Nothing is as fascinating as an unexplained accident

New batch of strange mis-happenings, weird situations, and often maddeningly mysterious wrecks, where we keep asking ourselves: "How on earth that could happen?"

(most pictures were either received through email, or found on news aggregator sites without attribution info. If you know who took the picture, please tell us and we'll include the credits)


Too close for comfort - now:

...and then



Street installation by D'Face on Brick Lane in London.

We got a story behind the image above: 2004 Hurricane Ivan is responsible for dropping the air conditioning unit on top of this car... The car was left in a parking lot like this for a year, as nobody wanted to pay the moving bill!
(thank you Nikki for this info)


Hanging loose!

(image credit: Benjamin Olins)

Looks like it's an art installation, after all:

Trimmed to size:

Really Bad Parking:

Stuck while off-roading:

Never leaving the road, but still stuck:

Help, anyone? (and stop grinning)

...spring has sprung:

"Oops" happens to bicyclists & pedestrians too, of course:

Accidents waiting to happen:

I guess this would explain the following picture:

don't put yourself at risk:

here is my favorite: what is he thinking??
(although i suspect this is an ad, demonstrating traction?)


It is indeed an ad for AUDI 4x4 drive. Thanks to your suggestions,
here are some links:
See video ad here (even older ad is here)
Make sure to check out their site (with info on how they did it)

(image credit: Worldcarfans.com)

(Sources: blog.sina.com.cn, The Liberal Blogger, Cherski.ru, Knuttz)



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last one is from the filming set of an Audi commercial, I guess. It's an advertisment for their 4x4 drives.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A number of these are either art installations (the car with the trailer) or ads (the car crushed by the muffin).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can find the Audi commercial celebrating 25 years of Audi quattro on YouTube:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a fun fact, the Audi commercial is a remake of a similar commercial from 1986, both filmed in Kaipola, Finland. In both cases the car actually did climb the ski jump tower under its own power, albeit with necessary safety equipment. More here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gray (Audi?) convertible that almost fell into the river but was stopped on the small metal stairway was an accident in Zurich, Switzerland.
The lady (sorry, but it's true) tried to change her shoes simultaneously while driving the car out of a parking space. The picture was in the local newspapers...

Women are said to be able to do many things simultanous... better than men... well...?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the photos is of an installation by UK street artist D*face.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a note - the Upside Down Van in the "Fat Duck Surprise" was from the filming of "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."

It was shot a block away from my apt.

They built that chinese restaurant right on the sidewalk - all brand new. Then a couple days they crashed the Van into it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aqelqrThe photo of the white car with the green winged ball is a piece of artwork on Brick Lane in London. The street artist is D'Face according to an article in Sherman's Travel Magazine. Spring 2007 issue, page 55. It is actually not on street level as the photo makes you believe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one with the snowmobile bogged down in the water was probably because he slowed down. Notice how many tracks go in and out of the water. Believe it or not, snowmobiles will plane on the water and I've seen televised snowmobile races in the middle of summer on lakes...alls well until they slow down, then they sink.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture of Aalborg bus that rammed thru the back of the ferry has an additional joke: the blue freightship in the background has a name, but it's photoshopped. It says "et vaan osaa" which is finnish for "you just can't do it right, can you".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Behind-the-Scenes Audi A6 Commercial Spot in Kaipola.
Making of Audi A6 Schanzenspot

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Et vaan osaa = "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A couple of days ago (10.8.2008) in our local paper here in Kuopio Finland, was an article regarding a car that had tried to drive up the landing area of the K64 hill in Jyväskylä, Finland. It was some sort of bet - probably based on the above Audi ad. Finns go a bit nuts in the summer! The hill is the home hill of Matti Nykänen and is named after him. You get quite a good idea of what the merc driver was about from this wikipedia picture:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whyy do the nice cars always end up on the bottom! lol

Anonymous German Cars said...

Love that Audi commercial picture. I had to double take wondering how anyone could get up there. It's scary to think people actually jump off those things.

Blogger e.o.u.t.l.a.w. said...

That muffin one had to be a publicity stunt or part of the billboard ad... I hope.


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