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The Cyclotrope

Pushing animation to its rotational best - this is highly mysterious and unique video, made by Tim Wheatley:

Link to video (Vimeo)

Here is a secret to what you just seen:
"The Cyclotrope is a cycle of 18 images that is spun at a certan speed so that the frame rate of the camera filming it gives the illusion of animation."

Today's pictures & links:

Another Animated Curiosity

This is called the Alexander Star Puzzle - more info. Similar to the Rubik's Cube, but with significantly larger amount of permutations... and perhaps more perturbing overall.

Here is another great Rubik's Cube variation:


Spring is on the way!

You might not see the signs of spring yet - but this image is guaranteed to put you in the sunshiny-warm-fuzzy mood:

(this is a groovy trike model from 1968)


Look down these canyons

The mind-numbingly epic architecture of Hugh Feriss we've featured before. Yet, we can not pass a chance to show a few images from his 1929 book The Metropolis of Tomorrow - buy it here.

(image via)


An Uneasy Union

...and in the end, a cold shoulder of history:

(photo by Vladislav Vetlugin, 1972)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Gorgeous LEGO Starship Alphabet - [oh yes]
TIL: Could a Novice Land a Jumbo Jet? - [interesting]
Say Hello to Bacterial Hard Drives! - [wow science]
Fantastic Uses for Retired Airplanes - [wow design]
Timeline of Battling with Reactor - [huge respect]
Suprising: Printing Twitter - [cool site]
Relaxing and Addictive Display Art - [click and drag]
Crazily Creative Chimneys - [weird]
Creepy LED-powered Smiles - [style in Japan]
This tractor is stuck... no more! - [wow video]
Timelapse Animation Shows Earthquakes in Japan - [wow video]
Fascinating Documentary on Russian Prisons - [long video]
Nuclear Fission in Your Office - [wow video]
Rabbit Ears in My Salad - [weird design]


Magic Carpet Car!

Lovely rendering by the artist from the Golden Age of Futurism:

Paleofuture has more info. The drawing dates from 1958... the car is riding on a cushion of air... well, the dog seems to like it.

Speaking of futuristic 1950s car designs - take a look at the actually produced 1960 Imperial dashboard layout:

More inspiring dashboard than in many fighter jets, in my humble opinion.


The Force is strong with this one

(image via)


Look ma! A ski hill -

(image credit: Tim MacPherson)

Some parents would have a heart attack...


Singing the Wedding Blues...

Siberian marriages:

Hope you would not need such piece of jewelry:

(original unknown)


I bet you did not know there were so many ways to tie a shoe

... but now you can practice, and master them all:

(original unknown)


After a good night sleep...

What a brilliant idea! -

Rise up and smell the news:

(original unknown)

Speaking of eggs, there are many ways to make an omelette (art by German painter Mariola Bogacki):

(art by Mariola Bogacki)


Awwww... wait, what is it?

(image via)

Turns out, this is a bald hedgehog. Yes, poor fella had all the needles fall out. But he is well taken care of now - after being found abandoned...


Fantastically Intricate Art by Ian Miller

This is Lovecraft-ian surrealism brought to epic proportions:

(image credit: Ian Miller)

See more art by Ian Miller (including many rare illustrations to fantasy paperbacks) at his site.


Out of the way! Out of the way!

The Spiked Bomb, dropped by parachute! -

(illustrations from Popular Mechanics, 1944)


Mr. Mushroom Man

At the EXPO 1970 in Osaka, Japan:

(original unknown)


"This cat must know what he's doing, right?"

(original unknown)




Medieval Suits of Armor

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ford also used the hover car design as the Ford Volante flying car. David.

Blogger René said...

the image under the headline "The Force is strong with this one" has some resemblance to the star wars movie poster (http://goo.gl/9Vie2) but it reminds me much stronger of the tron movie poster (http://goo.gl/DkUZJ).
so maybe it's the grid calling instead of a strong force? =)

Blogger Drew said...

Give that hedgehog a scene on StarTrek or such like...


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