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Automobile engine appears out of the solid metal block -
V8 Engine Block Machined from Solid on a Matsuura 5 axis MAM72-63V CNC state of the art Machine Tool:


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Gaming Tricks

Are you so hooked on gaming that can't spend a minute away from the console?
Then you will appreciate this set-up:

and then, if you need to hide your addiction, this little trick will come handy:
Game Hiding Device


Portrait of a Biker

(original unknown)


Make Music!
no matter what others may say...


Mixed fresh links for today:

Typewriter Sculptures, artist - [art] - via
The Moving Museums in Moscow Subway - [photos]
11 Weirdest Hotels - [travel]
Flying Polar Bears - [cute flash game]
Awesome Photography of Tim Flach - [photos]
Camera sees through walls... be very afraid - [tech]
Merseybeat Links at Grow-a-Brain - [music]
Comedy version of "12 Days of Christmas" - [fun video]
Delicate situation - [fun video]
Free $500 Red Lobster gift card just for participating


"Most Crowded Vehicle" -
Fun poll from Polls Boutique


Winter Walk

(original unknown)


Mystery sculptures in ancient temples

Mystery Astronaut Carving in Salamanca, Spain

Inside the splendid Ieronimus Cathedral, built by Episcope de Salamanca in 1102 A.D., among the fascinating carvings of mythical animals and saints, we find - NASA Astronaut...
Maybe they entered some time portal while on the Moon, and ended up scaring medieval builders in Spain? Probably just a modern addition by the mischievous restoration team.

(images credit: RadioFM)

Another seriously out-of-time figure in deeply ancient surroundings:

David Beckham in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok

Yes, you heard right. The stylish soccer superstar now graces the intricate carvings in the holy place. Apparently, according to this page, the statue was installed at the temple in 1998 as part of the World Cup celebrations by Thai sculptor Thongruang Haemhod. Shoot, and I thought that David decided to join the saint league.

(images credit: TravelHappy)


We don't usually publish "LOL-cat" material, but this time we could not resist:


Permanent Link...

Dark Roasted Blend's Photography Gear Picks:


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Blogger Unknown said...

where do you get one of those Game Hiding Device things?

Blogger Unknown said...

The second picture from Salamanca, Spain is not from the cathedral but from the old university facade. The university facade is also well known for its hidden image of a frog sitting on a skull, said to give good luck to students on their finals if they were able to locate it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

where do i get one of them cat turning signals?

Blogger Dominguez said...

El astronauta de Salamanca fue incluido en la restaurancion de la fachada de la universidad en 1993.


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