Fun Logistics, Issue 7

The world is full of day-to-day challenges, seemingly common problems, which in some cases defy obvious solutions. Overpopulation, difficult traffic situation, shortage of finances and most basic tools - all contribute to the over-the-top, wild spurts of creativity, super-energetic ways to achieve things, often with mixed success...

Take for example, this grassroots photographer, who came up with simply genius advertising solution. If you can make use of police speed camera equipment, why bother with your own?
(click to enlarge)

Unexpected uses of common equipment

More scary than funny:
One family in Laos uses unexploded bombs for furniture!
(bombs dropped mainly by American B-52 bombers during 1964-1973)

They also use unexploded bombs as support structures for their chicken pen:

(images credit: Dang Ngo)

After a huge snowfall:
The absence of a fridge is no reason to have your booze warm:

Some ways to cope with air-conditioning problems:

Good use for the communist memorabilia in the era of rampant capitalism:

Not a good way to warm yourself:

This is better:

Good germ protection:

(original unknown)

Weird use of chairs for WC:

When the need strikes... -

(image credit Blenheimgang)

Bad parenting:

Strange way to dress:
(but probably the only one available)

Dress your cows in a fearsome way, immune to any predator:
(this could be photoshop, but you get the idea)

This is actually quite sad. The absence of toys makes kids to play with whatever they have:

This "converted" ambulance is not too cheerful, either:

What was once a raised floor, now can be used for a new "jump, but don't break your leg"-kinda sport:

How to combine studying with exercise:

How to quickly finish you job.. and shuffle off your mortal coil at the same time:

(advertising, original unknown)

The bigger the load, the stronger the resolve to haul it

Five riders... count them, five:

Well, sometimes you just have to do what needs to be done...

Overload strikes again:

(image credit: Tris /More Altitude)

Tris describes the image above: "Bahai, Chad/Sudan border: These transports come down across the desert from Libya. Loaded with anything and everything conceivably tradable, they crawl, sometimes doing no more than 15 or 20mph across the dunes and the desert tracks, across vast stretches of uninhabited Sahara, through areas rife with landmines and bandits, across disputed militarized zones, and along this road that leads them along the frontier with Darfur, then and now the world's worst humanitarian disaster. Yet somehow they make it through. I have such respect for the endurance of the drivers and passengers (yes, passengers, usually perched like insects atop the chaotic mound of cargo) who travel what has to be the most inhospitable route on earth."

Packed "as sardines in a can":

Karachi, Pakistan, 6:30 am -

(image credit: Edge of Space)

Roof can be utilized as well:

Best transportation is the one you invent yourself

Some people take pride in their mobile hybrids. Check out this festive sled, for example, pulled by respectable BMW (or Honda?) horses:

Absolutely refusing to die:

"I did it my way"

Some parking is simply inimitable

Parked in a bad place, at a bad time:

(Originals of most images are unknown, as they came from image aggregator sites. When known, images are used by permission of original owners.)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those "unexploded bombs" may have been harmless drop tanks (for fuel), discarded when empty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the car pulling the sleigh in "Best transportation is the one you invent yourself" is a Toyota Camry, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep it's a Camry

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen that place with the bombs in Laos.

I also met and sat with a Lao guy in hospital who had made a barbeque between TWO unexploded bombs using a casing from a third as the barbeque plate.
UNFORTUNATELY the bombs on the bottom were NOT cleared and one of them promptly blew up!
He survived but in much worse condition than he had previously been in.

Bombs are however used for loads of thing across Laos. Most of them ARE cleared of UXO before being given back to the villagers and the majority of villagers and children are aware that bombs are bad, but some sadly still aren't and get blown up.

Brought back memories seeing that though.

Blogger B. Durbin said...

Those pictures of chains of transportation vehicles reminded me of my first summer as a camp counselor. The camp had received 30 or so new aluminum canoes to replace the remnants of the previous canoe flotilla. The problem was that there was no road into camp, and canoeing up three miles one at a time was an unacceptible solution. So they tied all of the canoes together, bow to stern, and tied them to the back of a power boat— with the waterfront director in the very last one as a rudder. It worked pretty well, actually.

And that reminds me of when we got the new fridge and freezer to replace the vintage 1950s ones, especially as they arrived on a Thursday afternoon and the entire staff, bar three of us, went across the lake to fetch them. Evening flags had the three of us doing the whole routine, and suddenly looking up to see the missing staff members, saluting— in the backs of tiny little power boats, with a large appliance barely balanced across the front. (They were all standing as far back as possible, so as not to lose the appliance off the front.)

Incidentally, the fridge and freezer wouldn't fit through the front doors. We had to move them into the kitchen through the side shed after removing the stairs.

Ah, memories. Pity I didn't have a camera on me either time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those were in fact bombs; the yellow stripe is standard NATO colour coding for high explosives. Besides, external fuel tanks are made of much thinner metal and wouldn't last very long like that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are not "unexploded bombs" but empty cluster submunition tanks.
See examples of them here:


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