch" looks like a fish I caught when I went fishing in prince william sound. I think my uncle called it a lordy. I'm gonna see if I can find the pic.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the last drawing comes from the following artist http://VegasMike.deviantart.com/art/Incredible-Giant-Crab-Redux-38936734

Blogger Robin Shortt said...

That one fish at the beginning looked like some space alien. I've never even seen catfish so huge. Your pics of crazy looking fish is awsome!

Blogger Alistair said...

The photo of the Grouper emerging from a school in front of the diver is one of my all time favourites. The original is a National Geographic and is published in one of their online galleries. Thanks for a fun collection. Dark roasted blend keeps me coming back.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you guys for all the extra info, post updated.

Blogger ArleyM said...

Check this out, my real estate agent caught this one http://flyangler.ca/forum/uploads/post-58-1156214062.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! That 'fish between legs' picture is wrong on just so many levels!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "friendly whale" is actually a porpoise and a mammal, so it actually wouldn't belong with these fish.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aren't morels mushrooms?
the eel looks like a moray...

Blogger Kaileigh Blue said...

"Asking for trouble " is a Koi and probably not all that big. The biggest Koi are only 3 feet or so. I have many myself and they do that when they want food.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent post! really enjoyed it

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's so great and funny about a photograph of Japanese in the middle of destroying another beloved, endangered creature?

Fish are beautiful, they don't deserve to be hoiked out of their environment by some dick-head in a stupid hat who thinks it makes him special and paraded in front of a camera while they slowly suffocate.

Photographs that included animal cruelty are becoming a regular occurrence on this site, it seems.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures. Thank you.
And thank you, internet, for giving the freedom to post drivel to slam what others enjoy. *points upward*

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My beliefs aren't drivel; they are based on the fact that as a species we have (well, some of us at least) have evolved beyond the hunter-gatherer role of our past.

I find it both pathetic and disturbing that you 'enjoy' photographs of species being slaughtered. I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find some excellent bull-baiting photographs on here, and across the internet you can find some more sources of enjoyment; dog fighting, bear baiting, dolphin slaughter...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The men eat too much wild fish. So I think it is only fair, if a shark bites men in response to this unneeded violence.

There are much better solutions to ease the hunger, instead of fishing innocent fish !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

you are right, all animals are innocent, and, might i add, beautiful, even the lowliest worm has the gorgeous breath of nature in himself.

but what does that mean? that i should eat grass the rest of my life?

Blogger Unknown said...

bashing bulls all over the streets and arenas, THAT'S cruelty. and dog fights and similar things. but simply killing an animal for food, without the cavemen-type torture and gloating, is a normal and one of the most natural things, i think. just like sex, talking, walking, thinking. i admit, i'm a hypocrite, i like meat, but i don't won't to see the way that the animal died. but even if i did see it, i'd most likely shake the feeling in a couple of days and be myself again. eating meat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of these would be great with chips

Anonymous Anonymous said...

tony, you're right. your beliefs aren't drivel. they're more than that; they're complete and utter BS. Go back to your commune, hippie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that image of the shark is actually an art exhibit.you can tell by the wrinkling in its skin due to the alcohol used to preserve it. quite amazing in person.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "friendly whale" IS indeed a whale - a Beluga, White Whale or Sea Canary. It is the only whale with a flexible neck, and is closely related to the even more peculiar Narwhal or Sea Unicorn, so called because of its single straight spiral tusk which can be nearly as long as the whale's body.


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