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Absolutely Hilarious Signs, Part 14

Link - by Avi Abrams

When asking for directions, be prepared to fall off the edge of the Universe

These are confusing, weird, bizarre signs and instructions, that are likely to deliver you to Vogons, who will gladly recite to you a poem, or two... Well, regardless, this is all the more material for our on-going, wildly popular series of Weird Signage. This is the 14th installment in the series; make sure to check the previous ones!

Even police puzzled by some of these road signs:

Entry... Exit... and a little disclaimer in the middle: "Sorry for any inconvenience":

Surprise! -

You Shall Not Pass! -

Sacred cows? -

Too many options:

This sign appropriately says "Funeral Home" (left):

Above right: all directions lead "Downtown"! (but, of course). Here, also, you'd think twice before entering -

Sometimes road signs are, indeed, helpful, considering the total weirdness around them:

It's a hard work, painting the lines -

(original unknown)


You've Been Warned!

Warning signs are no joke - they keep us from harm and tell us the right thing to do in the circumstances... except when they are put together by some lunatics with a twisted sense of humor, or often, no sense at all:

How deadly? Go ahead, find out -

"If he will not chew you up, I will shoot you down!" -

"Careful: cats!" -

Sign tempting, or rather "trolling" you:


Altered Signs

Plenty of altered signs as part of an urban art project in Amarillo, Texas (more info):

See more here and here.

Nicely 'shopped:

(original unknown)



"Vote for..." -

Very important government campaign:


More Than a Toilet

Solve the puzzle first! -

You'd have to walk on water, and then pee in it? -

(sent in from Hengest - Bognor on the South coast of England)

Convenient gender change:

Clever use of the gender symbols in the latest release from "She & Him":


Lost in Translation, but Gained in Hilarity!

Fakes! -

Although, sometimes even signs in native English make us clearly wonder if we stumbled in parallel Universe:


Wacky & Wicked Storefronts and Labels

"Shirley Can't Surf" has been sent to us by Shirley Richard. She says: "This sign is from a real shop in Key West Florida. Since my name is Shirley I thought I would go and ask the owner about the sign. I asked, "What makes you think I cannot surf?' He said, "Because every Shirley that has walked into this shop can't surf and neither can my wife." I can't surf."

Why lie? -

(image via)

Church signs do not disappoint:

Suicidal Teens Welcome! -

Swastik Spices! - we got this photo from Matthew Lowden, this is a real sign spotted in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India:

Excellent idea! -

Awesome product:

Sign on the left says "Cut out this coupon and save!". Sign on the right was, well, cut out:

Textbook for kids poses a question:

More creativity for kids on a playground:

"Protect your child! There is a serial killer in your house! It's a COMPUTER!" -

"If you see someone drowning, throw him this!" Well, there supposed to be lifesavers, except that they were stolen, and now there is only... a brick? -

Useful instruction on how to use chopsticks (with some weird options added in):

Also very useful instructions on how to survive during the gas attack:

Having great fun with corporate logos:

Somewhere in Russia - the "i-Bay"? -

(image via)

Even better: this is the poster for the Independence Day of Kazakhstan. Except that now Kazachstan is located in America -

(image via)


Finally, a vintage sign that we all can relate to:

(image credit: LIFE Magazine, 1937)

(originals of many images are unknown; other image sources are 1, 2, 3)





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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great collection. However, the "Please present your Octopus" sign is actually not misworded - the Octopus is the name of the metro card in Hong Kong.

Anonymous Robert Seddon said...

I can see why you'd include 'Swastik Spices', given the reference to Jewtown, but the swastika depicted is bent in the opposite direction from the version of the Hakenkreuz appropriated by the Third Reich.

Blogger brian t said...

The "Kittens" one is from Ireland - I recognise the logo of the local Electricity Supply Board (ESB) on there. But it's probably a spoof, not an official sign. (They have Lawyers here too!)

The Swastika has been a good luck symbol in India for thousands of years, and is not associated with the Nazis there. My company sent me to Bangalore to give some training, and we celebrated the opening of a new department while I was there. We had cake, and the paper plates had little swastikas on them! Only slightly weird ...

Blogger Loren Pechtel said...

The Chinese one (blue background, white traffic paths) showing 5 lanes that go left, straight, straight, left, right is presumably legitimate. While I haven't seen that particular sign I have seen plenty of them like that. Turn lanes in the wrong part of the road are common on very wide roads. You can only go on a turn arrow so you don't actually get crossing traffic stream.

Anonymous Jeff said...

those Super Fun High Quality Chopsticks do have a reputation for interesting deaths, so better be warned.

Blogger moju said...

the "Bad Hotel" is for sure in Germany, Bad means Bath in german.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The yellow one, showing someone going headfirst off a bicycle, is perfectly reasonable. The problem happens when there are trolley tracks (or railway tracks) built into the street. Effectively, there are long slots in the pavement, and the slots are wider than a bicycle tire. A bicycle can cross them easily if it travels exactly at right angles. But if you foolishly try to cross the trolley tracks at any other angle, your front tire may drop into the slot, and over the handlebar you go.

Anonymous Rift Game Downloads said...

I particularly like the "Speed Limit Enforced By Sniper"... thanks for sharing all the strange signs from all over the world.

OpenID nickoli.name said...

The one below the ladder in the middle of the road isn't crazy, it's just two fairly common and perfectly normal signs here in the UK. The top one is obvious - no U-turns allowed. The second one is the symbol for a clearway (a road where no stopping is allowed). The end shows that the sign refers to the end of a clearway.

Anonymous GimiGlider said...

Octopus is a type of electric money card in hong kong. It makes paying for bus fares and such much more easy. Think of it as a oister card from britan. That type of thing.


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