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Rubik's Super Cubes

7x7x7 Cube - just takes time:


Here is even more challenging 20x20x20 cube! -


Today's pictures & links:
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Mile-High Skyscraper "City" proposed for East London

Super-high 500 floor skyscraper is proposed to be built by UK company, Popularchitecture. Housing 100,000 people, it would also include schools, hospitals and unique "holes" for the green public spaces. (more info)


High-Speed Photography

Great Flickr set by Mark Watson:

(images credit: Mark Watson)


Bertone's New Concept BAT-11
- via

Following in a tradition of Alfa Romeo BAT concepts from the 50s (see our article about all of them), this has echo of the original shape, and a lot more corners:


Cool Shot of the Day
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)

Passengers, or Crew?

Photo by Daniel Duncan -
Emperor penguins at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

A land crab munches on a tree mushroom

Photo by Michelle Steele


Mixed fresh links for today:

Google office in Zurich - [design]
Abandoned Satellite Facility - [photos]
Fantastic Airship One concept - [futurism]
Origamic: stunning paper sculptures - [art]
New Carboard Lego Fun - [geek tech] - via
Free online language courses - [useful?]
Crash tests: train, cars - [wow video]
Incredible Dancing Seal - [fun video]
How not to park your car - [oops! video]


"Electronium" - a Composing Machine by Raymond Scott

A keyboard-less, automatic composition and performance machine from the 50s. (more info)

See a video about this vintage collectible gem here.

Raymond Scott Electronic Recording Studio, 1958:

Buttons... I like buttons!
(Buchla 200e model, more info)

(image credit: Joe)


He Outlines the Shadows

Entirely different approach to street art by Ellis G.
Chasing Shadows?


- via

"Girls in bloomers on climbing apparatus, Western High School, Washington, D.C. Photograph (cyanotype) by Frances Benjamin Johnston. Ca. 1899."


Koalas Sleeping

Tucked in...



Cat's Rapture (Second Coming of Photoshop)

(image credit: Nobiiru)

See more transcendental cats on this page


Mystery Picture

I hesitate even to start guessing... The kid seems puzzled, too.
UPDATE: this seems to be very early X-ray machine, used to take chest x-rays of infants.
(thank you Amanda)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess for the mystery picture would be an X-Ray machine. Pretty scary too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your "Cat's rapture" picture is originally an internet meme called longcat, it's real name is "Nobiiru" (のび〜る, meaning "streeetch"). There are dozens more photoshopped pictures of this cat.

The owner and original picture can be found at

and some other pictures at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last pic with the baby is a very early x-ray machine...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Koala bears? Oh come on, I expected better from this site. Koalas are marsupials, not bears.

Blogger BlogDog said...

Demarche of the penguins?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thanks for the info - updated - March of the penguins, lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the SimCity 2000-esque Archology. Pretty cool. Pretty scary, too. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable living in something like that. Looks like it would be neat, but dangerous, too.


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