Animal Comedy Club, in Full Swing

You'll see the cute, the ugly and the hilarious ones - all pictures taken in that special moment when animal expressions are the most natural and full of meaning. Also watch for the unique interactions between animals, and animals with humans - often source for a pure comedy gold.

Traditionally, we start with cutest ones:

(image credit: Eugene Zhukovsky)

This is Dik-dik, a small antelope that lives in the Southern and Eastern Africa. The other cutie-pie: small fennec fox -

(image credit: floridapfe)

(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Beyond Cute: Giraffe Baby! -

Read the article here. Newborn giraffe Margaret at Chester Zoo, UK is considered to be unusually small for her species.

(images credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)


Wild turkey, all puffed up:

(image credit: Steve Elliott)

Hyena's tongue:
(actually, it's a xoloitzcuintle dog)

Eagle Owl babies -

(image credit: suzaku-ekb)

Beauty is in the eye of a beholder:

The latest in the "washing the cat" sub-genre:

Cats & Dogs express themselves:

(photo by M. Plonsky)

The one above is most certainly Photoshopped, we fear :)

"Prayer Bear" -

(image credit: ucumari)

All done, bye now:

(original unknown)

Bird's Life:

(original unknown)

One-Day Old Magpie:

(image credit: Jiri Anderle)

Human / Animal Interaction:

This elephant was enjoying a good time at the zoo, until this BIG mistake:

Would you like to save a homeless elephant?

(original unknown)

Careful with this water bucket:

(photo by Phil "tigertoy" Parker)

Get me outa here! -

Crocs & Alligators:

Frogs & Snails:

(image credit: Garron Nicholls)

These birds and critters seem to have a very intense life:
(photoshop section)

(image credit: Dave Lee)

(original unknown)

For uncredited photos please let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this info.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is that uuuuuugly thing?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a turkey!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the thing identified as a hyena is a xoloitzcuintle dog, aka the mexican hairless. they're kinda fun little monsters.

Blogger alvarhillo said...

Really funny. The second picture is Gizmo. I send you another funny elephant.

Blogger Musback said...

I think i spotted the homeless elephant on adsoftheworld before... not shure

Blogger RonO said...

I think that the three tigers in the water trough may be by Phil Parker (a.k.a TigerToy) -- I recall seeing it in one or more art shows at Chicago area SF cons (DucKon, Windycon or Capricon) with other photographs from the same exotic animal refuge

Blogger Unknown said...

The three tigers in the tub is in fact my photo. I took it back in 2002; the tigers live at Exotic Feline Rescue Center an hour west of Indianapolis, where I'm a volunteer.

The pic has been all over the Internet for years.

(Thanks, RonO!)

Phil "tigertoy" Parker

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Phil, thank you!
I included the credit.

Blogger B. Durbin said...

The uuuugly creature is, in fact, a typical wild turkey. If you've seen drawings of those turkeys, they have this fleshly appendage that usually hangs to one side of their beaks; it's a display thing. They expand and contract depending on the male turkey's... well... anyway, this one seems to have expanded all over uuuugly's beak, giving him the appearance of something bizarre and alien.

There's a local lady who does wild turkey races at fairs. It is the most freakin' hilarious thing you can imagine, because turkeys are Dumb.

Blogger HC said...


Someeone gave me a tip to watch this site and I love it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "prayer bear" caption is the usual stance of a Polar Bear as it is about to pounce/grab a Seagull or (unlikely but has happened in rare cases) a human. The Polar bear will then do a death roll (similar to what a Nile croc does) and will break its victims neck.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Will, your comment made my day! very interesting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The penguins in the closet look like a Monte Dolak image that may be out of print


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