Top Ten Most Effective "DeadEnd" Pages

You've Clicked Once Too Often... the Internet ends here

Many of you have seen the intriguing page "You have reached the End of Internet... There are no more pages to surf... Go to bed now, or do something productive" It's used by some web designers instead of the common and boring "404 Page not found" message.

However, the End of Internet (just like "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe") really exists, and perhaps the following sites can offer us glimpses of it, some fascinating, some truly frightening.
We'll start with the classic ones:

here is more elaborate one, it even tells you where the end is located. Of course, it is in Sunny California!

"You have now seen everything worth to see in the virtual world. It is safe for you to turn off the computer and step outside the door to face the reality.
Meet your neighbors in real life, share a cup of coffee with them, play with the kids in the streets. You are free to do whatever you want to do. Feel the awesome feeling of not being connected to the net."
"To return to the beginning of the internet, click your browser's back button 4,171,950,001 times."
the helpful page
"The Internet cannot be displayed;
You could Click the Help menu and then click "About Internet Explorer" - but that won't change a thing.... If you wish, you could Click the Back Button - not that it will make any difference!... Click the Bomb button if you think it will help. It won't.
No Errors Found
This is the end."
the subtly menacing:
"We hope you have enjoyed your browsing.
Enjoy the rest of your life." or what's left of it.
or you can find a cute little creature who lives in a rabbit-hole at the End of the Internet. The legend goes that he meets all spammers who happen to enter there, and makes all sorts of problems for them... sort of a modern-day "gremlin"

Some even offer you a choice:

Shut Down the Internet at the press of a button:

After you press the button, the helpful message will pop up
"You have now safely shutdown the Internet."

By the way:
It's little wonder we can reach the end of the internet - after all we can easily reach the End of the Earth (in some places):

This one is in Houghton, Michigan...
and this one apparently in the Mojave Desert:

Be careful when you drive because if you make the wrong turn, you could end up in Hell, Michigan:

Disclaimer: The following is not for the faint-of-heart!

Of course, the Internet has its own version of hell, and the obvious address is WWW.HELL.COM

It tells you straight:
"HELL.COM is a private parallel web.
There is no access via web browser"

When I clicked on it a few years ago, it would play all kinds of nasty tricks to my browser, bring me through multiple loops of links and finally spill me out at some esoteric forum gathering, of course password-protected. Today, all you get is...

The Dark Side of Google (searching perhaps among the "dark matter", which fills 99.9% of Universe...) Or, it may be that you need to enter special pass-code in the search line. I did not have a pass-code, so I entered "Hello Kitty" hoping to find some wicked decapitated and bizarre versions of it. I was disappointed. Just the same old (but dark) Google results page.

so that Hell place appears to be quite harmless, after all.
The following site seems to be more dangerous:

http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/ displays a bewildering pattern, which does not appear to make any sense:

But wait till you click on "VIEW PAGE SOURCE" and view the underlying HTML code!...

Do not reach to call the authorities... this site is actually a prank set up by the family of Dutch web-designers. You can click around there, and find more weird stuff, nothing more dangerous than a bunch of javascript and the annoying blinking.

Next Site
is really frightening:

- When Am I Going To Die?
(Death Clock: The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away...)

After all these scare tactics, the trepidation and mayhem, you will want to rest your eyes on something more peaceful, after you come to the end of surfing:

There is "the end of internet page" just for that purpose:
This Page Intentionally Left Blank

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I beat the internet, the guy at the end was hard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I betcha you did not escape the "deathclock" :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That google search on hell.com is similar to :


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the guy at the end was hard."

... just the way you like 'em.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found another end of the internet. If you visist http://sir.clickalot.com/ there's a shortcut to http://reallythe.endoftheinternet.org/


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