Better on the ground than in the air

Short of the actual crash, most of the accidents depicted here occurred without loss of human life, and thus can be described as "Oops". There is a site "Aviation Safety" where many troublesome situations are listed and discussed, with full background information for each. What you will see here is a collection of images from various such occasions, sent to us by readers who found them or even witnessed the events.

On the Ground

The hazards start while the plane is still on the runway. Most of the time they are results of the "reckless driving" of the taxiing & service vehicles.

The accident above happened fairly recently - winter 2005 or 2006. The plane slid off the runway in the snow. A six year-old passenger in one of the cars on the street was killed.

(image credit: Michael Lashley)

The story for the accident below goes: "The mechanics failed to have someone riding brakes in the plane, failed to bring chokes and failed to set parking brakes on both aircraft AND the tug... and then they left aircraft unattended" -

Michael Lashley, as an aircraft safety inspector, have seen multiple occasions when aircraft was endangered by the careless driving of mechanics. The example below is credited to "Mechanics driving with no Hyd pressure for brakes" -

(images credit: Michael Lashley)


Ilyushin Il-62M Aeroflot at Anchorage in 1999, got sliced a little:

(image credit: xaminmo)

Plane chopped by the propeller of another plane:

(image credit: Eniac Jones)

(image credit: Darren Seiler)

The story on this rampage is playing out to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars - these are the damages for 4 destroyed planes. The poor guy who's responsible for this started the engine of his private Piper Saratoga plane - and then lost control, slicing through four other planes and crashing into the fifth...


It does not help if there are some potholes on the runway:
(plus a bunch of construction equipment)

(sent in by Sergey)

or a huge snake:

(image credit: Michael Lashley)

Containers are not a good thing to digest:

Bizarre vintage service vehicle from Russia:

(source: TM, Russia)

Asleep at the wheel?

(images credit: Michael Lashley)

(image credit: p.roy1)

In the Air

All tangled up...

(image credit: xaminmo)

Famous occasion of the cargo doors opening in the middle of a flight:
(never a good thing, read for example this account)

(image credit: xaminmo)

Strange Landings

Broken Landing Gear:

(images credit: Michael Lashley)

(image credit: aviation-safety)

The tires... are gone

Blown engine: Southwest Airlines 737-2

(image credit: Joe Pries)

One-Wing Landing!

There is a fascinating story behind this (technically impossible) landing. Israel pilot Zivi Nedivi had a collision with another plane, but could not see that his wing was missing (because of trailing fuel vapors), otherwise he would've immediately bailed out. As it was, he proceeded to land, and had a greatest surprise when he saw in what condition F-15 brought him to safety...

Here is the video feature about this aviation miracle:


Hairy Landing on Ice:

Landing on a street somewhere in Russia? I can hardly believe it. Must be an abandoned plane.

The thrill of Photoshop:

and a real deal....

Washed ashore...

(image credit: Darryl Chapman)

Accidents Waiting to Happen

This chopper stunt seem to be quite common at Russian airshows. I wonder if it's really dangerous...

This is just an illusion of imminent collision, though:

Not an accident, but judging by the size of this engine, anybody coming close should be very, very careful:

Real Deal Catastrophic Events:

Don't want to be anywhere near these occasions...

Parking can be a problem, even for airplanes

(image credit: englishrussia)

Whatever you do, keep away from my van!

in 1983 Royal Navy's "Sea Harrier" fighter-bomber was forced to make an emergency landing on a small Spanish freighter, "Alraigo." These pictures were taken at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the captain of the boat refused to hand over the plane: he got quite annoyed that the pilot chose to land on his van:

(image credit: Elentir)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Russian" helicopter stunts aren't Russian at all.
The first and third are of RAF Westland Lynx, one of the fastest most manoeuvrable helicopters in production. The second is Armée de l'Air Eurocopters.
Both Air forces have helicopter demonstration teams.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More info on the Czar-52 ( the B-52 crash ) can be found here, a report by Anthony Kern ( author of "Flight Discipline" ).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The third pic was fairly recent - winter 2005 or 2006 in a midwestern US city - I believe it was Chicago. The plane slid off the runway in snow. A six year-old passenger in one of the cars on the street was killed.

Blogger Jen Jordan said...

I love being terrified and amused at the same time!

Thank you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sea-harrier was flown by Sub-Lt 'Soapy' Watson of the Royal Navy on 6 June 1983. He had a radio defect and couldn't get back to the carrier HMS Illustrious, so he landed on the only available flatish object he could find. The owners and captain of the boat got 340,000 pounds in salvage awards but the Royal Navy got back a 7 million pound aircraft rather than losing it and a very-expensively trained pilot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some images are fakes. Beluga airplane (Airbus Sky Link) don't use this kind of engines :-P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not a Beluga, it's a Super Guppy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the sliced Aeroflot in Anchorage is Tupolev Tu-134, not Il-96. Anyway, a great compilation! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While Airbus Belugas do have jet engines, this is a Super Guppy, and they indeed do use turboprops.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell what model aircraft
/airframe was used to make the Super Guppy?

Blogger Jeff Dougherty said...

The Super Guppy was based off of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber, of World War II fame. Technically it was based off of a B-50, but a B-50 was just a B-29 airframe with turboprop engines instead of conventional piston mills.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And then there's this fatal collision between two P-51 Mustangs at this year's EAA Airventure in Oshkosh. One of the pilots died a fiery death.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget to lower landing gear -> 7.9M $ Oops:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"The third pic was fairly recent - winter 2005 or 2006 in a midwestern US city - I believe it was Chicago. The plane slid off the runway in snow. A six year-old passenger in one of the cars on the street was killed."

This accident occurred at Chicago's Midway Airport. The 737 landed on a runway that was too short for the weather conditions, especially when you consider the breaking action that day on an icy runway and the tailwind that was present. The landing should have never been attempted.

Blogger ioni said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "Brian"

And your an NTSB investigator right?? BTW its braking not breaking.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AB -> the helicopters arent all as you mentioned.

The first is Royal Army Lynx, and second is Indian Army Sarang Display team, with their Peacock colors (check it out, the chopper is made in India, HAL Dhruv) and the third chopper is Royal Navyl Lynx.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The third one, as others pointed out, was Chicago. It happened at Midway Airport Dec 1 2005. I remember it well as I got caught in the snow storm, which was pretty bad even for Chicago standards. Midway is notorious for having short run ways, but they concluded that it was pilot error.

Blogger steveH said...

The Super Guppy was based on a Boeing 377/C-97 Stratoliner, which just is a cousin to the B-29/B-50 series.

There was a series of outsize-cargo haulers by Aero Spacelines in the group, including the Mini Guppy, Pregnant Guppy, and Super Guppy (piston and turbine).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The second picture in helicopter stunt is Indian Air Force Sarang team. The choppers used are HAL-Dhruv not Eurocopter.

Blogger Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
To "Brian"

And your an NTSB investigator right?? BTW its braking not breaking.

If you are going to criticize...

It is "you're" not "your".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding the plane in the Russian city, I may be mistaken, but that city is most likely Pripyat, the abandoned city by Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

Anonymous Generic Xenical said...

He he he that is really a nice post, some of the most funny pics amd wondering in most of the cases the pilot must be a nut..!! or may be its an accident ehatever it may be but the pics are amazing

Anonymous Drunk co-pilot said...

"Landing on a street somewhere in Russia? I can hardly believe it. Must be an abandoned plane."

it`s a Photoshop ya dumbass

"sliced Aeroflot in Anchorage is Tupolev Tu-134, not Il-96."

it`s IL-62M. Tu-134 have a range of 2000 miles and never flew to US or Canada

Anonymous Henry said...

Not all "accidents" appear to be as such. In this photo it looks like a Boeing 737-200 crash landed at Locarno Beach in Vancouver, BC. It was actually an elaborate movie set!



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