Follow these signs and become monumentally lost

Thanks to the numerous contributions, we now have our next installment in the "Strange Signs" series - this time we received more material than usual, so please be patient as the images load. The signs speak for themselves (with an exception of mysterious ones, which only their creators have a clue about) - so let us know if you see any strange signs, and let's hope that no one tries to follow them in reality.

Various notices & announcements:

(image credit: somethingawful)

(image credit: somethingawful)

(image credit: Brian Hall)

(image credit: Jake Good)

Routing traffic...

Seen in Amsterdam:

Mysterious Russian sign (possibly fake)

Where do you want to go today?

Very dangerous suggestion:

Somewhere in Russia:

(image credit: Melgusto)

(image credit: Exler)

Various warnings and restrictions:

Don't try to fight with bears?

(image credit: Jackson Boyle)

It's at Fujikyu Highlands, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The park is up in the mountains, with forests nearby. Apparently the bears do come down to the park from time to time.

Serious danger:

(image credit: Lebon Bon Lebon)

"No entry to parents" - European version:

Russian version:

Very helpful instructions: "Do not open the valve", "Do not close the valve"

These ones require translation:

"According to the new bylaw, we will help only those swimmers who cry for help in Ukranian language" (apparently a real sign)

"Be careful with fire in the forest"

"Parking is allowed only for those idiots who can't read"

This sign is really scary, when you think about it:
(seen in Israeli bus)

I wouldn't trust that brand:

(image credit: Tom Murphy)

Our traditional WC signs section:

(image credit: Ville Miettinen)

(image credit: robo-jam)

(image credit: self-construct)

Slightly modified messages...

Really dangerous instruction:

An interesting analogy:

(image credit: Aref-Adib)

Finally, our Mystery Sign section.
Let us know if you have any clue what it means:


UPDATE Possibly, "Don't leave a child unattended in a car"


(image credit: Bill Charnley)

UPDATE Seen mostly in Europe, this one means "No Vehicles Carrying Explosives"


UPDATE This one is from a MegaTokyo webcomic coffee mug (Kimiko's Lap Pour Blend), see here

Sources: Botinok, Karaul, Insane



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

mystery #2 :
any vehicle carrying explosives is not allowed past this sign.
I have seen this one several times in France, mostly in small villages.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pink flier is from a Something Awful thread. It was awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true it's a french sign saying vehicles with explosives (oil, gaz) can't go this way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one in Amsterdam is actually not that weird. The left arrow pointing to the right is for the tram, the right one pointing to the left is for cars.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mystery #2, british version.


Blogger Unknown said...

Mystery #3 is from a MegaTokyo webcomic coffee mug (Kimiko's Lap Pour Blend):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mystery #1: Don't leave a child unattended in a car I guess. But normally there is no baby in the photo and it only means watch out for car theft or breaking in.
Mystery #2: Hazardous materials cannot be transported beyond this point, there are several different types of this sign, according to which materials aren't allowed. There is a list of materials described for all signs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That “Mysterious Russian sign (possibly fake)” is clearly CGI, based on an old cartoon called “Hedgehog in the fog” (“Ёжик в тумане”).


Blogger Алексей Носаченко said...

The sign "prohibition of carrying an explosive cargo" is not for French only. This one is also in Russian Traffic Rules.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mystery #2:
this road sign exist in all european countries. It is usually only used in areas where transport of "real" explosives (like tnt, dynamite or gun powder) is common, f.ex. near a ammo factory or a coal mine. They may also be used at tunnel entrances and large bridges.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thanks, all
I updated the post.

Blogger Unknown said...

Sadly, the one with the precision screwdriver set is also a Something Awful photoshop. I know, because I made it. :/

Still, this was a fun article.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Bill, thank you, I updated the credits. However my blogger version does not allow me to see your profile. Can you please email me with your name for more credit info.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first one is someone's attempt to copy writer Spike Milligan's gravestone, which say "I told you I was ill" in Gaelic. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/southern_counties/3742443.stm

Blogger B. Durbin said...

I went to the World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) in 2002. The convention center had posted several flyers up on various doors saying "THIS IS NOT A DOOR." Put a sign like that up and you get all sorts of editorial comments...

This is a jar.
This is not a wall. (On the wall.)
It is a notice.
It is Cezanne.
(and very existential): This is not a sign.

Blogger Stefan said...

What's so strange about the sign with a frog? It just means watch out for frogs. Typically temporary signs placed in their mating season. It's meant to protect the frogs crossing the street (recognizable by squashing sound when driving).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sign forbidding taking a dump or pissing is in Estonia, Tallinn near the central trainstation "Balti Jaam"

Blogger Unknown said...

Mystery sign #1 "Caution: Michael Jackson's in town"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mysterious Russian sign (possibly fake)
Migrating Lemmings crossing, maybe?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Mysterious Russian sign (possibly fake)" is actually NOT fake! It's a picture of a hedgehog crossing the road. It is to warn drivers that there may be hedgehogs in the road and to attempt to avoid them.

Blogger Margaritka said...

that "mysterious russian sign" - the hedgehog is from a cartoon, where the hedgehog wonders around a foggy hillside, and falls into a stream. so the setting where the sign is - it's perfect :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: "seen in Israeli bus"
I agree the sign would be more appropriate in Israeli bus, but it is a really good street-art sticker from Prague subway (it was still in one of the trains a few weeks ago).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the "french car sign" is also used for cars using liquid gas fuel cause they are classified as higly explosive

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So "mysterious hedgehog" is realy from "Hedgehog in a fog" short stop-mtion russian animation.
About the frog sign, it's in Czech republic where on a certain road frogs strted mass crossing the road on certain month.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The massive direction sign near the beginning points the way to many sites which hosted the modern Olympics - Montreal, Helsinki, St.Louis, etc. These sites can be distinguished by the year appearing before the city's name. Wonder where it is.


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