What Goes Up, Must Come Down
(pictures of crane accidents)

Gravity is the main reason cranes fall, but it usually does not happen without human error involved. There are so many pictures of crane accidents on the net, that one wonders why construction industry still uses such "fallible" machines; see latest episode in "Spiderman 3", for example. Here is a collection of "oops" photos, serving as a clear reminder why no one should ever stand under a hanging load!

other construction machinery gets in trouble too:

to work out the frustration they chase cars ... and people...

with all this excitement, the building might come out a bit... wrong:

Sources: SwapMeetDave, Exler, Ezprezzo, Karaul, The Liberal Blogger

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Blogger Peter Haslam said...

Great shots as usual

Blogger elve said...

Absolut great shots.

Have a look here for some more pics of a crane incident:


(Mobile crane was hired to lift a sunken dredging-boat, but then flipped over so something really big was needed to get the other crane out)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gravity is the only reason anything falls!! Cranes fall over primarily due to two major factors. The most important being improper set up the second being operator error which is due largely to a lack of quality training and a push in the industry to have these machines do more than they were designed to do.
Ultimately these machines when properly maintained, inspected and operated in a safe manner by people who have been sufficiently trained will perform exactly as designed over and over again without mishap. It is not the equipement that is so fallible but the people who run them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irony (n).: The excavator arm sticking out of the hole in the ground like some kind of post-apocalyptic monument. Also, the bulldozer picture is funny in a Hitchhiker's kind of way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think most modern cranes are equipped with GPS reporting systems, that communicate back to the manufacturer where and when they were overloaded. so they can avoid the operator saying 'it was a light load....honest'!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course they fall because of lousy opperators. cranes are great machines and makes things much easier. anyway, about gravity - curtains in the last picture hangs like in normal windows, not like it should, if it was'nt fake :)

Anonymous eric said...

Some awesome shots there, love the one with the bulldozer and the guys head lol! All reminds me of my time after college working on a building site, working around the cranes terrifyed me!


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