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Swaying Skyscrapers

"Skyscrapers were swaying like the masts of yachts", said witnesses in Tokyo during the powerful 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan this morning. Due to the tough building standards, and build-in mass dampers these skyscrapers were all standing at the end of the day - a fact that saved thousands of lives. Tokyo is counted third among "Cities with Most Skyscrapers" - after Hong Kong and New York.


Today's pictures & links:

Beautiful Art Deco Skyscraper spotted in New York

American Radiator building, 1924: Architectural fantasy any hour of day and night - more info:

(left photo by Frank Brault, right photo via)


Elemental violence

Lightning display at the formation of Surtsey of the coast of Iceland:

(photo by Sigurgeir Jonasson)

See more incredible lightnings at the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland here.


Rat + Cat + Dog = New Musicians of Bremen?

Santa Barbara resident Gregory Pike keeps this combo in peace and harmony: Booger, Kitty, and Mousey (actually, a rat). The dog and the cat were raised together, and the cute white rat actually feels more secure on top of its friends - here is a story behind this photo:

(image via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Seawall Tsunami Protection, Geology Quake Facts - [breaking news]
Awesome Chart: The History of Science Fiction - [hi-res]
What Pi Number Sounds Like - [fascinating]
Creepy: Robot-Android-Geminoid - [wow videos]
What If WiFi Networks Were Visible? - [neat project]
How To Train Yourself To Speed Read - [cool infographic]
Super-relaxing Nature Sounds Mix - [cool site]
DIY Ghostbuster Packs, Insect Bullets - [steampunk]
Oh No!.. Bad Need for Glasses - [fun video]
Try this if you're in Grindelwald - [wow pic]
Evolving Surface of a 3D Fractal - [cool video]
First Person Mountain Bike Race - [wow video]
Miniature Spaghetti Western - [Coca-Cola video ad]
Shop the Latest Fashions at J. Peterman - [cool discount]


Mammoth Freeze

Shake his hand, buddy. Maybe he'll thaw a little.

(original unknown)

Battle of the Giants: King Kong 360 3D ride at Universal Studios -

(image via)


A Nuclear Mushroom Hair...

...complete with a bird's nest:

(original unknown)


"Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual" - an Update!

Bradley W. Schenck has come up with more installments in his enthralling pictorial futuristic saga. Don't miss them at his site:

(image credit: Bradley)


Bergmans' Melting Light Bulbs

It's hard to always shine. Lamps and light bulbs get tired and saggy:

(image via)

This is a groovy art project by Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans.

Similarly shaped, and also quite enticing, is this hanging lounger - apparently for watching frogs and fishes in the stream:

(image via)

This is a Nestrest by Dedon, Germany - more info here.



Awesome dreamscape by Liviu Mihai from Bucharest, Romania:

(image credit: Liviu Mihai)


The Art of Making Bubbles


(image via)


iPhone and iPad Retro Variations

Vintage Rotary iPhone Dock - order it here. And a quite literally useful iPad, good for times without battery, electricity, etc:

(images via)


Radical "Phosphor" E-Ink Watches: Great Fashion Statement

In the age of Kindle, Kobo and other e-ink readers it seems that e-ink displays pop up everywhere. Short of acquiring an entirely electronic-ink newspaper, sporting e-ink personal watch and calendar is the next best thing, and a great conversation piece. We had a chance to try the Phosphor brand as part of their very cool watch line-up, and we highly recommend it to those tired of all other kinds of displays. "Ink me up, Scotty!" - this is a futuristic watch that is a joy to wear.

(images via)


Dark Roasted Blend T-Shirts are here!

Buy them here!

This is a joint project between Neatoshop and DRB - this way we ensure the best shopping experience, and will continue to come up with cool Dark Roasted Blend designs throughout the year.


Earth in the hands of a laser-breathing rabbit? This can't be good.

(cover art by Ed Valigursky)




Hellish Weather on Other Planets

Wild, Untamed, and Uncut

DRB Feel-Good Issue #33

Loads of cool and rare imagery

Medieval Suits of Armor

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

"Dark Roasted Blend" - All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things, Discovered Daily!"

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Blogger Einhver said...

The volcano and lightning photo was shot by Sigurgeir Jonasson, an Icelandic photographer. Here´s his website:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the pic w/ the laser-sneezing
bunny: Is the dude w/ the 'stache
about to snap the bald guy's neck?
Mustache Dude: "You've seen too much..."
Bald Guy: "huh?"

Blogger Northing said...

The 'nuclear hair' photo is of 60's fashion model Penelope Tree, hence the nest. My hair looks like that if I don't shower for a couple of days.
Magnificent site - you've ruined all my notions of 'spare time!' Thanks.

Anonymous WTF said...

Some really cool pics in here, love the cat and rate sitting on the dogs back!

Anonymous IRT said...

Does anyone have a reference as to where the "fire breathing rabbit" is from. Specifically, was it a story, magazine, or book cover? And what is the name? Any story that has that as a cover is something I want to read.

Anonymous razor a said...

Would love to know more about the lazer rabbit! The lightening pic is just awesome - you share such great stuff on here :)

Anonymous sc-300 said...

The retro iphone dock looks awesome, i always wanted to make one of the kits that turns a rotary into a cellphone to put in my car :D


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