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Between Two Trucks

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Between Two Trucks...

This is one of the most incredible stunts we've seen: called the "Ballerina Stunt", this is walking the high line between two speeding trucks, hoping to make it before the line hits the tunnel...


Today's pictures & links:

Penthouse, Redefined

Some private cottages situated on top of the eight-story mall in Zhuzhou, China (population: almost four million):

(image via)


Multi-terrain Futuristic Vehicle with Omnidirectional Wheels

Designed by Mitsubishi Research & Design of North America (design, surfacing, rendering and animation by Jon Hull):

(image via)

The Mitsubishi MMR25 has a 8×4 wheel drive, so that the car can be driven forward while pointing in any direction. It can drive sidewise into a corner, and features special Oblique Aerodynamics.


What is this "behemoth"?

This is "The Huron King": a vacuum chamber that was holding a satellite inside - for a test of space vacuum and radioactivity exposure... on a nuclear test site at Yucca Flat, 105 km from Las Vegas, Nevada:

(image via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

10,000 Year Clock: An Extreme Project - [fascinating]
These are NOT trees (disguised cell towers) - [lots of them]
Wildest New RVs and Trailers - [gallery, click next]
Moscow Stray Dogs Learned to Take the Metro - [crazy]
Mobile Victorian House Sets Sail - [weird]
How to Eat Like Your Favorite Authors - [interesting]
Cat As an Image Stabilizer - [fun video]
Close Call... at Rally Racing - [wow video]
Awesome Amphibious Transporters - [wow video, loud audio]
Formula One Car Motor Plays Melody - [wow video]
This sign is not going to last long - [watch till the end]
Ninja Playing Cards Trick - [wow video]
These arms are a total fail - [PS disaster]
Greatest FBI Agents & Accountants - [compilation]
Getting laid off is an art: Next Episodes - [web comedy videos]


Just look at that grin ...

Imperial Airways plane arrives at Malakal, Sudan: "Siluki men meet an Imperial Airways passenger from Hengist wearing the British idea of tropical clothing..." (source)

(image via)


Casual Camouflage by Wilma Hurskainen

See the whole series at her site:

(images credit: Wilma Hurskainen)


A Mystery Underwater

"A scuba divers swims under thick ice covering a flooded former quarry. The rays of sunshine can be seen bursting through a hole cut into the ice. The light also radiates along a series of lines on the surface of the ice, created by clearing away some of the settled snow. Divers use the circles and lines above to help them find their way back to the hole in Ekaterinburg, Russia."

(image credit: Viktor Lyagushkin/solent, via)


Brahin Pallasite: The Oddest Meteorite

Not a "brain parasite"!.. The Brahin Pallasite meteorite from the Gomel region of Belarus:

(image credit: Steve Jurvetson)

Believed to be 4.2 billion years old, this unique find has a most incredible history. Steve Jurvetson writes:

"It is the result of the violent destruction of what would otherwise have been a planet during the formation of our solar system. It comes from the boundary between the silica rich mantle and the iron-nickel core of a now extinct planet, torn away by a catastrophic impact with another planet or asteroid. A mix of solid stone forming olivine crystals (37% by weight) in suspension in liquid metal (iron-nickel) was flung into space to cool over millions of years in a vacuum and zero gravity, forming this beautiful mixture (which could not be created on Earth).

This is a 3 kg end piece (cut and polished) of the Brahin meteorite fall that was first discovered in 1807 by farmers and sent to the local university scientists. During World War II, German soldiers stole samples in Kiev, and others disappeared in Minsk."


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which we update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

Monorail Locomotive?

Courtesy one of our readers Zach Linton, this photo shows the "monorail locomotive" built for the Bradford and Fosterbrook Railway. "Despite looking like a regular four wheeled locomotive, in reality the cylinders drove two gears which drove a large roller type wheel":

"Cumulonimbus Incus" anvil cloud, seen in Mykonos, Greece:

(image via)

The lightning strike in Omsk, Russia:

(image via)

Great mural! From Katowice Street Art Festival, Poland:

Great urban sculpture: "Departure" by George Lundeen:

(image credit: Shenandoah Aughinbaugh via)

"Comrades-Democrats" Russian Ivan & Uncle Sam, two posters from 1917 (Kerensky times):

Don't want to see it on every beach, but an interesting idea in general:

The most beautiful octopus! Coconut Octopus:

(image via)


Cat: "What do you think you're doing??"


The "Sharokhod" by Engineer Kashalov, Russia, 1978

Reinventing the wheel: a spherical mobile unit -

(images via "Tekhinka Molodezhi", 1978)


Good Citizen

(original unknown)



Goodyear Aircraft test pilot Richard Ulm puts the Inflatoplane prototype through its paces in 1956. Made of rubberized nylon fabric, the plane pumped up like a tire and folded up in a bundle after us e- more info:

(image credit: Akron Beacon Journal / MCT via)

Also here is a good article about this plane.


Hard Disk You've Been Waiting For!



YouTube!! You're doing it wrong -

(images via)

See video of Arlo the Hedgehog here.



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