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Humans will never be as funny as animals are... which is a good thing?

Since our last post in this category almost 2 months ago (time certainly goes by quickly), the various ugly/funny/cute/hungry etc. animal faces have accumulated enough to make a good new post. I dare you to find more silly, more unforgettable bunch... and if you liked them - go support your local zoo, the animals will thank you for it.

Some photos were taken by submitters, some hunted down from the web or through emails, without definite attribution info. For such pictures we ask the viewers to let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this info.

We traditionally start with the Cute Section:

These are baby red pandas, born recently in the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The pandas are doing well and just passed the 1 month mark and are currently in the process of being named.

(image courtesy The Edmonton Valley Zoo)

(image credit: DebCam)

(image credit: Robert Zingg)

(image credit: China Photo)

Followed by the Section of Ugly:

Raccoons are in their own category:

(image credit: Antonio Fernandez Marin)

Followed by some monkeys and apes:


(image credit: Worth1000

(image via)

...and elephants:

(image credit: Stefan U. Daniel Geyer)

Mae Taman Elephant park show in Thailand:

Image credit: Pornchai Kittiwongsakul / AFP

Some elephants are very good at escape (see more info here):

Just like an elephant in the last picture, some BEARS are up to mischief, too:

(image via)

(image via)

Moose chilling out:

(images via)

Animals like to hang around, looking cool:

some interesting bird moments:

Cool architecture:

and of course, CATS & DOGS, which we all lo-o-ove.

(image credit: Worth1000

How to read your cat:

(image via)

(image via)

(image via)

(image via)

Dogs in some tight situations:

Interaction with humans:

(image credit: adme.ru)


(image credit: Jane Cockman)

Is it a bird or a moth?


Yes, it's a moth. A "Hummingbird Hawk Moth" - Macroglossum stellatarum (see here), very hard to catch on camera.

Here is a link to another short video, thanks Jack Callan.

See you all in the next part 7! Send us your cool animal images.

Images credit & sources:
vintagephoto, Solingen-internet.de, Exler, karaul

Some photos were taken by submitters, some hunted down from the web or through emails, without definite attribution info. For such pictures we ask the viewers to let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this info.

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Blogger Unknown said...

The mistery bird is a Colibri (I guess). link

Blogger http://search-engines-web.com/ said...

Digg This Article

This is one of the best Picture Galleries of Animals ever. It must have taken weeks to locate all of those unforgettable photos

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definately a moth. How many birds have antennas?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe thats is a hummingbird moth. they fly just like a hummingbird. there are several videos of them on you tube.. heres one.

Blogger Patrick said...

The bird / insect animal is a Hummingbird Hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum). A colibri (hummingbird) looks quite different - and certainly has no antennae. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really nice..

Blogger Dysanovic said...

Just a quick note to say that your blog is my favourite. I'm amazed a where you find these great photos and links.

Keep up the sterling work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the one with the elephant falling out of the monorail is a fake, though. it happened, but nobody took a picture of it.

Blogger Andrew said...

That last one is a moth, family Sphingidae. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawk_moth)

Love your site!

Blogger cavalaxis said...

Excellent post. Except that first hippo..erm..isn't.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you be so kind to call them a Chimpanzee and a Gorilla instead of "monkeys"? Although they are related, therre IS a difference between Monkeys and Apes. Thank you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, the first photo in your two of hippos is actually a rhinoceros. Not sure what type though. :)


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