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Shanty Town Car Chase

"Police Story", starring Jackie Chan, 1985. Compare with a similar chase in "Bad Boys II" here.


"Cinemassacre" site has compiled their own
"Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts":


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Guy Robot

See more cute robots made from "found objects" on the artist site, and at this gallery.

(images credit: Guy Robot)


Lake that would not freeze
- via Alan Hume

At nearly 1,400 feet, Lake Tazawa in Akita Prefecture is Japan's deepest lake. It lies in the bitter cold of northern Honshu but never freezes over.

(image credit: Raymond Meier)

(image credit: izhiro)

According to the Japanese folk legend, "The water does not freeze due to the passionate love-making of water dragon Takko Hime and her husband, Hachirotaro, at the bottom of the lake."

(image credit: Dhushara)

The actual reason is warm water from subterranian springs, of course.


All dressed up

Synchiropus Splendidus, or Mandarin Dragonet, or "psychedelic fish": (info)

(photo by Luc Viatour)

The Indo-Pacific Nudibranch is able to swim freely and fall down like a leaf... Some of them are called Spanish Dancer.

(photo by Giuseppe Piccioli Resta)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Impress Your Boss! - [hilarious video]
Best prank: How to hijack fast-food frequency - [funny]
Most Unusual Ski Destinations - [weird]
Should the environment adapt to your weight? - [cool ads]
The Dumbest Terrorists in History - [weird]
Vintage Video Game Consoles - [geek]
Hand-made Gmail (in Russian), Engl. - [wow video]
Bear Demolition Team - [fun video]
The Machine is Us/ing Us - [cool video]


Indonesian Oil: Native-owned Oil Wells on Java

The National Oil Company dug the wells, used them up and left them for "dead". Here is how the natives took over the abandoned wells on the island of Java (the wells still seep oil, but very slowly) -

1) Find a well, erect a wooden derrick over it:

2) use the truck engine to pull the cable with a dipping bucket:

3) direct the lifted oil (mixed with water, inside the catch tube) down the ditch to the separator:

4) the separator pit: allow the water and oil to separate, collect the crude:

5) "the pipeline" - carry it in buckets to the refinery:

6) The Refinery: 55-gallon drum, buried in the earth above the fire. Pour the crude in, seal the aperture with mud - and wait till the woodfire heats it to the temperature of separation into vapors.

7) Cooling pipe: the vapors enter the submerged pipe (underwater) and travel 20ft to the other end, where they condense into diesel.

The diesel is ready (they are able to recover 80% of the crude into diesel). Time to deliver it to the market:

(images credit: Allen Johnston)


Tough Love

(original unknown)


Baby Gorillas

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda: story and images are in this Flickr set

They are extraordinary rare: only 700 are left, and gorilla babies are the huge symbol of hope. Infants under 1 year could number as few as 40. (there are only low-land gorillas in the zoos) Contribute to the cause of saving them at this site

(image credit: Giles Breton)


Looking down 1,000 meters

Better be sure of your footing on top of Prekestolen, or the Pulpit Rock, in Norway
(read more about it)


Mysterious Shadows

What are they?

(original unknown)


Best Looping Gifs

More can be found on this site - via Luca

Infinite zoom (causes headache if watched for too long) -

Bambi (hard to explain):

Our favorite is Mr.Bean, of course:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video with the masked soldier where is mortar explode is realy not funny. If a saw a video on YouTube of a soldier from my country die because of a faulty equipement, and categorize as funny, I would not be happy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous: That video of a jihaddi terrorist getting offed by his own shell was hilarious.

I thank god that he got himself killed in such a stupid and amusing fashion before he had a chance to murder innocent Iraqis, or kill any of our own soldiers there.

Blogger HC said...

Look at those sweet wildhaired mountain gorilla's... I really hope they will surivive!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a typo: Lake Tawaza -> Lake Tazawa


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