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Elegant, Sinister Hydra Coupe

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Elegant, Sinister Hydra Coupe

You might remember this vehicle from the film "Captain America" (it was the personal car of Marvel's villain Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull). But you've never seen it in this color and special finish, with such sensuous detail.


Created by famous designer Daniel Simon (his Facebook page), this 1942 supercharged V16 coupe has six wheels and is almost 8 meters long | TM & © 2011 Marvel.Com

We've featured Daniel Simon's work on Dark Roasted Blend before, see Cosmic Motors Concept Art article. Here are his "Tron Legacy" Light Jet and the inimitable Galaxion supercar from "Cosmic Motors" series (bottom image):

(images credit: Daniel Simon)

New Galaxy-shaking book of sublime concepts by Daniel Simon (two years in the making) is coming spring 2013!


Today's pictures & links:

Happy Tree Friend :)

(image via)

Best comment: "It looks like perhaps it is a Polypore mushroom growing upon a tree substrate. Perhaps even two species of rust/polypore infecting the same tree. Similar to a situation where a Birch tree could have Chaga and Birch Polypore at the same time." (via Reddit)


Schlörwagen's "Pillbug Car"

What a beautiful machine! Made in Germany in 1936. See more aerodynamic cars at our classic article Tatra Car and other Aerodynamic Marvels, Part 2 and Part 1

(image via)

The photograph above goes very well with the following image from "Dr. Who" series:

(images via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

10 billion years in 78 seconds: a slice of the Universe - [wow video]
Family Tree of Greek Gods - [interesting chart]
Some Kitchens Need to be Painted as Portraits - [wow art]
Futuristic France: View from 1899-1910 - [retrofuture]
Great & Scary Article on High-Frequency Trading - [crazy finance]
Super-Structure in Berlin for Climbers - [architecture]
Big Bang: the moment when a water-like universe froze to ice? - [wow space]
A GIANT, smug cat - [fun video ad]
Spray Bottle Modification: Genius! - [wow video]
Neat Ornithopter! - [wow video]
Two Hamsters, 'Nuff Said - [fun video]
Japanese Synchronized Walking - [wow video]
Extraordinary abilities from brain damage - [cool info]
Another crazy hand monster - [PS disaster]
Great conversion of headphones - [gadget]
Adventure Lifestyle & Dating: "The Magnetic Man" - [video interview]
Get Action Figures of your Loved Ones - [great gift idea]


Floating Island Yacht... Sure, Why Not?

This is highly luxurious and somehow very predictable concept from Orsosisland. See interior shots here.

(images via)


Meet Professor Rattus

Pretty neat steampunk art, don't you think? - "Professor Rattus and Her Royal Court", by Terry Strickland:

(image credit: Terry Strickland)


Meanwhile in a pizzeria not too far away...

Jabba the Hut makes a surprise appearance:

(photo by Michael Hill and Finn Hill, for DRB)


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

(great image by Dante Shepherd, from Surviving the World)

Map of Europe as a Lady - "Queen Europe" or Europe Regina, 1588 (more info):

Here is another historic map, in a more familiar orientation:

(images via)

Spirograph? You can try this at home:

Love me some vegetable -

(original unknown)

Perhaps the strangest dashboard of all (look at the doors!) - 1965 Dodge Deora Concept Car:

Re: back-to-school supplies -

(original unknown)

Meanwhile in Britain: Wreckage and his Dinosaur - more info:

(image via)


I have mixed feelings seeing these images...

Incredibly sad to see such ancient giants fallen. Vintage logging industry in the Redwood Forests of California; See larger size photographs here at Humboldt State University Library.

(images via Humboldt State University Library)


The Strange Lovecraftian Statuary of Puerto Vallarta

First seen at Wired, these are haunting and mighty weird sculptures, known as "La Rotunda del Mar" ("The Circle of the Sea") by artist Alejandro Colunga:

(image via)


Atomic Annihilation: Shocking Picture of the 9 Megaton Titan Warhead

This is what the 10 foot tall 'payload' of a Titan II looks like after it has plowed back through the lower oceans of atmosphere, at 15,000 mph, on it's course from outer-space to target - more info:

(image via)

The author of "Atomic Annihilation" Cold War-themed site, talented photographer James Vaughan also makes highly stylish retro visions, see for example, his "Bomber Pilot" and "Zeppelin Pilot":

(image credit: James Vaughan)

(image credit: James Vaughn)


Paradise Found: Plastic Bottles Shack

At least, this is a paradise for plants, a lovely concept for a greenhouse by Jane Burt:

(image credit: Jane Burt)


Extreme Futuristic Bike Concept

... by great concept artist Mark Yang. Here it is with the open canopy:

(image credit: Mark Yang)

...and with the canopy closed:


Probably the easiest illusion you can make!

While you catch the last hot days of summer -


Who needs howling wolves?

When you can have howling hippos! (hippo UNICORNS, no less) -

(image via Reddit)


Mesmerizing! -



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The Trees Are Escaping! The Abandoned Prison in French Guiana

"Great Escape" from the Devil's Island

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Anonymous Slow Joe Crow said...

The Dodge Deora has its gauges under the side window because the door is actually at the front. The windshield hinges up and the front panel drops down like a backwards station wagon tailgate.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Happy Tree Friend"
Actually looks a lot like a Banksia Nut.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That island yacht somehow reminded me of the starship in "Starship Groove" by Animusic.

Blogger MetFanMac said...

The roll-up pita pencilcase was invented by two Israeli guys (the Hebrew on the tag is what tipped me off). Source: http://www.incrediblethings.com/food/non-edible-pita-bread-pencil-holder/


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