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Some classic ones (for completeness) -

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Category: Weird
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Blogger thumbwarz said...

just an altogether great post! so amusing. thumbs up!

Anonymous Sara said...

How come?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one that kills me is the pickup truck on top of the ferrari in the garage. How the hell did that happen and did the owner commit suicide after seeing it?

Anonymous Czar said...

the second pic in the "tanks are not invincible" piece is not of a tank, but of a self propelled howitzer... The British AS-90 Braveheart, if I'm not mistaken (though, self propelled artillery is not my speciality).

Anonymous Nervous Spy said...

Yeah, but 'Self Propelled Artillery Pieces aren't invincible' is just not as catchy and sexy

Anonymous Black Sparrow said...

Either some people are VERY bad drivers, or some greater power has an interesting sense of humor.

Anonymous Dave Against the Machine said...

How about both?

Anonymous Jackhass said...

Hmmmm...a lot of those smell of Photoshop to me.

Anonymous Joel Fagin said...

Nah, I don't think so. They're very well done if they are and, ultimately, this sort of thing does happen - plus everyone has camera phones these days.
Coincidences do happen. That's why we have a word for them.

Anonymous Noise Monkey said...

the guy in the third tanks pic looks like he knows he won't be military much longer.

Blogger B. Durbin said...

Just about a month and a half ago, I was changing freeways when I noticed that the people in the lane I was merging into were driving really slowly. So I look to see what's up and in front of the lead car is... a wheel, rolling along. Okay. I make the merge and keep my eyes open. I see in the rear view mirror that the wheel makes it safely to the shoulder rather than falling over and creating a hazard.

So I'm driving down the road and FIVE MILES LATER I see a pickup pulled off to the side of the road minus one rear wheel. Did they not notice?

Blogger B. Durbin said...

No... wait... it was nine miles, not five. I clocked it the next day, out of curiosity.

Blogger Michael said...

great collection. thanks. here's one i took:


Anonymous sylv said...

the picture on "crowded" section, the first one, was taken in Indonesia, I'm sure. It's a usual thing in Indonesia to crowd up a vehicle, usually when they're going together to some place. Soccer competition for instance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pic of the crowded mini.. The girl stood up to the left of the middle stood up dude with her right arm in the air.. NICE TITS.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually it's not a Mini, it's a Ziguli (Lada 2101)...
Nice tits, anyway

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pickup/Ferrari accident has a Snopes entry. The gist of it is some kid was driving, lost control, and got launched through the garage door after hitting something in the front yard of the home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted in another forum:

Needs more Australian content.



http://www.flickr.com/photos/globetrotter1937/135252023/ .

Blogger _•CYBERblubs said...

hahaha some of th pictures are REALLY funny.


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