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Unexplained NASA Incident

(UFO?) NASA's unexplained tether overload incident:
(Note: DRB is extremely skeptical about UFOs, but we are always fascinated by mysteries)


"NASA ex-employee tells about the Tether being used as a ruler: it is known that the tether is 12 Miles long, and many of the "objects" in the video are flying behind the tether, so the diameter of these objects is over one mile!"

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Very stylish night-time view by Matthias Sanne



According to this article, U.S. saving's rate is 2% vs. China's 40%


The Tentacle Heart
- via

Ben Lawson literally "puts heart" into his illustrations:


And who might you be?


Mixed fresh links for today:

Mars Mission that could have been - [retro-future]
The Brick Testament: Bible in Lego - [geek art] - via
Cut-away car illustrations - [auto art] - via
Very...strange... oldest roadmap of Britain - [vintage]
Why we shiver when peeing - [weird]
LOLTurtle! - [picture]
The World of Fancy Steam Engines, site - [vintage]
Lobster Love Triangle (nsfw?) - [fun video]
How not to lift a vehicle - [fun video] - via


"What kind of person are you?"
- neat little poll on PollsBoutique.
Here's more, if you're into that kind of thing.



(original unknown)


Sometimes the obvious is hardest to see...

(original unknown)


Interesting Surreal Artist
- via

Art by Jaroslaw Kukowski. Check out his site (some nsfw)


Paper Robots from Japan - via

An interesting development of origami skills. See full line-up here


Fascinating, even if not 100% true
(thanks Matthias for sending this link)

Dropas - 12,000 yr. old groovy record stones

High in the mountains of BayanKara-Ula, on the boarders of China and Tibet a team of archeologists discovered what appeared to be a kind of "Stone Age Gramophone record"...

Read the full article here, and even more concise info here


Addition to our "Best (ugly) faces" line-up


Mystery Picture

any context?..
Probably there is no other explanation than just a politically-confused dog sitting on top of Nazi's powerful gun.


Sinbad was the mascot of the US Coast Guard Cutter Campbell. As for the insignia on the gun, it is not political confusion but an indicator of the number of engagements by the cutter.

Here is the link to more info and pics: Sinbad


Permanent Link...

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Blogger Kedamono said...

About the STS-75 "Tether Incident" video, what we're seeing are objects close to the camera, which is obvious for a couple of reasons:

Their fuzzy outline, when supposedly moving behind the tether is more in keeping with small particles near the camera going out of focus.

If some of the "ufos" were a mile in size, they would have been visible from the ground. Hundreds of amateur astronomers were watching it, and none of them saw any "ufos" flying around the tether.

There is having an open mind and leaving your mind so open that your brain falls out.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know anything about this dog on the gun, but there seems to be a tradition:

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

yes, this is how legends about ufos originate; good illustration.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not doubt that the objects in the "Tether Incident" are indeed smaller debris closer to the camera, but why do they appear to go behind the tether? Is the tether image burned into the camera chip (like tube style cameras of old)? You would think that NASA would have better cameras than that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you check out the full videos of the tether incident, you can see that the tether breaks and coils up - but in the footage allegedly showing the ufos, the tether is poker straight, and there is no perception of distance or scale. The suggestion is that this is very zoomed in footage of something else. It also appears that the ufo footage is tacked on to the end of the NASA footage, it doesn't look very official

Blogger Musback said...

Well, in the documentary "ufo's, the greatest story ever denied" on Google Video, you can hear that they were filming with an infrared camera instead of a normal camera, that may be an explanation why we can't see them with our eyes, I find it a very interesting video, and imo it's not your regular debris... why would debris become translucent and then solid, have a spoken shape which changes sometimes! and they all look the same, It's like you drop food in an aquarium, and all the fish come to see what's new (that's how the former nasa guys says it in the documentary :)

The tether stretched out and is way further than in the beginning, why it is so wide, i don't know :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

After studying the footage more I must admit I'm even more confused. When the tether snapped, it bunched up at one end. There's no evidence of that in the "UFO" footage. All of the UFOs seem to be traveling on linear paths which would be consistant with debris in space, but it's coming from all directions. Weird.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the picture of the dog on the gun.

Sinbad was the mascot of the US Coast Guard Cutter Campbell. As for the insignia on the gun, it is not political confusion but a indicator of the number of engagements by the cutter.

Mor information is availabe here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe in UFO's. But I believe this is dust.

Blogger Unknown said...

The debris "translucent and then solid" because it's coming in and out of focus. Try it yourself if you don't believe it - stick a small spot on the window and take pictures of the world beyond. If you focus on the spot it'll be sharp and solid, if you focus in front or behind it'll appear translucent.

The tether clearly coiled up as it relaxed - so what we're seeing isn't twelve miles long but a much shorter coil which appears straight because the turns of the coil are closer together than can reasonably be resolved at that distance.

Blogger d0c said...

Does anyone know about some analysis of the tether video? I googled the incident but all I found was a lot of people blindly screaming at UFOs without any kind of analysis.

Blogger Musback said...

@ Skipweasel

Look again, and look closely, i don't mean translucent when zooming in or out, they are actually changing from transparent to semitransparent and solid, like you see in some under water creatures too, there's this "glow" going through them. Not all of them show this behavior but some do, and you can also see this happening as in some "dots" (the smaller ones) just appear out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere, inside the camera-angle...

I know things become sort-of transparent of blur if you zoom in next to a near-by object. Just look closely again, and you'll see what I mean with translucency

Blogger Musback said...

Start looking at 5:40 on the left side of the video, you'll see what i mean, there are also close-ups during the rest of the video

Blogger leoR said...

The Nazi DOG is obviously an AMERICAN dog on top of a captured nazi weapon.
The letters on the helmet USCC? USCG?
are United States ?Coast Guard?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thanks for the info about the dog - it's updated now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the debris is probably floating in and out of shadows, causing the appearing disappearing act, and as for going 'behind' the tether, it's simply the sensitivity of the camera being very high. The tether is really bright, but the sensitivity isn't really uniform, and the over-saturation of the tether blots out the less bright debris. The same noise was made over the black crosses on the camera lens on the moon, they disappeared over white astronaut suits because of the over-saturation, and people claimed they were on the set background.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the pulsating, blinking effect in the video is just those pieces of debris rotating in the sunlight. They reflect different amounts of sunlight as they rotate.


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