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Worship the Machine!

"Bendito Machine" - wonderfully wacky animation, created by Jossie Malis:


There is also Part 2.

Today's pictures & links:
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Speaking of the Machine:

US Library of Congress just released more than 3,000 pictures of the vintage America in 30s & 40s on flickr.
(we did an article with many cool photos some time ago - here)


Airships by Harry Grant Dart

Futuristic work by a prolific magazine illustrator during WWI. See more of his works here


Controversial works by Maurizio Cattelan

This artist is not afraid to handle some truly weird and controversial themes. This horse is probably the most tame out of all his works:

For more outrageous stuff, see his
Pope crushed by a meteorite - click
"Him" (humble? Hitler) - click
KKK elephant - click
Squirrel Suicide - click


Mixed fresh links for today:

Manned Cloud - [futurism]
Artistic Maps, zoom, Paula Scher - [cool art]
Dalniks: not really motorcycles but... - [vintage]
The Lunar Landers That Never Were - [space]
Discover your passion, and work happy - [useful]
Dancing Building in Prague - [architecture]
Office Snowboarding! - [fun video]
Futurama new movie preview - [fun video]
The Melbourne Symphony orchestra likes beer - [cool video]


New "DRB Biscotti" feature:
(in cooperation with "National Geographic" magazine) -
Cool Shot of the Day

Highlighting most interesting travel photographs from National Geographic's "Daily Dozen" -

Camel lick

Photo by David Dennis, January 16, 2008 -
"After horseback riding in the Berber village of Ouigane, Morocco, my wife, kids and I stopped to play with a camel at the stable. My wife had her hand painted with henna in Marrakech a few days earlier. The camel seemed to think it looked like food."
(click to enlarge)

(image credit: National Geographic)

Long, cold winter
Photo by Boyana Petrova.

(image credit: National Geographic)


Card-stacking (madman) genius

Bryan Berg makes sculptures that require a lot of patience:
(see more here)

(images credit: Bryan Berg)


Traffic in Brazil

Taken from the window of Google offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

(via: malaya-zemlya)

Another one, somewhere in Russia:


Crime Scene

(original unknown)


Could be Photoshop, could be just... you know, nature.


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Dark Roasted Blend's Photography Gear Picks:


Visual Caffeine #8
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1970s SciFi
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Grand Space Adventure 1970s Art

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