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Strange (and ineffective) warning signs

You would think that sign designers should pay special attention to warning signs. After all, there is some danger present and they want us to avoid it. But no. Some warning signs are even more confusing and weird than others - which might give you some advantage if you'd want to sue the big guys for whatever bad thing happened to you.

(image credit: Bill Adler)

Very emphatic "Watch for Children" sign:

(image credit: Lesya)

This actually was supposed to say: "Pay special attention to the road"... which would be kind of hard to do:

(photo by Idioteka)

This is what an effective warning looks like:

(image credit: David Jackett)

No go! -

(image credit: orsm.net)

We really mean "Yield" this time! -

Sometimes "yielding" can be complicated:

(image credit: brixton)

(image credit: James G. Caddell)

and a program for this church:

(image credit: Erika Rothenberg)

(photo by Jason Klass)

Another (religious) expression:

(image credit: Dan Brady)

(image credit: ljlogsdon2)

This warning "railway crossing" set-up is a real traffic stopper:

We sense some bitterness here -

(image credit: weddings.sc)

"Trespassers will be..." what?

(image credit: Jezzabelle)

This probably belongs on the Photoshop street:

Russian collection

The following sign says "Emergency Exit" in Russian. Problem is, the door is only big enough for mice and hamsters:

Hotel Evacuation Plan - very simple:

Another Russian text says:
"Instructions and technical manual are inside"
(gotta climb in and find out - only there is no entry)

"Welcome to the New Millennium!" above the door -

Another "Welcome!" masterpiece -

(image credit: yakutsk-photo.ru)

This sign says: "Spit only beyond this border!"
(I do not think I want to come into this pool)

Signs vs. Animals:

(image credit: The Cannons)

(image credit: Serena A. Thaw)

Urban Creativity

Some of them aren't exactly signs, but a spontaneous urban graffiti. Either way, sometimes these are simply hilarious:

Anti-Fascist Organization in Bratislava has very good connections:

(photos by Lena Afanasieva)

(photos by Lena Afanasieva)

Traditional WC section

(image credit: Kevin Hutchinson)

"take a good aim" -

Other weird occasions

Somebody probably waited for a looong time:

(image credit: Clive Grimshaw)

Elevator warning sign in Sweden: seems to be a very sensible advice -

(image credit: decovo)

Here is a real college-kid creativity:
(photograph torn off? no problem!)

This must be unintentional:

Popcorn from the former Soviet Georgia:

Bug-Eyed... Musicians -

(image credit: cnanavati)

Sometimes even the ground around the church is holy:

(photo by Prirodoved)

Simple plan to follow:

(image credit: Reuben Miller)

Sign Engrish

"Anguished English" used for signs in various countries:

(image credit: Donny Rosenthal)

(image credit: Chris Mitchell)

Jon Dunbar sent us a few Engrish moments:

(images credit: Jon Dunbar)

Chilled Beer, probably -

(image credit: Vijay Kate)

Mysterious Signs Section

I hesitate to even guess what these drawings might mean:

(image credit: Timo Arnall)

Send us the strange, the cool and the incomprehensible signs that you encountered in your travels!

Sources: Idioteka, Exler, Karaul
All images are by permission of original owners, when known. Please let us know the info for uncredited images.




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: "Child Bear"

Obviously it's a misspelled version of "Chilled Beer"; but it's get weirder when the Hindi script there says "Government's Chilled Beer Store"!!! WTF!!

Blogger Musback said...

I truly love the UFO drawn above the electricity sign

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'Child Bear' one says 'Prakash's Teddy Bear Shop'

Blogger your pal hoop said...

The crushed mercedes is in downtown Macon, GA. I used to drive by there pretty regularly. I'm pretty sure the church spire in the background is St. Joseph's

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"vyhod fasistu z okna" in the antifa picture means "throw the fasist out of window"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first one's a warning that there are jellyfish, I believe.

Blogger Unknown said...

The top one's a jellyfish warning. Jellyfish in Northern Australia are some of the most toxic animals on earth (most toxic is the Stone fish, which also lives there), so if beaches are prone to jellyfish the warnings are valid.

Blogger CampBlood said...

I've seen the Church of Uncertain sign several times. It is in Uncertain, TX. Uncertain is a very small town with population just over 100. I always laugh at all the different Uncertain signs there.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you for the info, campblood... interesting!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my favourites is the "No Dog Poop" sign.

When I was living in Belgium, I got one of these at the local hardware store and put it up next to my desk at work. I don't think they ever got the joke....

Blogger Emiel said...

i'm pretty sure the "the joy of not being sold anything" is a work by Banksky

Blogger Laur said...

I found the "used rainbows" to be the best, although many were good. But about the holy ground: The chucks has a russian orthodox cross, the cell tower has a roman catholic cross. That could be a deliberate thing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A note on the http://lh5.google.ca/abramsv/R7Dx-aoDzzI/AAAAAAAAIG4/y27mLScsZXE/79C01484-B431-40DC-B672-2D62558841E7.jpg?imgmax=512 sign. The funny thing about it is a very odd way in which one of the letters is drawn, so it became hard to read the last row differently than 'to shit' in Russian. 'Welcum' would be a good translation, I think.

Blogger Unknown said...

The first of the Jon Dunbar photos is especially funny - the Korean words are transliterations of the original English words.

Going word by word, the Korean is pronounced as follows:

Kuh Rab (crab)
Bee Em Tee (BMT)
Ham (Ham)
Bee Jee Suh Dee Ra Ee Tuh (Veggie Delite)
So Buh Way Kul Lobe (Subway Club)
Chee Keen Bu Ray Suh Tuh (Chicken Breast)

and so on... The Korean characters spell out the English words - the only actual Korean word on the sheet is Cham-Chi, the word they used for Classic Tuna!

Blogger Mataeka said...

"inhaled. burned. Thrown away. if it were anything but a cigarette, it would surely be crying"

Not really engrish at all ... thats actually what it says in Japanese as well.

I think its a really good sign actually.

Anonymous To Old for This said...

If rhinos are like hippos, it is a warning to stay clear of their back side. They spread poop over an amazing distance. You would not want to be in range.


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