It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Continuing in the fun spirit of it all, we present you another bunch of the inventive and ridiculous achievements of people all over the world. No obstacle is too big, no idea is too outrageous, if you are brave (or silly) enough to go ahead and try it. Most of situations depicted here result from a sheer necessity, not idle experimentation, though. Thanks to all who sent us the pics included here.

Most of the source sites and emails for these pictures do not credit the original photographers, so please help us with identification so that we could include this info on the page.

Creative loads:

(image credit: Moobol.com, Stephen Frost of CSR-Asia.com)

Creative, but still overloaded:

(image credit: Dasar)

Too close for comfort:

Creative Do-it-Yourself projects:

nice headphones -

how to fix a tire -

know your helmet:

speaking of head protection, here's a cool application in construction:

Car-related projects:

on rails -

on logs -

seriously lost -

interior design -

air-conditioning -

serious fire power -

In need of urban privacy? -

Other fascinating living space conversions:

(photo by Yoan Jacquemin, taken in French Pyrenees)

guard your bike?

Park your jet:

NOTE: Frebro says, "That's a Swedish SAAB Gripen fighter jet. In Sweden highways are sometimes used as runways for military exercises."

It's also possible that this picture is taken at the Swedish Air Force base in Såtenäs (Flotilla number 7). The base is very picturesque.. they actually taxi from the bomb-proof shelters out to the runway through scenery like this.

Grow mushrooms inside your computer (or actually, dry them and make a nice soup) -

maybe it's time to upgrade? -

Various Daring Acts and Silly Skills

Some people like to cross the bridges... the wrong way:

A new fad in Japan: pretty girls climbing the power-lines -
(filmed for major TV networks)

Army to the Rescue!

Not a big deal, apparently. Watch this video (till the end) to learn how a Chinook helicopter picks up Navy Seals on their Zodiac:

This guy is very confident in what he's doing, so maybe it's safe -

not so safe here:

Classic air-conditioning installation:

It takes some skill to throw a watermelon -

(image credit: hiroiro.com)

"Multiple choice" problem:

Here is an ultimate oops: a dropped nuclear weapon, or two -

(Source: 59.com.ru)

Send us more hilarious and inventive situations around you!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the jet in front of the house is probably not parking ..

it is a swedish Gripen - and those jets are designed to operate from simple streets in the woods and elsewere ... that way no evil enemy can bomb the airbases - or at least he will not gain much from it ..

Blogger Unknown said...

The car full of plastic crates is a bad PS work... I'm not sure about the cart with brooms and buckets.

Blogger B. Durbin said...

You can find out more about the red car with the building supplies at the Urban Legends site (it's listed as "true", incidentally.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The plastic crate shot is not 'shopped. Some may look squashed but its because they're either deformed by the position/weight or just short in height. I doubt most any of these are photoshopped, this kind of thing is common all over the world.

Blogger elve said...

I don't think those dried mushrooms will be used for soup :)
(or it would be rather psychedelic soup)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bumper car is not lost, i saw this guy on dutch television a few weeks ago. He made it himself, and it's actually street legal, although it has a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the "box-car" seems to be shopped. at least the shadow of the car on the right side of it doesnt show any crates.
the fact that the shadow only shows the part infront of the trunk does keep the possibility that all the baskets are actually in and above the trunk without support of any other parts of the car.
but its still a good photomontage. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The red Volkswagen? with a roof and a porch in the back is actually a sauna owned by a student group at Helsinki University of Technology.

Couple of pictures and some text in finnish:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The final picture is of heat exchangers, a common industrial vessel, not nuclear weapons.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jet in front of a house is indeed a Swedish Saab Gripen. And it's true they can operate from simple streets in the woods and elsewhere. But this picture, I think, is actually from within the fence of the Swedish Air Force base in Såtenäs, F7 (Flotilla number 7). A number of the staff lives inside the base, very near the taxiways. And the base is very picturesque. I've been there a couple of times, and as far as I can remember, this is what it looks like. They actually taxy from the bomb-proof shelters out to the runway through scenery like this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Multiple choice" picture is taken in Stockholm, Sweden. The man is a statue and so are the hands.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The red Volkswagen Kleinbus with roof, porch and chimney is the mobile sauna of Helsinki University of Technology Automobile Club.

It is fully driveable. Nowadays the flanks of the car have been panelled with wood to create an illusion of a log cabin.


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