From Roses to Diapers

In our fine tradition of the family & romance-related picture line-ups (see for example here) - this bunch of crazy kid photos and unreal courting situations can either clear the heads of overly enthusiastic lovers, or on the contrary, make them fall for each other with even hotter abandon. When the romance strikes you gotta do what you gotta do - strike back with the vengeance!

(image credit: Shannon Calvert, used by permission)

Love is in the air, and just about everywhere else -

(original unknown)

Well, and in case of a love triangle... send the unwanted party to the future - in a cool cylinder:

Enthusiastic Weddings:


(photos by John Orr)

otherwise you can get really confused:

Disfunctional families are are anything but boring:

(image credit: Marko Rantanen)

Some frustrated dads even make sculptures:

(image credit: toddlerpedes.com)

Cuter than a button, and way more sophisticated

Keep an eye on them at the mall:

Don't let them learn the real truth about origin of ice cream:

Ice cream can be dangerous:

Kiddies & doggies:

Mischief is my middle name

Blessed innocence:

Children writing about the sea:

1) - This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.(Kelly age 6)

2) - Oysters' balls are called pearls. (James age 6)

3) - If you are surrounded by sea you are an Island. If you don't have sea all round you, you are incontinent. (Wayne age 7)

4) - Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily Richardson. She's not my friend no more. (Kylie age 6)

5) - A dolphin breaths through an asshole on the top of its head. (Billy age 8)

6) - My uncle goes out in his boat with pots, and comes back with crabs.(Millie age 6)

7) - When ships had sails, they used to use the trade winds to cross the ocean. Sometimes, when the wind didn't blow, the sailors would whistle to make the wind come. My brother said they have been better off eating beans.(William age 7)

8) - I like mermaids. They are beautiful, and I like their shiny tails. And how on earth do mermaids get pregnant? Like, really? (Helen age 6)

9) - I'm not going to write about the sea. My baby brother is always screaming and being sick, my Dad keeps shouting at my Mom, and my big sister has just got pregnant, so I can't think what to write. (Amy age 6)

10) - Some fish are dangerous. Jellyfish can sting. Electric eels can give you a shock. They have to live in caves under the sea where I think they have to plug themselves into chargers. (Christopher age 7)

11) - When you go swimming in the sea, it is very cold, and it makes my willy small. (Kevin age 6)

12) - Divers have to be safe when they go under the water. Two divers can't
go down alone, so they have to go down on each other. (Becky age 8)

13) - On holidays my Mom went water skiing. She fell off when she was going very fast. She says she won't do it again because water fired right up her fat ass. (Julie age 7)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the disfunctional family" looks a bit like an idealized ending for "Shaun of the dead" : happy couple + zombie daughter :)

Blogger Son Poemas said...

"Love is in the air, and just about everywhere else"
Muy buenas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the guy looks a lot like shaun of the dead too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo of the girl in the Crocodiles mouth is from Australia Zoo, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. The Croc is fake and is put there for photos.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a nice addition to the baby sculpture section on this page from artist Antonio Lopez Garcia.



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