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First Person Soccer

Guy Ritchie's ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels") makes soccer look intense:


Today's pictures & links:
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Weird "Star Wars"-like Wooden Spaceships Battle

Apparently this is a fan art based on the Russian cult movie "Kin-dza-dza". The artist is ArseniXC from Yaroslavl, Russia.
(click on the image to see in detail; scroll down)

Check out also his Victorian-styled Spider!


Why did this happen to me?

... this little guy was photographed right after his nest fell down from the tree (the branch snapped)

(image credit: AP Photo/Esteban Felix)


Fashion for Animals

Haute Couture for wild animals to keep and to love:
(all these are creations of Martijn van der Linden, click to see more)


Minimalist (Beautiful) Photography

Mathieu Gast has a very stylish photo gallery of Marocco:

(order prints here: Mathieu Gast)


Mixed fresh links for today:

RLS "Duga-1" RadioLocation Site near Chernobyl - [wow pics]
Craziest Bookshelves Designs - [design]
5 People killed by their own inventions - [weird]
Creepy Abandoned Hotels Around the World - [abandoned]
Great Highway Chase Video - [car video]
Groovy Dancing Girl - [fun video]
Post-Passover: 20 things to do with matzah - [fun video]
Pogo Stick Pain - [wow video]
This turn causes lots of accidents - [car video]


Fun poll on Polls Boutique.


Spectacular Aerial Photography by Cameron Davidson

To see this outstanding gallery, click here.


Poisonous Mine Rescue Worker, 1907

Could this be an inspiration for "Fallout" designs? This is a mine rescue worker, outfitted in 1907 Draeger Re-Breather Apparatus
(that site lists hundreds of them)

(image credit: Shorpy)


Kurt Wenner's 3D Underground (street painting)

Gorgeous and surreal work by Kurt Wenner on city's pavement:


Glamour redefined: 14th century New York City

Norman Cavazzana Photography makes very stylish visuals, check their site for updates.

(image credit: Norman Cavazzana Photography)




I want this pet:

(original unknown)


Great new computer technology advances:

The "Knitted laptop interface" above is actually available (as a knitting pattern) and described here.


It looks like the guy on the left spends too much time with a computer keyboard on its lap:

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Dark Roasted Blend's Photography Gear Picks:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last one looks like a bad Photoshop.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

yea... I got rid of it

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "pet" is a Moloch, a lizzard that lives in the dessert. The wings are photoshopped in.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The squirrel keyboard one...reminds me of when my nephew was about three years old and I had to look after him. He would always try and copy me and "mash" my keyboard while I was doing stuff. I found a spare unplugged keyboard and put it in front of him. Loved it, both of us happy. What a great story (not).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last photo is of Prairie Dogs not squirrels.

Blogger MauriceH said...

Marmots actually..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely NOT a marmot, Maurice. They're prarie dogs, for sure.

Blogger MauriceH said...

Technically we are both right:
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Suborder: Sciuromorpha
Family: Sciuridae
Tribe: Marmotini

Prairie Dogs ARE members of the marmot tribe, and we are quibbling over the genus:
Genus: Cynomys, versus:
Genus: Marmota
I still think they are genus marmota in that picture
They look to be too big to be prairie dogs.
BTW, I live in Alberta, where we see both, not to mention Richardson's Ground Squirrels, often confused with prairie dogs as well.
In any case, they are rodents..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha fair enough Maurice.

But I'm also familiar will all of those (I'm from Colorado), and prarie dogs live in the fields by my house. My vote is prairie dogs.

But I do see the arguement for marmot. They look pretty large in that picture. Although... not THAT large. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still spelled prairie wrong. I coulda sworn I threw that 'i' in there both times. Oh well.


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