Clear & concise signs are boring. These are better.

Since our last post a month ago sign designers upped themselves in the realm of undecipherable and bizarre. Many readers have been sending to us the examples of "street / traffic / washroom" sign entertainment, and we can't help but share them with you. Have a look:

Traffic & Street Signs:

Great speed limit sign:

Good zebras:

Almost straight:

Nowhere to go...

(image credit: Tom Olliver)

(image credit: Dushan and Miae)

Why go anywhere at all?

Looking for information?

Sign clutter:

(image credit: Don Meeker)

On green... do what? -

Traffic lights in Paris: a heart-stopping experience -

(image credit: Celeste via Y. Jacquemin)

Happiness comes one way only:

(image credit: Tom Olliver)

(image credit: Blame it on the voices)

Greg Hewgill sent in this one with a link to the church, as well:

(image credit: Greg Hewgill)

This one says: "Driver! They wait for you at home..."
If I'd be that driver, I'd hesitate to come home to these creatures:

(image credit: Stuart Nicoll)

Warnings & Notices:

Could be useful for a lot of places:

(image credit: Reuben Miller)

Very effective:

Apparently the previous sign does not apply to this guy:

or could be a little too late for this one:

Good deterrent?

(image credit: SayNoToCrack)

This one is quickly becoming a classic:

Not very clear on the message -

(image credit: Oddee)

(image credit: bitsandpieces)

A few hilarious sign options from Zoned.dk site:

(images credit: Zoned.dk)

(image credit: Stefson)

(image credit: Kathleen Bennett)


(image credit: pizdaus)

Never approach helicopter uphill! -

Bad sign placement:

Same idea in this sign:

(image credit: L. Lapsus, via ZigCat)

Billboard signs:

(image credit: Scary Ideas)

(image credit: papazoo)

This board is located on a tourist trail "Troll Ladder" in Norway:

(image credit: Till Fahrendorf)

People holding signs:

(image credit: sv216)

(image credit: listverse)


(image credit: sv216)

in WC:

Pissing and Whistling Prohibited:

(image credit: travel happy)

This switch does not conserve electricity:

(image credit: Kirill Afonin)

Missing numbers (when you are a few numbers short in the set):

Source: Exler

(image credit: Blame it on the voices)

Working hard? Hardly working:

Labels & Stickers:

This one is a classic:

(image credit: Bits & Pieces)

(image credit: Bits & Pieces)

I learned something new from this one:

Mangled meaning:

This one actually says: "Stop Rheumatism" -

Source: Exler

Actual logo of some company:

(images credit: Oddee)

Our traditional MYSTERY SIGN:

(image credit: Chris Mitchell)

This one was easy.

Here is another one:

(image credit: Irish Dave)



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Blogger Unknown said...

I think the onion and the frankfurter make it clear that the mystery sign means "no grilling"

Blogger Tom said...

Got another one for ya here.

Blogger Steff said...

A-Style seems to be quite a big clothing brand in Italy. I have a pair of cotton/lycra trunks made by them, which have "BASTARD ITALIAN STYLE" written across the arse.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is so freeking funny I feel the new to steal this post and tell everybody is my own!

Blogger Unknown said...

Always cool to recognize some street art from the place where i live


Thanks to all for sharing with us

Anonymous Top Twenty Lists said...

You have one amazing compilation. I thought I had done my research very thoroughly but you have signs here that I have never seen. You might want to take a look at a similar post at my site.


Anonymous JJM said...

Nice collection of signs!! a lot of funny ones here!!! Thanks


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