Hilarious Building Blunders

When you have workers who don't care for what they're building, and architects with very little common sense, then you'd better not panic when you see results. Mournful cries like "Oh No!", "You've ruined it!", "Can it possibly be rebuilt??" are not going to help, while a simple "Oops!" would also sound like a gross understatement. In many cases the architectural horrors shown on this page were left "as is", without any fixes. The tenants and businesses moved into these structures, leaving passerbyes and photographers to marvel at their idiotic construction.

First let's get an obvious Photoshop job out of the way - the builders may have finally build something out of Escher's bad dream:

Stairs into nothing - a classic blunder:

If builders had a little more to drink, the stairs might've turned into a modern art sculpture ("Revolutions", located in Montreal):

Situation with doors is just as dire. They would not open, lead anywhere, or even exist...

Especially when the slogan above the door reads "Have a Successful Working Day!"

or "Sales Center", apparently with a very poor sales record:

Same thing with balconies:

(image credit: Frank Kunert)

An insurmountable challenge - to properly align windows:

Even harder is to make the ends meet...

We really hope that the picture above is photoshop :)
Speaking of bridges... some would require an extra support:

Things got in the way? Just build around them!

The caption says: "Please be careful when you put revision clouds on your drawings. Some of the contractors do not understand" -

Driveway Oops:

Crazy Garages:

Wrong Placement:

- of heaters and air-conditioners:

- of ATM:

- of camera:

- of toilets:

The only power outlet is on ... the ceiling:

They've been building something for months... Now the Final Results are here! Get yourself a tranquilizer:

Do you think this ad is a pure fantasy?

Think again:

Finally, a "mystery tool" that these workers must've been using:

Sources: offtop.ru/misi, exler.ru, karaul.ru, Ezzprezzo

Most of the other images came from sites and emails which did not credit the original photographers. Please help us to find out this information, so that we could include the credits.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! xDDD

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one, bicycle path:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong Path - http://offtop.ru
True: http://offtop.ru/misi/
or http://bsk.kpgs.ru

Repair please.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you, anonymous - I edited the path.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the "mystery tool"

Take a shovel with a "D" handle, cut off the blade, lean the stick against the wall.

Place an ax on the floor with the butt of the blade against the stick.

Shift the ax-handle to get the proper "look"

There you have it, folks

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Mystery" tool is a Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) removing tool used to scrape the glued down tiles from a floor, usually concrete. The axe handle, that could be to hit the handle of the scraper to get it under tiles.... I usually use a dead blow hammer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stairs to blank walls.
Doors that open to walls.

See them here.


photo links here-

Blogger Nacho said...

good job! xD

Thank you

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this post be called, "When Mr. Bean Puts on a Hard Hat"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Milwaukee there is this big bridge over the harbor that went nowhere for years and years (at least 15 years of my life). They finally added an extension (which was really well done). Not long after, a section of the bridge collapsed during morning rush hour.
This year marks the completion of the final end to the highway. They are now rebuilding the exchange at the other end now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pics........originality "at its best"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just last week, here in Belgium, I read in the newspaper about a family that assumed they would be allowed to move a lamppost near their uncompleted house. They weren't allowed... Now there is one tile of the roof missing, and the lamppost is sticking out. They even build the drain around the lamppost.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That tool is extremely versatile, we welded an axe head on about a 30 degree angle to a shovel handle and voila "the foot" is born, peels asphalt shingle down easily, can even pull up the plywood and shingle if you cut it in sections. The uses are endless, I like the idea of using it for tearing up tiles.

Blogger Unknown said...

What in the name of...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Driving home from the horse center one day, my mother and I caught a glimpse of the inside of a house in progress. There was a blank wall with steps leading up to it. Worst part is, it was one of the outer walls.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The twisted pretzel-stairs is an actual sculpture located here. It’s named “Revolutions” and is a tribute to the famous Montréal external stairs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the one with the balcony and the railway is taken from the website of the german photographer frank kunert:
his art is to build such absurd scenarios and take pictures that look real-life, quite.hn

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thats quite funny.Lack pf planning causes such mistakes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bridge one must be fake.Otherwise the construction company is in trouble.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo with the 40+ degree slope to the garage to the street kills me! You'd need a Jeep lifted up on 44s to have anything remotely approaching the angles to get in & out... Yikes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Rev. Cloud one is actually not a hole in the ceiling, but a hole in the floor. Check out this link for further explanation:


Blogger RevCyanide said...

These pictures are all shopped, I can tell by the pixels and having seen quite a few shops in my life.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Estaban - I knew, you'd say that :)

Anonymous Aaron said...

Haha. That bridge photo is the funniest one. How bad would it suck to meet the bridge up and realize THAT happened!

Here's another funny one although these are all on purpose!


Anonymous sandar said...

Very cool collection Really cool stuff


Blogger Snooker said...

Really cool collection.
Thanks for passing it on.


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