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Airplane Crash Lands on a Russian Highway

Another video from the
"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia"
Italian / Russian comedy (1974). See car chase from it here.

"Matta, Matta, Matta Corsa in Russia" (imdb), directed by Franco Prosperi (of the "Mondo Cane" fame) and Eldar Ryazanov.

Here is more recent American version:
Could it be also a viral ad for Chrysler Jeep?

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(original unknown)

Do not try to warm your feet this way:

"Subliminal" Mona Lisa:

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Mixed fresh links for today:

7 Underground Wonders of the World - [urban exploring]
Historical Lego Figures - [lego]
This guy put a camera in his mouth & took pictures - [gallery]
World War 2 in Color - [cool site]
Hilarious Account of the Molasses Flood in Boston - [weird]
If you haven't seen it yet - online communities poster - [pic]
Winter - [photos]
Second opportunity for Daimler, crashed at 145 km/h - [wow video]
Facebook Acapella Song - [fun video]

A mysterious shipwreck:

(original unknown)

A bat flew into the room. At first they tried to catch him, but then just kept taking pictures:

(photos by: Sergey Babenko)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That movie with the Chrysler Jeep is not just a viral ad bvut has been a real ad here in Germany.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The misterious shipwreck is a russian light cruisers, Sverdlov class. Link:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really intrigued by this picture. Looking at the general design of the ship, and figuring that pretty well all of the major capital ships of WW2 are accounted for, I'm guessing something Cold War era - Russian? Are those rangefinders on the sides of the forward turrets? (Suggesting no centralised fire control when built) A and B turrets look to have, what, 6 or 8 inch guns, so I'm guessing a cruiser of some sort. The bridge area looks to be a hotch-potch of added on facilities with hints of the open bridge suggestive of pre-WW2 UK destroyer design. As the picture is in colour I'm again guessing this is some derelict from the Soviet era that was destined to be broken up on a beach in India and somehow came adrift from its towing vehicle and got stranded somewhere. There seems to be some kind of fire control array towards the stern of the ship, and the top of the funnel seems to be angled as per the design of 1960s era ships. OK, here's my best guess. This ship was originally designed in the 1940's as a cruiser. It may have had very limited deployment in WW2. After the war it was modified heavily as a first generation guided missile platform. In the 1980's or 1990's it was scrapped, and due a mishap ended up being grounded on a beach somewhere. I'm probably hugely wrong, but I'd still like to know what the real story is...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that "renzo" is correct.
Likely the "Murmansk" who ran aground in december 1994 at Hasvik, Norway. On her way to being scraped in India.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found at www.divenorway.com/ the following: "Murmansk (W206) Russian Sverdlov class cruiser built 1955 one of the last all gun cruisers decommitioned 1987 scrapped 1995 Lost 1994 while in tow to india for scrap along the berents coast between North cape and Tromso is now aground on Soeroey Finmark" I can't see it yet on Google Maps, perhaps someone else knows precisely where it is?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's because the island is called Sørøya, and it's Finnmark, not Finmark.

Not sure if anybody is ever going to read this.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you anonymous - we'll actually going to include this info in upcoming shipwrecks post :)


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