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Still Going Strong (after all these years)

The dedication and exuberance of "Star Wars" die-hard fans are nothing short of astonishing. Somebody should pitch them against the "Star Trek" loyalists and see who comes up with the wildest ideas and endures the longest without any new movie releases. But you have to admit, The Epic Good vs. Evil Battle is never quite as fun without Luke and Vader, and we have to thank George Lucas for that.

Any material will do

The statues/sculptures/models of famous characters can be made out of scrapmetal:
(like at Yumimodal)

(image credit: yumimodal.com)

Darth Vader's Brief Personality Disorder

The poor guy had one rebellion too many, and slightly shifted in his style. His act got weirder and weirder:

Darth trying "Hello Kitty" image:

He suddenly got a taste for Harry Potter:

(image credit: Esteban Diacono)

Flirted a bit with modernism in camouflage:

(image credit: Urban Medium)

Launched his own line of environmentally-friendly products:

Became very famous on Digg and Reddit (with this picture):

inspired some bizarre bus stop sculptures:

Said "good-bye" to all his other gas-guzzler transports:

Good thing he found some solace among the cute schoolgirls in Japan:
(See more Vader Japanese adventures here)

Vader deals with his angst, using Colonel Sanders:

(images credit: Danny Choo)

...releases stress by reading manga:

and finally settles in his usual groove:

(image credit: shurick)

his kids don't seem to be the cheerful kind, though:

(image credit: Alex Brown Photography)

One Day in the Life of Ivan the Stormtrooper

Being recruited by the Evil Empire has its drawbacks... Spending a night in the motel:

Paying with pretty neat money:

(artwork copyright: Diablo 2003)

Grooving under some good old disco: - via

Danny Choo documented more of the stormtrooper's time in Tokyo:

Catching on the news:

(original unknown)

Well, young stormtroopers fall in love too:
(their whole love story is documented in this set)

(images credit: redandjonny)

"Femtroopers" prove to be irresistible -

(image credit: Dideo)

(image credit: Russell Limprecht)

(image credit: Huey Bible)

Taking a stormtrooper kid for a stroll:

...along the street of a sworn enemy:

There are some very convenient mailboxes on that street:

(image credit: Nicholas Lopez)

Getting slightly confused about his destiny:

(image credit: Kelldar)

Getting arrested...

(image credit: Ryan Welsch)

and finally visiting church:
(in Barcelona, Spain - more pics here - via)

(image credit: David Arcos)

In the meantime, rebel fighters are totally lost in time:

(original unknown)

And Han, as always, saves the day:

(image credit: Kelldar)

Bonus: Rare Concept

In this rare concept art by Ralph McQuarrie we can see smaller Death Stars, serving as sentinels...

(image credit: Ralph McQuarrie, click to enlarge)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Obi Wan Kenobi street is in Poland. And actually it is not a joke, it's a real thing :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Search the web for "femtroopers" and you will get more interesting troopers (safe for work!).

Blogger Russell Reno Limprecht said...

I found you site via Flickr Stats. DragonCon is a blast.

Russell Limprecht

Blogger Mac-Big said...

realy funny pics ! I love it ! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha ver funny

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I lived in Tucson Az I worked with a guy who's legal name was Obi Wan Kenobi. He was an actor and he said he changed his name to something people would remember. I have a Christmas card that he gave me that he signed as Obi Wan Kenobi.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

am i the only one who thinks the storm trooper outfit is kinda hot?

Anonymous Amy said...

Really these are very funny pics! I love it. And a girl in Star Wars storm trooper outfit is looking cool. http://mystarwarscostume.com/


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