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Aviation Safety for Dummies

There are definitely situations that could've been avoided, and some that one might deem unavoidable; most of unusual cases are discussed on the "Aviation Safety" site - and we can only hope that there'll be gradually less of them to discuss.

Since our previous article in the series we've received various tips and pictures of many spectacular screw-ups in the air and on the ground:

On the Ground

Lost it somewhere:

UPDATE: David Barak sent us his version of what is shown here; he suspects it to be TER: a Triple Ejector Rack "hardpoint" (some info here) There are various types of TER (see one here, for example), so what is shown here may be different.

Impaled by F-16 (barely missed the rockets) -

What's this between buses & airplanes?
(there are plenty of pics of them "kissing" each other) -

Korean Air Cargo (over)loaded in Miami airport:

I wonder what happened here:
(did he try to flap his wings?)

Must be good brakes:

For perhaps the most extreme take off, watch this video of Congo pilots taking off small road with a nice turn in there, for added excitement!

In the Air

Indecent exposure:

(original unknown)

Extreme encounters with birds:

Boeing 737 front damage:

(image credit: hectop)

Bird in the engine:
(update: this is Photoshop)

(original photo by: Florian Kondziela)

Also read this hair-raising true account of British military plane fying through a dense flock of Canadian geese. "After the accident 77 dead birds were found on or near the runway. It is not known how many others were ingested by the aircraft engines."

Break-up in the air

US Air Force animated reconstruction of the in-flight structural failure of a F-15C in November, 2007 (caused by fatigue cracking of a forward fuselage longeron), The crash occured near Salem, Mo. during training exercise.


The pilot managed to eject, so there were no casualities, but US Air Force initiated investigation, in the meantime grounding all F-15 planes. The military currently seeks to replace all of its aging F-15s.

Here is where the fatigue cracks occurred:

More "jumping ship", from Russia this time -

...and a Canadian Armed Forces Pilot ejecting from a T -33 jet:

Strange Landings

Famous "Jet Blue" incident. "The front landing gear was turned around 90 degrees and couldn't be retracted. The pilot had to circle the airport for two hours to burn up fuel so that the plane was less likely to catch on fire when it landed. Meanwhile, passengers were able to watch live news coverage of the ordeal on in-flight TV."

Front landing gear seems to be a frequent "Achilles' heel" of aviation:

Just don't try to lift it up by yourself:

This flying machine seems to be better equipped for landings:
("Flinto" - an addition to Ford Pinto, very rare)

Military is not immune to botched landings:

(image credit: Holger Loersch)

He made it home! (I wonder what he hit) -

(image credit: StrangeCosmos)

Overshooting the deck -

Entangled (good catch!) -

I wonder if they were able to lift this jet up? -

This picture seems to be the test explosion of a bomb during landing (indeed, see the info here, the picture was doctored):

A chunk "eaten" off

In Pointe Noire, Congo, Russian AN-12 plane wandered off the landing strip during landing, slicing a few planes in the meantime:
(among them Being 727 from truly bizarre African "Canadian Airways Congo" airline). Two pilots of AN-12 were injured. I just hope nobody was in the fron compartment.

(photos by AFP/Scanpics)

Crosswind approaches

You probably have seen the classic "near crash" landing (see here) that occcured recently in Hamburg. However, the following video shows very skillful piloting by canadian pilots of A319 during a particularly strong wind conditions in Montreal:

Finally, some unexplained shots:

How did this happen?

Fill'er up! -
(more info on this "landing" here)

Could it be a shot from some movie? - Update: "Lord of War" with Nicolas Cage.

In-flight maintenance? -

Maybe the cause of all mechanical trouble is the kind of tech support some airlines hire? -

If all else fails, try to repaint your plane:

or change (fix) your signage:

No real trouble, just a stunt flying... pretty hairy sometimes -

(photo by B. Garry)

PronAir Boeing 747 radical lift-off:

(image credit: hectop)


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Blogger Unknown said...

You're right, it's a movie. "Lord of War", IIRC.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shot with antonov landing into the crowd is really from [US] movie - Lord of War.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The F18 with the crumpled nose hit another F18, and took out (more then??) half of one of its wings. Both F18 aircraft made a safe landing, no injuries.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Air Canada 747 a photoshop job

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo of the American Airline 777 experiencing an engine fire on takeoff is photo-shopped.

The first picture just shows an F-18 with an empty MER - multiple ejection rack. I assume the picture depicts the return from a mission.

Excellent photos by the way!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The black and white image is a Piper J-3 Cub. He's probably trying to reach the compression release so he can get his engine restarted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Indecent Exposure" also looks suspiciously like a photoshopped pic.

The pic of the Sukhoi aerobatic plane upside down and crumpling - the pilot survived that crash, thankfully.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US transport with the cracked wings probably was fueled incorrectly. If you pump fuel into or out of the wings without opening the appropriate pressure valves, a vacuum resp. an overpressure is created in the wing tanks, which causes structural failure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pic of the car falling from the plane, is a stunt done by skydivers in which they get an old car, strip everything out of it for safety and jump out of the plane in it for a giggle.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this moron in a mig http://splodetv.com/moron-mig

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture with the jet near a gas station is a Southwest Airlines plane that overshot the runway in Burbank:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The F-18 with the empty stores rack is conducting normal flight operations; the yellowshirt to the left of the picture is telling the pilot to hit the switch to unfold the plane's wings to flight position.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On your "better equipped for landing", that is a "Flinto". A strap-on for the Ford Pinto, sometime in the sixties I think. Only a few were ever made.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

great info! thank you - updated

Blogger Raibert said...

More "jumping ship", from Russia this time -
The first on is Russian the second one is a Canadian Armed Forces CT-133.
"Ejection tests carried out by CAF from the rear of the CT-133 coded 413"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

russian- the best!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget Aloha Airlines "737 convertible" Flight 243,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aloha_Airlines_Flight_243. An incredible performance by the flight crew saved many lives that day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To provide a little insight:

The C-141 with the catastrophic wing failure fell victim to un-authorized fuel system plugs put in place during maintenance and not removed, the wing failed the first time they fuelled it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Southwest Airlines B737 was not at Burbank, CA.
No snow in Burbank plus the only recorded accident on the books for SWA is Chicago Midway a few years ago
Ran off the end and crushed a kid

Blogger stella said...

That's chemical foam in Burbank, not snow

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can corroborate the Southwest crash at Burbank (Bob Hope). The runway deck is elevated about 5 feet above the surface of the street. There used to be a gas station across the street from the end of the runway. The plane went through the fence, dropped down to street level and entered the gas station. Thankfully and surprisingly it did not hit any pumps.

Needless to say there is no longer a gas station there, it's been replaced by some vegetation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) More info on the F-18 mid-air.

2) Search YouTube for "crosswind landings". Lots of great ones, I won't bother listing them here.

3) Surprised you didn't include the Kalitta 747 that broke apart at Brussels last month.

4)"In the PronAir Boeing 747 radical lift-off", the gear seems to be all the way up. Unless he kept it low for a several seconds while bringing the gear up, and then pulled up, it doesn't look like a takeoff... Great fun nonetheless.

5) You've seen this, right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a photo of Oh! Hard Luck, a B-1b that belly surfed in Diego Garcia. lol The pilots forgot to do the proper landing checks, neglecting to drop landing gear, forcing them to belly land her.

A B-1b & bus incident http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t49/celtgunn70/Planes/3129071432_6072a6ae73.jpg

A-10 incident http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t49/celtgunn70/Planes/3129071432_6072a6ae73.jpg

Get your kicks nacel incident http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t49/celtgunn70/Planes/3129071432_6072a6ae73.jpg

I hope I managed to get the links right so they work properly. :) By the way, I've very much enjoyed surfing your website! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

in 72 an raf bucineer crashed in to a belfast office block, narrowly
avoiding a school.


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